Mixed stitch stripey blanket crochet-a-long

This is where I will put all my posts about this project, so they are all in one place!

Mixed stripey blanket beginnings...wanna join in?

Well, I have finally got around to starting my next mixed-stitch-stripey blanket, I have been procrastinating a lot regarding this blanket.  

However, on our last trip to Melbourne I bought this book, and there are so many fantastic stitch patterns in here that I could put it off no longer!  There were many patterns with similar effects to what I was looking for in my experimenting, so why reinvent the wheel?  I will just use the similar ones in here I think. 

These are a few I like and think I could incorporate into my blanket, along with some old favourites, they might not all make the cut but it is good to have lots of options in a blanket like this!

What do you think?  Aren't they lovely! I do like nice solid looking patterns, I actually think the Interlocking Diamonds would be gorgeous for a blanket all on it's own! Maybe next project there!

Soooo......here is my beginning, 3 rows of hdc (htr) in blue,watermelon and green.  
Choosing the colours for this blanket has been quite a challenge, do I go for a different look or choose old favourites?  Lots of different colours or a limited palette?  In the end I've decided to go with the flow and see what takes my fancy as I get to each new stitch pattern.  It's going to be fun!
Definitely going to be one interesting blanket!

If anyone would like to crochet along with me on the own mixed-stitch-stripey blanket, feel free, I'd love to see what you come up with!  I am hoping to start a page dedicated to this blankets progress with the patterns and mini tutorials on it so you can see what I am doing.  But feel free to do your own thing, choose what ever stitches you like and lets create a unique blanket together!

I am using 8 ply wool (DK I think equivalent) with a 3.5 mm hook, but use what ever hook you feel comfortable with, I want a nice firm tight stitch, but you may prefer a looser fabric.

To begin with I chained 390ish stitches ( I kind of lost count and then kept loosing count when I went back to check)  because I want a big blanket for our bed, but you can chain as many as you like to suit your own wants.  Because of all the different stitch patterns, there will probably be a bit of adjusting of each row, depending on which pattern is being used; they all have various stitch repeats, if you get what I mean.  As long as we keep the same number of stitches in each row, we should end up with a fairly straight sided piece.  There is a bit of improvising inthids project, so please bear with me!

So the first few rows are of hdcs (htr), just to give us a nice firm base to start with,  I am going to do a couple more before moving on to a different pattern.

Stay tuned, I will try and update this blanket whenever I have made a pattern change, but that's enough to get us started!   

Have a great day!

Crochet along update .....

It looks a bit crooked, but I think it will be fine with some blocking!

So I have done a bit more of the mixed stripe blanket.
I finished the 5 rows of hdc, and then decided to do the granny stripes in red and pink.

I know you all probably know how to do the granny stripe pattern, but I will try and explain it just in case you are starting out and are not sure. It is really only the start and end of the rows that are a tiny bit tricky...

( Sc = dc, dc = tr, tr = dtr, )

Granny stripes:
Row 1 : Ch 3, then 3dc in next st,  skip 2sts,  3dc in next st, skip 2sts, 3dc in next st ......and so on to the end of the row. Bind off.( My row did not finish off evenly so I did 2dc in the second last st, and then 1dc in the last stitch, to make a straighter edge)

 Row 2 :Join pink to red 3rd chain, and chain 3, 1dc in gap between the chain stitches and the 3dc clusters, then 3dc between each cluster of the first row till the end of the row . Bind off.
( To finish, I did my last dc into the last st of the row and made sure the stitch count stayed the same to avoid the blanket gaining stitches overall) 

Row 3 : Join red to pink 3rd ch, chain 3, and then 3dc in the gaps between the clusters of the previous row, continue till the end of the row, and finish with 3 dc in the last gap.

here are the ends of each row

After the 3 granny stripe rows, I did 2 rows of hdc.  In the dark blue row, every third stitch I did into the gap between the previous rows clusters. The pale blue row is just hdcs straight across.

Next I am doing a bit of a chevron type stitch.

(On wrong side) Ch 1,  *1hdc into next st, 1dc into next st, 3tr into next st, 1dc into next st, 1hdc into next st, 1sc into next st ; rep from * to end.......turn.

Change colour for 2nd row..1ch, skip1 st, 1sc into next st (counts as sc2tog), 1sc into each of next 2 sts,  *3sc into next st, 1sc into each of of next 2 sts, over next 3 sts work sc3tog, 
1sc into each of next 2 sts; rep from*.........
....till the last 5sts, 3sc into next st, 1sc into each of next 2 sts, over last 2 sts work sc2tog, turn.

3rd row : as 2nd row.
how to do sc3tog, draw up the first loop of the next 3 stitches...... 
....then yarn over and draw through all  4  loops on hook, decreasing 3sts to 1.

So this is where I am up to at the moment, on the 3rd row of the chevron pattern, next I am going to use the green again to fill in the dips of the chevrons and make it flat again.

Sorry I haven't done that yet to complete this little pattern segment.  I will edit this post and add it in when I am up to that bit!

Of course you can do more granny stripes if you like, (and in your own colours!) or leave them out  completely, but they are one of the patterns that I will be repeating throughout this blanket, and I am liking the chevron wave too, so will be doing more of these too!  

I think once I have done one patch of all the patterns I am going to use, these posts will get shorter as I won't repeat all the detailed instructions, so sorry for this long winded post!  

Anyway, how is your blanket going, are you having fun ?

A few people have been a bit concerned about how the blanket stays straight with all the different patterns, but I think just remember to keep the same number of stitches in each row and it will all work out in the end. ( ie, if we decrease in one row, in the next we increase the same number to keep it all square, hope you get what I mean!)  I am sure it will all be fine!

Ok, I am going to go and hook a few stitches before bed!
Have a great day!

Edited to add:

4th row of chevron pattern:
Join the green wool, ch 4, skip 1 st, 1tr into next st (counts as tr2tog), *1dc into next st, 1hdc into next st, 1sc into next st, 1hdc into next st, 1dc into next st, over next 3 sts work tr3tog ; rep from * for rest of row.

Crochet Along Update #2.....

So here is the next bit of the crochet along!

I think last time I had finished the chevron stripe pattern, so after that section I have added rows of sc in 3 colours. 
Starting with the right side facing, I have done 1row of sc in dark blue, then turned and gone back, so ending up with a double row of sc. Then I've repeated this in pale pink, and mid blue.

