Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More than a Granny 2

Hello!  How is your week going? 
As usual time is flying by for me, I feel like the days are just not long enough! 

Today I want to share with you an exciting project that a hooky friend of mine has been doing.  You probably know of the super talented Shelley from the blog Spincushions, but if you don't, Shelley is an amazing crocheter and designer who comes up with gorgeous granny squares and CALs, and is so prolific and productive with her design work, I am in awe of her time management!! (It is really worth having a look around her website, there are lots of interesting patterns and information to check out.)

Well, Shelley has recently released her follow up ebook to the very popular 'More Than A Granny', it's called 'More Than A Granny 2'
I have been lucky enough to have a play with the patterns in her new ebook, there are 20 great designs to choose from, all coming out the same size so you can mix and match. :)  
I chose this pretty square called Bess, it was fun to make, the instructions are clear, (there are written and charted instructions) and Shelley's patterns always seem to have really neat finishes. 
I am thinking a blanket in this square would look so pretty! 

Shelley uses a blue palette for her squares and they look gorgeous all made in one colour scheme, but you know me, I like a lot of colour and contrast, so went with some of my favourite colours in Cascade Ultra Pima cotton - poppy red, china pink, lime and cool mint. (These are available in my shop over here, just saying ;)  ) 

 ...... These are some photos of the new squares with some older ones that I have made from Shelley's other ebooks, 'More than A Square' and 'Flowers Abound', I love them all together, so happy and colourful! 
I think a mixed square blanket is definitely on my to do list! 

If you'd like to read more about "More than a Granny 2' have a look over here.

This is the cover page of the ebook, look at how great they look in blues, mine look so different, not worse just different! :)  It's amazing how colour can change a pattern! 


  1. I have this ebook as I also love Shelley's patterns. I have been contemplating doing an afghan using each of the patterns. The idea has been in my mind for awhile but I am working on a knitted sampler afghan at the moment. Never fear, I will do it!

  2. Great, thanks for sharing, will check her webpage out x

  3. So pretty! These look so nice ♥


  4. Beautiful colours! I'm off to check out Shelly's blog!

  5. beautiful colours, thanks for sharing

  6. Very lovely in multi colors! I'm sure book 2 will be just as fabulous as the first!

  7. Thanks for sharing. These grannies are divine. I love using those Ultra Pima cottons (which I bought from you!!!) They look lovely in these grannies. xox Louise


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