4dc cluster pattern

Next, I have done a row of 4dc clusters, with 3 sts skipped between them (this keeps the stitch count even overall).  The first cluster is made of 3chs and 1dc, then the rest are 4dcs.

Next, a row of sc in lime.

Next, another row of 4dc clusters in blue.

Next, a double row of sc in green ( 1 row, turn, second row)

Bobble Pattern

Next I am setting up for my bobble row with 1 row of dcs in pale blue.
The middle row of the bobble section is where you do the bobbles . 
There is a great tutorial over at Tales from Cuckoo Land here that shows you exactly how to do the bobbles in another colour, which is how I learnt how to do it, have a look over there to find out how to do this part.
Then I did another row of dcs in pale blue to finish off this bit.

Next another double row of sc in green.

(I am going to call this next 3 rows Outlined Cluster Pattern in future)

Next, one row of sc in red.

Next, one row of 4tr clusters in turquoise, made the same way as the 4dc clusters, but with trs instead.

Next row, ch1(counts as 1st st), 1sc in next stitch, then 2trtog into centre skipped st of the first row of sc in red, *then 3sc across top of cluster sts, then 2trtog into centre skipped st of first row of sc in red*, and repeat to end of row. (hope that's not too confusing!)

Next, I row of hdc in blue.

Okay that's where I'm up to at the moment, I am pretty happy with how it is working out, I have decided not to use any white in this blanket, so I hope the colours keep looking good together.

I am going to try and work a bit of Catherine Wheel pattern in soon, so hope that works out ok, then it might be time for some repeating of the chevron stripe and granny stripes, I'll have to wait and see!

How are you going with this blanket? 
Still having fun?
Getting frustrated with my slow posting? (Sorry!)
Are you doing your own bit of winging it crochet?

Have a great day, and happy hooking!

Crochet along Update #3

How are you going today?

I have got the next bit of the crochet along for you today, so here what I've done:

After the aqua and red outlined cluster pattern, and the 1 row of blue hdc, 
I turned the work and went back with another row of blue hdc.

Next was a row of pale pink hdc, then turn the work and go back, so you end up with a double row of pale pink hdc.

Next is a 4 row pattern called Catherine Wheel.

Special Abbreviation CL (Cluster) : work [yo, insert hook, yo, draw loop through, yo, draw through 2 loops] over the number of sts indicated, yo, draw through all loops on hook.

Row 1(wrong side) : In red, join and make 1ch in first st (counts as first st), 1sc in next st, * skip 3sts, 7dc into next st, skip 3 sts, 1sc into each of next 3sts; rep from * to lats 4 sts, skip 3sts, 4dc into last st,  turn.

Row 2 (right side) : In pink, join to first st and  make 1ch, 1sc into first st, 1sc into next st, *3ch, 1CL over next 7sts, 3ch, 1sc into each of next 3 sts; rep from * to last 4 sts, 3ch, !cl over last 4 sts, skip tch, turn.

Row 3 (wrong side) : still with pink, 3ch, 3dc into first st, * skip 3ch, 1sc into each of the next 3scs, skip 3ch, 7dcs into the loop that closed next CL; rep from *to end, finishing with skip 3ch, 1sc into each of last 2sc, skip tch, turn

Row 4 (right side) :In red, join and 3ch (counts as 1dc), skip first st, 1CL over next 3 sts, * 3ch, isc into each of next 3 sts, 3ch, 1CL over next 7sts; rep from* finishing with 3ch, 1sc into next st,1sc into top of tch, turn.

This pattern can be a bit tricky at the start and end of rows, depending on how many stitches are in your blanket, so here is the graphic pattern to help you work out your ends and starts.  Just adjust your ends and starts to keep your sides straight, according to where you are in the pattern repeat.
(sorry it's a bit blurry, it's getting late here!)
Of course you can do this pattern in whatever colours you like!

Catherine Wheel Stitch Pattern, from Basic Crochet Stitches , edited by Erika Knight.

Next is a chunk of sc rows.
Row 1 : (Right side) Lime green, sc across the row, doing 10sc evenly across each pattern repeat of the Catherine Wheel row below to ensure the stitch count stays the same. Turn.

Row 2 : (Wrong side) 1ch, skip first st, sc in each st across row.

Row 3 : (RS) Mid green, Sc in each st across row, turn.

Row 4 : (WS) 1ch, skip first st, sc in eachst across row.

Rows 5 -11 : Sc across the row, doing one row of each colour, working all on the right side.  
Colour sequence that I used :
Light blue, 
dark blue,
dark blue, 
 light blue.

Next is a chunk of Granny stripe pattern  (see earlier pattern notes) in watermelon, spearmint green, and mid blue.  You can add more or less granny stripes if you would like.  I think I will add a couple more to this chunk, but I haven't quite got to that yet. 

Ok that's all I have for you at the moment, school holidays are coming up next week, so I might have a bit more time to devote to this while the boys have their holiday sleep ins, so there hopefully won't be quite as big a wait for the next instalment!  Sorry for my slowness, but this is a huge blanket and each row is taking ages!

Just a note on the yarns I am using, I am using quite a few different Australian brands, (to get a good colour range), mainly Heirloom Colorworks 8ply and Cleckheaton Country 8ply, with some stash bits and pieces as well.  I think they are DK equivalent.  They are probably hard to find overseas (although Cleckheaton is very common here), so you can use any dk weight yarn that takes your fancy, I like to work with wool, but I am sure it would be just as nice in any yarn you choose.

Have a great day!

Hello ladies, here is the latest bit of my mixed stripey blanket! 
Once again, apologies for slowness of my progress, I am doing my best, but crochet time is short at the moment.

Anyway, heres what I have done,

I finished my block of 5 rows of granny stripe.  
The colours,  watermelon, mint, blue, mint, watermelon. 

Next row in light blue, sc across, with every 3rd st sc into the space between watermelon clusters.

Next row,  in pink, (on right side), hdc in each st across, turn, ch2 (count as as 1st st),  (on wrong side), hdc in each st across.

Next row in light blue, sc each st across.

Next I did a section of chevron stripe in dark blue with an aqua stripe.

After the chevron stripe section I did a chunk of 5 double rows of sc (10 rows in all) in the colour sequence red, mid green, pale pink, pale blue and lime.  

If you prefer, you could do double rows of hdc or dc if you want thicker stripes, and you could do more rows if you like, or less!

So that is where I am at right now, slowly growing!
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Crochet along update #5


Ok, so here's the next bit I have finished :
After the double row of lime sc, I did one more double row of sc in aqua.

Next, I did another chunk of a bobble row
(1 row of dc in red, 1 row of dc and bobbles in red and blue,  1 row of dc in red)

Next, a double row of sc in aqua again

Next, 1 row of 4dc cluster pattern in pink, 
then 1 row of sc in blue,
then 1 row of 4dc cluster pattern in light pink,
then 1 row of sc in blue .

Next is a double row of sc in mid green.

Next is a stripe of Catherine Wheel pattern in Pale blue and lime.

So that is where I am up to at the moment! 
Happy crocheting:)

Crochet Along Update #6

Well I have been busy crocheting away on my big blanket recently, so I thought it was time for a new bit of the crochet along, in case anyone is still persevering with this on going project!

I have put the next 2 photos close together so you can see what I have done in a bit more detail, there is a bit of overlap, but I hope you can see what I mean.

Ok, here's what I have added :

After the lime and pale blue Catherine Wheel section comes
2 rows of sc in light aqua, (up and back),
Catherine Wheel section in salmon and mid blue,
2 rows of sc in mid green, (up and back),
4 single rows of sc alternating dark blue and mid green,
3 rows of tr clusters granny stripes in red, lime, and red again,
2 rows of sc (up and back) in each of the following colours, mid green, pale blue, spearmint, watermelon, and dark blue,
a section of outline cluster pattern in pink and light aqua, (see earlier update for this pattern)

....and that's where I'm up to at the moment!

I measured my progress so far and it is around 75 cm long so far, so I'm about a third of the way through.

How is your blanket growing?
Would you like me to organise a little linky thing so we can all share our blanket progress?

I will add this post to the bottom of the Crochet along Page so it is easier to find all these updates.

Talk soon!


So here is the new bit I have made since the last update:


After the pink and light aqua outline cluster pattern, 

in mint, starting on right side, 2 rows sc (up and back), then

in light blue 1 row 4dc cluster pattern, then

in dark blue 2 rows sc (up and back), then

a section of chevron stripe in red and light pink, then

in pale blue 2 rows sc, then

a section of bobbles in green and mid blue, then

4 x 2rows of sc in pale blue, celery,red and light aqua, then

3 rows of granny stripes in flamingo, pale pink and flamingo again.

So that is where I am up to at the moment!

Crochet Along Update #8

Hello.  Life has been so busy recently, I'm afraid to say I have let my blogging slip, there has just not been enough hours in the day to find inspiration and take photos for posts.  I am busy doing interesting things that I will tell you about soon, just got to find the time to put a few posts together!

Anyway, today I thought it was time for an update on the mixed stripe crochet along blanket, I had a look and the last update was way back in April! Yikes!  This year has kind of slipped away from me, so I apologise for the lack of posts about this project, I have been distracted up other crochet fun along the way.  On the other hand, I have seen lots of great mixed stripy blankets being completed on Ravelry, so obviously you are taking this pattern and running with it yourselves. And I've even seen another crochet along inspired by my blanket and she is much more organised than me!  I'm glad you are not necessarily waiting for my updates to forge ahead, it could be a bit frustrating for you if you are! 

So now I am going to make a concerted effort to finish this blanket! 

Heres what I have added this week:

After the pink granny stripe and 2 rows of sc in red (start 1st row on front then turn and do 2nd row going back),

Next: 2 rows sc in green,
Next: Catherine Wheel section in sky blue and dark blue (see earlier post for details on Catherine wheel stitch),
Next: 2 rows sc in green again.  (10 sc in each repeat of the catherine wheel pattern to keep the same stitch count in the rows)

Then I did a section of sc stripes, with 2 rows of sc in the following colours:
pale pink 
pale blue
pale lime
mid pink
pale lime
pale blue
pale pink

Then I did a row of 4 dc clusters, with 3 stitches between each cluster.  (Start this row with 2 dc, miss 3sts the 4dc in next st and so on)

Next, 1 row of sc across top of cluster row, with every 4th stitch going into the gap between clusters.

 So that is where I'm up to at the moment, hoping very much to have another update next week, this is going to be my main project for a while, to try and get it finished!

Have a great day, and happy hooking!

Crochet Along Update #9


I have been making some headway with the mixed stripe crochet along blanket, so here is the next bit!

After the red dc cluster row and the dark blue row of sc,

1 row of 4dc clusters in spearmint, ( 3 stitches between each cluster),

then, 1 row sc in dark blue across top of clusters,,  (every 4th sc in gap between clusters),

then, skinny stripes, 5 rows of sc, all done on the right side, alternating between pale pink and sky blue, 

then, a zig zag section in light aqua and flamingo, 

then, 2 rows sc in mid blue, (up and back),

then, 2 rows sc in green, (up and back),

then, a section of outlined clusters in pale blue and celery, 

then, 2 rows sc in dark pink .

That's where I am up to at the moment.

I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the blanket at the minute, so you can see what it's looking like all together, (very busy!!) it is starting to get nice and big!  
I am over half way now, so the end is in sight!  
I know a lot of you have already gone ahead and finished your blankets, (well done!) but I am still going to complete this project, I'm just a bit slower than you guys!  
I am lacking a bit of self discipline and let myself get side tracked by other ideas that just have to be made right now!

CAL update #10

Hi there.
I have been working steadily away at my big blanket now for ages, and I have decided it is big enough!   So I have the final instalment for my epically long CAL, and then I will do the edge and it will be finished!!  I'm not planning anything fancy for the edge, there is so much going on in this blanket already that I think something plain and simple will be fine.

Anyhoo, here is the last !! section of my blanket:

After the 2 rows of dark pink,
double row of SC in red (right side, then turn work and go back on wrong side),
then 1 row of 4dc clusters in sky blue,
then 1 row of sc in red,
then 1 row of 4dc clusters in spearmint,
then 1 row of sc in pale pink,
then 1 row of 4dc clusters in dark blue,

Then a section of double rows of sc in
light aqua
pale blue

Next I did a section of bobble stitch in flamingo and green.

Then a double row of sc in celery,
and another double row of sc in red.

Next I did a section of granny stripes in sky blue and pale blue then sky blue again.

The last section of the blanket is 5 double rows of sc in
dark blue
mid green

And that is the end of the main part of the mixed stitch stripy blanket!!

Just the edge to go now, so close to finishing, I really want to get this finalised before the weather gets much warmer, it is a very heavy, warm blanket!

Thank you if you are still with me on this CAL, I know I have been unreliable in it's progress, and a lot of people have got on with it and made up their own sequence, which is great.  I have seen many beautiful blankets finished months ago!  I apologise for my poor CAL admin duties, it seems I am not great at regular postings, maybe next time I will choose a smaller, more manageable project!  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the process, and created something unique and special along the way!

These instructions will be put onto the CAL page so that anyone can have a go at making their own mixed stripy blanket when ever they like, it's never too late to join in!

I'll be back with a post about the edging and a few pics of the whole thing finished, this blanket deserves a tadah, even if we are all sick of the sight if it!! :)

Have a great day y'all, and thanks for visiting!

CAL update #11 - The edge!

Well, I have come to the end of my CAL, it's been a big project and taken longer than I expected, but it feels great to finally complete this second mixed stripy blanket.

All we have left to do is edge the blanket.  You can choose to edge it with whatever border you like, I have chosen something very simple and plain as I think there is plenty going on in this blanket already! :)

I chose to use flamingo for the edge, just because I still had a big ball left.  I couldn't face weaving in all those ends so I have made a casing edge that encloses all the ends without having to weave them in.  Lazy, I know, but I am happy with how it looks and it's chunkiness makes the blanket nice and sturdy.

I used a hook one size smaller so it wouldn't be too loose (3.00mm)
So anyway, in the edge colour, crochet a row of dcs down the side of the blanket, spacing your stitches as evenly as possible.  Push all ends to the back and crochet around them.
After the first row, turn and do a row of dcs back along the previous row.
Do this twice more so you have 4 rows of dc in total.
Do the same thing along the other side.

Next, simply fold the edge over and with a needle and wool, and stitch the top dc to the loops of the first row of dcs, where they attach to the side of the blanket.  Put the loose ends to the inside of the fold and they are enclosed as you sew.

And that is it!

This is the second time I have made the edge and I love how easy it is!

So that is the end of the CAL, I hope you enjoyed making this blanket if you have taken part,  Now that the instructions are finished, they will be there for anyone to have a go at whenever they want.

I've got a little tadah tomorrow to show you how it looks all completed.


  1. I so love your colorful creative blankets. I am following along. I think I'll even be able to complete this blanket because it has such a variety of stitches. (I get bored easily)
    Susan from Ontario, Canada

  2. Hallo,
    Een berichtje uit Holland,
    Ik hou erg van de dingen die je maakt. en vooral van de kleuren.
    Ik probeer hier ook het soort garen en de kleuren te vinden die jij gebruikt maar dat valt nog niet echt mee.
    Dus geniet ik maar van jou blog.
    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar jou nieuwe deken.

  3. Hello! I'll be crocheting along too! I'm furiously finishing up a baby blanket for my cousin's first son so I can get started on this stash busting blanket. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

    Best Regards from Claire in New York, USA

  4. This is so cool I want to join in the fun...Looks like I will be visiting the yarn store today:)

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun!
    I have been scared of making blankets beacause they look hard but that 1 looks AUSOME!!

  6. I am so excited I am already started and can't put my hook down lol. Thanks for this lovely CAL

  7. I think I love you! Lol! I have been wanting to try this blanket from the moment I first saw it on Pintrest! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful design! Kathy

  8. I'm in!! Just sorted out my yarn and about to begin. Have to decide how big to make it...

    Will be taking photos and posting about this on my blog if you want to see how I get on!!

    Karen x x

  9. Great to see you have a special plave for this project. I am eagerly waiting for your next rows. :) i thank you so much for sharing

  10. I absolutely love your stripey blanket so when I saw you were starting a crochet along, I had to join in! I have haved blogged about you and the start of my blanket here:


  11. Oh my goodness! This looks so much fun - and I'm relatively new to crochet - all I can do are singles and trebles so it will be great learning new stitches. I've not visited before - I came via Playing in the Attic - and it looks like that's a lovely owl in your header? I've been crocheting owls lately - and I must say, I do love your wing :-) We were experimenting with wings on the weekend! Lovely to meet you!

  12. Hi Julie
    Started my blanket today and I'm on the third row!! Mine is 250 chain wide. Need to put my skates on to catch up, but it's fun!! Cheers, Trudy

    1. This is so old, dont know if you will get it, but here goes. Going to start this and want to make it lay stripes down on bed, so I am thinking that I will need to do at least 250 chains. Can you tell me what your finished afghan was with 250 chains? Do you think that will be enough>

  13. OK, you got me!! Here I am knitting merrily on a LaLa Shawl for our shawl ministry at church, when I suddenly come upon this CAL. I haven't paticipated in one in a verrrry long time, but you grabbed me!! So, I have some self-striping DK yarns that I had used for baby hats for charity. I have no idea how this type of yarn will work out for this project, but--oh yes--I do have the hook going on the second rows of hdc. The shawl? It is laying in a heap on top of my knitting bag on the floor beside me.

    Wheee! This is fun! Thanks for posting your CAL!


  14. this looks fabulous, well done and thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for sharing, I am still crocheting along, and I am very happy with the looks of it.

  16. I just learned of your CAL through Katrin [Cattinka]. This looks like such a fun project. I will gather some wool and join you soon... hope I can catch up.

  17. Oooh! This sounds like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing. I just found out about your CAL from my a couple of friends... (two posts before me) Okay, going to gather some wool! oh and a hook..

  18. Katrin, Cyn, Elly (the three comments above) and I have been part of another CAL or two before, so I'm going to start, too. I have loved this blanket since I saw it on the cover of Romantic Homes magazine (March 2011) and have saved it to drool over. Thanks for the time you've spent coming up with the pattern and showing such great detailed photos.

  19. Thankyou so much for this sharing your pattern! I read along and procrastinated for a while, trying to decide what type/colours of yarn to use. In the end I was walking past some cheap acrylic on the weekend and decided to get some and start. I'm all caught up now and eagerly awaiting your next update (tho I'm cheating as I'm making a smaller version for my 6month old daughter).

  20. Wow... can't believe it. I am all caught up with you and waiting for the next rows. I've made a few mistakes along the way, but that's ok. I am not very experienced with crochet. Thank you for all the photos; it has helped me tremendously.

  21. How far apart are each bobble stitch? Also on the 4dc cluster the fist stitch is a ch3 then 1dc? Sorry just need a little help in these areas. Thanks!

    1. There are 10 stitches between each bobble, but do however many you think look good, and yes the first st of the 4dc cluster is 3ch (counts as first dc) and then 1dc in same spot this makes half a cluster as your edge st for this row. Hope that helps. J

  22. Yesterday, 15/9/2012, I begon with the blanket. I like it so much!!!! In my blog are the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!!1

    Hugs, Marga

  23. OOH this looks just fab! I've got too many things on the go atm, but hope to join soon, or if not I'll just be taking a peek to see how it's progressing. Love it!

  24. This is my first crochet-along, I really enjoy your Blog as well.... thank you so much for sharing this blanket. diana in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA

  25. I just ordered this book the other day! When it arrives I'm going to start crocheting along with this mixed stripey blanket, such a great idea! I'll be a bit behind though!

  26. Hi Jules
    I decided to join your "crochet-a-long" .... but on a smaller scale.
    Thank for the invitation.

  27. Just to let you know how much I've enjoyed the crochet-along:-) You have inspired me to be fearless as I've added my own twist to my blanket as we go! Thank you again for sharing. Diana Anderson from Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA

  28. Hi ,
    There is mort parts for the blanket...I have just finished the Crochet Along Update 4:::: can you please tell me if i have to repeat some stripes?. Thank you in advanced

  29. I am about to order the book, this looks brilliant! I'm going to give this a go. XX

  30. Oh my! You are a very generous girl. Thank you for sharing all this. I am now a bit intimidated by the thought of making a full blanket...Maybe I'll start with a pillow cover to get the hang of it. Excited.

  31. Thank you so much!!!. I feel sorry for your loss family.

  32. I've begun crocheting this about 3 weeks ago - it will be our soon to be born baby's blanket. I always said I would make one, and this was the perfect pattern! Looking forward to continuing the journey on this project with you. :)

  33. I want to join your crochet along. Do I need to sign up ? Is there a list of the participants?

    1. Hi baukje, Great that you want to join in! There is no official sign up and I haven't got a list of participants, it is very casual, just start whenever you like! I might do a linky thing later in the year so we can all share how we are going with this project, in fact I will do that! Thanks for joining in and happy hooking! :)

  34. What brand of yarn are you using?


    1. Hi Cats, I am using a lot of different brands using up bits and pieces from my stash, including Heirloom Colorworks 100% wool 8ply, and Cleckheaton Country 8 ply, also some Bendigo Wool Mills 8ply Luxury. These are Australian brands, I think you could find them online, or just use what ever yarn you like that is available where you live, 8ply is DK equivalent. Happy crochet! :)

  35. Hi Jules, Just wanted to say that I have finished my blanket :) started following your pattern and then started to make it up ... Thanks for the inspiration http://www.ravelry.com/projects/tempyjo/blue-hotel-blanket


    1. Are you the one who posted the blue hotel blanket? I love it, but need a pattern please!

  36. Hello! Thank you so much for this and the rest of your site! You are truly an inspiration for me, a total beginner. You are also a joy to read. :)

  37. Hi Jules,
    Thanks for sharing your LOVELYyour blanket!! It's absolutely gorgeous and I've just finished my own version for a friends little girl, who will turn 4 this week. It's been quite a feat to get it finished in time!!!
    Looking forward to your next project.

  38. Crochet along update #6... I believe it was posted to your blog on January 5 ?? ;-)

    This is such an *interesting* project, & I very much look forward to the updates!

    1. Oops, sorry ladies, I thought I had already added Update #6, here it is over here now! Hope it hash't held you up too much! J xxx

    2. Just started! I can't wait!

  39. Thanks you Trinity8419 I have been waiting for update #6 and been checking every now and then, have really enjoyed doing this blanket and have been showing people it and a couple of people have joined in also.

  40. I am so looking forward to a possible photo sharing page of everyone who crocheted along!

  41. I would like to join in on making the blanket. I live in the U.S. and need to order my yarn from you but I'm not sure which colors to order ans how many skeins? Can you please email me back with the info? ssmart1959@sbcglobal.net
    Thanks! Sherry

  42. The blanket looks wonderful.
    I want to join but I'm making 2 blankets at the moment. I'll for sure as soon as I finish one of them :)
    It looks just marvelous !

  43. Hi I started a week ago and am loving every minute of it. This is my second ever crochet project so progress is slow. Thanks for the help and the inspiration !

  44. You are so very talented and imspirational!
    See my WIP @
    Thanks for the lovely blog, wise words and pretty pictures!

  45. I started one with 3 colors....and only 150 stitches across. I've decided to make a baby blanket for my soon to be grandchild #3.
    Mine doesn't look anywhere as neat as yours but I'm having lots of fun!


  46. just come across this and love it!
    Found out a couple of days ago that my neighbour is expecting twins, genders as yet unknown, and was wondering what to make. Now I know! Think I might have to go find some suitable yarns (thinking naturals/neutrals and can add more girly/boyish colours as required) :)

  47. ps - any chance of an over view of progress so far

  48. Hi there. It is late, but I would love to make your stripe blankie. Are all your instructions here?

    1. Colleen - I just came across this today - it's gorgeous! Have you been able to find all the instructions? So far I have only been able to find 1 2 and 7. Thanks!

  49. Just found your pattern for the mixed stripe blanket so hope to hook along with what you've done so far. I too have armed myself with a stitch book so it might be a bit different to yours but that's part of the fun. I'm hoping to blog about it at www.crafthippy.com if anyone wants to have a look. Slightly concerned about how straight it will end up so watch this space!

  50. I love this blanket! I've been lurking and watching for a few months. I've noticed your concerns about irregular edges. A nice, easy border of shells would straighten it out. Any border with at least 2 or 3 rows would help.. Forgive me if someone already posted the idea; I haven't read all of the posts. Beautiful work and color choices!

  51. Peggie Sue JacksonApril 22, 2013 at 1:57 AM

    I adore your blog and the color choices you use for all your projects. I've been watching you with this blanket and have decided once I am done with my American Flag afghan, I will take up the challenge of this cutie! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  52. Hi,
    I really love the blanket! It's going to keep me busy for the next months ;).
    I've done the 4tr clusters from the Outlined Cluster Pattern, but i'm getting stuck in the 2trtog in the middle sc.
    Is it possible to explain a bit more how to do this? Anyone? ;)

    Thx a lot!

  53. I just posted some crochet projects I'm working on, or have finished, on my blog. My favorite yarn store had a sale on one of my favorite yarns last week (I have a lot of faves!) so I bought enough to make a blanket with a lot of different colors. I am finishing up a ripple blanket so I don't want to start another until I finish the ripple. One of my commenters suggested I try this one. Thinking seriously about doing just that with the yarn I bought last week. I would be perfect, and I love it. Gotta finish ripple....gotta finish ripple....gotta finish ripple....

    Cindy Bee

  54. Can I just tell you how much I love your designs? I saw it first a couple of years ago and just pinned the strippedy blanket... I was in love. Now I found you here and realize that it was you all along! Anyway, great ideas, fun, happy colors and lots of crocheting. Thank you for sharing your vision.
    BTW I have about 30" of *make it up as I go* using the photo I found first. Great stuff.

  55. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blanket! I startes crocheting half a month ago and a blanket like yours, with my own chosen patterns and colors will be one of my next projects!! I always have 3-4 different projects running so that it doesnt get boring :-) Thanks for sharing your work and art on your blog with us <3 Much love from Athens, Greece---Nicola----

  56. i love this collors and its so beautifull

  57. Oh - oh - oh my! I just got a HUGE selection of yummy colors and searching what to do with it and here you are!! I've admired your work for years and look! Here is a CAL!!! Thank you!!

  58. I want to start one! Holiday coming up. I just wish we got such pretty colours of wool, the selection is very limited in South Africa. I have been looking for inspiration for ages, and this will suit all my needs: I wont get bored, I will be able to try out new stitches, and I wont have to sew up hundreds of squares at the end. Thanks so much for sharing.

  59. Isn't this the same CAL as on Not your Average Crochet?


    1. Hi Penny,
      No, this is my own CAL that has been going since August last year (it has been a slow going project, and I'm not finished yet!).
      I think the one on NYAC may have been 'inspired' by my blanket, but it was started only a few months ago, she is more organised than me and does weekly updates I think. It is very similar though. Thanks for the comment, Julie x

  60. I just found this over the weekend and gathered all my yarn to join in.

    I love the colors you chose (not a combo of what I normally choose) and Im enjoying changing up the stitches and colors.

    I have blogged about it here http://onceuponapinkmoon.blogspot.com/2013/08/ta-da.html

    Thanks for sharing!!


  61. Hello...
    I have just found your blog today and absolutely love it! This blanket is fabulous! -I can't wait to start my own version!
    Do you use UK or US terms for your stitches?-maybe ssomeone else could even answer that for me?
    Kerry :-)

  62. Love the whole concept--stitch and color combinations. Looks fabulous!


  63. Oh my- just become a fan of your blog. Marvelling at your way with colours and the beautiful patterns in your blanket. Thanks for being so inspiring

  64. Hi! I was just looking at my Pinterest 'Crochet' board and realised that I had pinned BOTH your mixed stitch blankets! I figured it was probably time to actually have a look at the blog and see if I could manage to make one myself. Having just read through all your CAL posts, I definitely think I'll be able to! So, my yarns are on order and I'm now looking forward to having a lovely blanket just like yours! Yes, I know I'm a whole year too late, but I'd like to join in anyway... if I may?

  65. Your edging is absolutely brilliant! I wish I would have thought of that years ago.

  66. your blanket is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how much wool do you think you used to make it? and what size?

  67. Nothing to say... just magnificent!
    I really wanna do it but i'm a big mess with the edges...
    I don't know how nicely stich the loosed ends of the yarn.
    do you have a tutorial of how stich the ends? all thet yarn that is over?

  68. Help!
    Totally love this blanket and I've started trying to make my own. I'm a novice but seem to have managed so far but I'm totally stuck on the outline cluster pattern. I just don't seem to be able to do it. The outline doesn't look right! Keep trying but totally stuck. Can you help please? I don't want to frog the whole line and skip it! Pretty please! Can send a photo if it can help explain. Thank you (fingers crossed!), Els x

  69. I just found this!,, thank you so much. Your blanket is beautiful, and I'm going to start mine tomorrow. So excited. Will also get a crochet book, although your tutorial is superb!!! :)

  70. I don't speak English but I loved your work and I wanted say thank you for your generosity. I'm Brasilian , I hope write sometimes praising your work although my English.


  71. Great work! I love your choice of colours and the mixing up of stitches - it's beautiful.

  72. Such a HUGE project to do as a tutorial. I commend you. It's such a beautiful blanket. Lu in Brisbane

  73. I FINALLY finished my mixed stitch stripey blanket! Thank you so very much for sharing with us. Truly inspirational! I feel like I've really accomplished something here!

  74. Wow. This is a masterpiece. I love the colour pallet

  75. HI, speaking of colour pallet -- do you have any idea how long a knot will last? I*d have to buy more or less the amount of wool needed in bulk and advance... Thank you for giving an appr.
    (Since I live in Germany, order at your shop is, unfortunately, not an option...)

    1. Ich werde meine Decke mit Restern haekeln. Kunterbunt.

  76. Just found your site. I have crocheted seriously about a year but dabbled with it most of my life while watching my talented Mother do all the net patterns. I have not done a piece like this in a long time. It just grabbed my heart. It is beautiful. Will have to do it. Janet

  77. OMG! So impressed with your amazingly beautiful blanket.
    You have some serious skills!

  78. I absolutely love this and am going to modify it for another project! Thank you for inspiring me and feel free to stop by my blog at GoCrochetCrazy.blogspot.com :)

  79. By any chance to you have this in a PDF format? I'd love to put this on my iPad to work from.

  80. Thank you so much for this ....

  81. I've been crocheting along for the past month and I'm falling in love with my little woollie! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  82. I just found your blog and love the challenge. I'm starting the blanket tomorrow. It is so beautiful and fun. I also think I'll learn a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  83. Just found this and started a mini version of blanket. I am pretty much a crochet rookie but was doing fine until I got to the outline stitch 4 treble stitch clusters. Anywhere can go for a bit more help? I am having so much fun! Yeehaw!

  84. Just found this yesterday and bought my yarn! I absolutely love your blanket! I am starting mine today to pass the time during my 2 week wait. Hopefully a little bambino will be snuggling in this soon. Thank you for sharing this project with all of us.

  85. Well, I have lived long enough to see every known crochet stitch - but never expected to see them all on one blanket, beautiful, just beautiful. I read along dreading the time when all the tails would need to be hidden, but - sheer genius to bind them the way you did. Love it! Love the colors.

  86. Thank you so kuch for sharing this with us! And I can see that many crocheters have loved it over the years! Beautiful colors.

  87. WoW... what a fantastic blanket... I L-O-V-E the colours, the photo's are super too! Such a lot of lovely crochet stitches to learn,
    especially liked the little bobbles, they really made me smile!
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful crochet project...
    Jay, The Sewing Wren

  88. This is the most beautiful crochet blanket I have ever seen. I doubt I will be able to tackle one this complicated but may try a simplified version.... You are awesome!

  89. I love all the bright happy colors and patterns in your blanket! And that casing is so clever!! I'm making and afghan that is a plaid, woven on a crochet mesh background and there are going to be SOOOOOOO many ends to either weave in or hide somehow, I think this may be the fix for that. Thank you for sharing your lovely blanket with us all!

  90. What a fabulous idea. I'm considering starting one. I'll let you know how it goes :-)

  91. Love this Afghan.....You have insipred me. However, I have 4 baby afghans to take care of first. And of course I know I have more then enough yarn, but, you never know what color I may need. Thanks again for the insiration.<3

  92. O wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. Looks so cheerful and also fun to crochet with all the different stitches used. The idea for the edging is fantastic as well.Thanks once again! Wishing you a lovely Easter.

  93. I am having so much fun! Though not a lot on my to do list is getting completed! *grin*
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  94. I ADORE this, I mean seriously I could stare at it all day long! I am in the middle of two big projects right now, but I am pinning this to start over the summer... gorgeous!

  95. Hola, es soberbia tu manta, has escogido colores preciosos, me encanta, algún día espero hacer una de este tipo. Enhorabuena. Un saludo

  96. Absolutely stunning, I adore the colours

  97. I really love your little woolie blanket, so I started my own. No wool so I'm using my acrylic yarns. I started a lap size afghan and thought I would donate this to a local nursing home when completed. Thanks so much for sharing.

  98. I love this beautiful blanket and will surely give it a try. What really strikes my fancy is the edging for all those loose ends!! You are a very talented lady. Thank you so much for putting this on the internet for other people to learn. Carol

  99. This is such a beautiful project! Thanks a lot for sharing each step and tutorial. I might follow your step and make one of my own. Iwas wondering how do you do to pick your colors? Do you just feel it or do you folow some kind of rule?

  100. How many yarn balls of each color will be need?

  101. So Wonderfull !!

    Which colours do you have used ?? They are so beatifull.

    And how many balls of each colour , and which lenght they have, do you need , for each colour ( plus, minus :)

    How great is your blanket ???

    When I knox that, , Then I cann begin calculate .... !

    Thanks !!

    Thanks !

  102. Hi!
    I just found your blog; this post is truly a great inspiration!
    I've just ordered 15 balls of yarn in different colors, and I'm going to make a blanket. I've been looking for inspiration on Pinterest, Google etc. Because I want to find a pattern that will not get me bored, ha ha.. (I've been crocheting for many years)
    Your BEAUTIFUL blanket here will definately be my nr. 1 inspiration. I love it. Thank you :)
    All the best from Sheila, Denmark.

  103. Hi!
    Just thought i'd leave a thank you post for you. I do many hours of volunteering on suicide hotlines each week, and while it is very gratifying work, it's also emotionally strenuous. I'm 22 and have been crocheting for a while but have never taken on any project like this (mostly just never ending granny squares!) but your blog totally inspired me. It's given me something to do to unwind and let go of all of the pent up emotions that come along with crisis work.
    I'm making this one for my brother (I'm trying to masculine it up with dark colors!) and then I plan on making a bright one to leave at the crisis center for anyone in need of something colorful and comfy! I'm going to let people know where I got the fabulous design from :)
    So thank you for such a detailed and fun project!
    Maddy ox

  104. I have been browsing for some inspiration on a baby blanket to make for my first grandchild. This is adorable. I am a novice, and afraid this is most likely over my head, but I am pinning it for a later project. Thanks for sharing.

  105. Wow this is amazing -I am on holiday at the moment but when I get home I am sooooooo going to join in with you. I hope it's not too late ! This is brilliant and the colours are great - what an heirloom x

  106. wonderful work!loved mostly the chevron stitch and those little effective bubbles!thank you for sharing that pretty stitch!
    all bests,ildi

  107. Finished at last, this is the biggest yarn project I have ever completed!! Thank you for the pattern Julie!

  108. I finished this pattern all in off white, and gave it as a gift, she was thrilled! wanted you to know that it was called beautiful and a piece of art...i gave proper recognition, i so love this pattern thank you!

  109. Not sure if you're still reading comments 2 years after posting! Thank you for the gorgeous pattern! I need to know how many skeins you used for your blanket (or in yards.) ???
    Thanks much.

  110. Hi Julie, Your beautiful blanket has inspired me to use it for my 2015 Mood Blanket. Thank you for sharing this.

  111. Thank you for sharing this amazing pattern! It´s adorable. Happy new year!

  112. Thank you for keeping this up after you have finished! I am going to start it now, and hopefully have it finished by winter :)

  113. this is amazing- how much yarn did it use?!?!

  114. This is going to be our Mama and Girls crochet along for 2015! This thing is gorgious and I love the simplicty of it...it is perfect for our different levels of experience. Thanks so much!!

  115. This is gorgeous. It looks like soooooo much work though.

  116. Hello, I have been collecting my stash of yarn ready to have a go at a blanket (which I am sure won't be a patch on yours... but I can try!) Any idea how much yarn you used in the end? and, can you tell me how large your blanket finished up so I can judge if I have enough, or should I continue collection!!!??? I must admit I have loved this bit, deciding on colours... Hope to hear from you some time soon, best wishes Jay

  117. Hi, your blanket is BEAUTIFUL ! I've just bought heaps of wool to try felted bags, but when my budget has recovered I'm collecting wool for this. Thank you so much for the instructions. Kate

  118. I absolutely LOVE this blanket. The mixture of colors with the variety of stitches keeps it so much fun, and your step by step instructions have me doing so many stitches that I've never done before! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  119. I love this afghan! It will keep me from getting bored.

  120. I love this idea - just found it but will try. I ordered the book Basic Crochet Stitches and I plan on learning lots of new ones. I love the colors you used and will see if I can stash dive for similar ones. ;)

  121. heres mine that i made. thanks for this crochet along . xxx http://bitsandbobszone.blogspot.co.uk/

  122. I've been promising myself that I am going to make this AMAZING blanket for bit now! I keep doing shawls and flowers and circles (circles are inspired by, wait for it.... YOU! LOVE them!) fact is, I'm too ill to go anywhere except doctor appointments and those visits worsen my symptoms horridly now. I need at a least a week to recover from dr.Visits now. I can't crochet while recovering. Anything I try to concentrate on puts me out cold with no warning. I spend the entire time in a stupor of wake/sleep, confusion about the day and time of day. And I'm in pain that reaches through the fog. It's no way to live. So, I make the most of every moment! I did make a blanket for my grandson (1st one!) and I had to use what I had for yarn. 3/4 of the way through it I realized that I had used colors that looked like the outside of a Crayola Crayon Box... Kind of funny as it kept reminding me of something I'd seen and one day I reached in my night table drawer to get my colored pencils to plan the ripple section I had planned.. And they were by Crayola. Looked like my blanket. At least the green and yellow choices. Lots if green and yellow in that blanket. I call it my crayon box blanket. My grandson just recently turned 1, so was small as I hooked this blanket. Every time he came to visit my daughter would set him on my bed with me and he'd grab that blanket in progress and stuff it in his mouth with both hands. He loves my colors! Grabs my shawls and stuffs the color work sections in his mouth. I have unused motifs that I've strewn about for the sheer joy of the color everywhere, and it became a thing for him at grandma house. I gave in and put all of the ones in the room into a baket for him to "discover". Oh boy, you should have seen him pulling them out one by one when he found the basket. He was holding them up for us to see going "Oooooooo" at the bright colors in that baskt with all the different textures and shapes. People like yourself, that mix it up with many colors and different themes in a project have helped me realize my own style, and I thank you! My baby blanket is actually more of a child's bed blanket. It just kept growing with all the new stitch ideas and color work I was envisioning. All of it was my design.. Save the exact ripple pattern stitch repeat (Attic24) one granny square uare (free from Moogly) and the border heavily influenced by one in Jan Eaton's book Around the Corner. The rest was me, and I feel empty with it gone from my bed. Long(est) story (ever) told, I've come to my point. I have 5 shawls to finish, then I am finally going to do THIS blanket for ME. I'm in bed all the time now, a blanket full if color and crocheted stitches I will be larning to make needs to be what cover me! It's where I live now.. And it's missing a very colorful mixed stitch and patterning Blanket (including at least a strip of different granny squares that I'll design). Thank you for your polite tolerance for my drawn out rambling just to get one statement out. I get quit embarrassed, but it's so hard to put words together in a clear, concise statement with my neuro symptoms. You're very sweet, and very talented.

  123. I saw my first ever mixed stitched blanket only a few weeks ago and fell in love with the concept. Mr Google led me to you and I have to say your instructions have shed some light on how to go about making one of my own. I see some favourite stitches, some I recognise and not yet tried and others I've never seen before. I can't wait to start one of my own! First though I must complete my african flower hexigon blanket, then decide exactly what size I want the mixed stitch blanket to be. I love looking forward to a new project! Thanks again!

  124. Can you advise whether the outline cluster stitch (first row red) is started on the right or wrong side of the work ?

  125. just TOTally bought this book so i can have a go at making something similar to ur blanket. didnt even think to handwrite teh rows down first but i will now after seeing ur pics.xx

  126. I found this over the summer and made a baby blanket in pastels to enter into my local youth fair (I didn't have enough time to make a larger blanket). It turned out amazing and won me some prizes at the fair! Wow, thanks so much for having this awesome crochet along! I really loved making it :) If only I knew someone having a baby anytime soon now...

  127. i love this blanket! it is one of the most beautiful crochet pieces I have seen on the internet. you are very talented. i do hope to try this one day! thank you!

  128. I have just finished this blanket & it was a pleasure to do!..I have never taken on a project this big before & I am so proud of myself & how beautifully well it turned out. It's for my 4 yr.old granddaughter & she is absolutely thrilled that it's finally finished..she has been helping with the 'crocheting' also .Heheee..

    Thank you so very much for this gorgeous pattern & excellent instructions , which were so easy to follow!

    Best regards,


    (Guelph, Ontario)

  129. I just re-found this in my saved files. I love the blanket and am thankful that you took the time to post the directions as you went along. I am a great one for putting a project aside for awhile when I see something 'shiny and new' that I want to try...lol. But, since I am getting up in years, 75 of them, I best get going on this beauty! Not as ambitious as you however. Will probably make a large baby blanket. Thanks again for all your work.

  130. I've made this 3 times now! one large and 2 as pram blankets... such a great and interesting pattern, that works up beautifully. Thank you so much :)

  131. I just found this and it's the most absolutely gorgeous, happy blanket I've seen! It's brilliant! I've saved the pattern. So glad you found the book and were inspired!

  132. Thanks so much for such an amazing blanket. I have probably a silly question but is this US or UK stiches, I am relatively new to crocheting and cant work it out....Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Brona, I have written this in US terms, but if you are used to UK terms, you just have to remember
      that US sc =UK dc , US dc = UK tr , US tr = UK dtr. The chain and slip stitches are the same for both. Hope that helps! Julie :)

    2. Thanks so much Julie. I'm very excited to start this beautiful project tomorrow!

  133. Brona Tinney thank you for your question I was wondering the same.

  134. I am absolutely in love with this! I am 23 rows in and miles to go but I love love love it! Using up all my balls o' yarn is a kicker too! Changing the pattern and colors keeps me from not getting bored! And I've already learned new stitches!! Thank you so much!

  135. I am on my third blanket wit this pattern. The new babies in the family got them and my Mom was very envious. I LOVE this pattern. Fun to crochet and fun to look at! Thank you for the idea!!!


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