Monday, September 5, 2016

Workshopping :)

Hello!  How was your weekend?  Good I hope!

It was a busy one around here, I held the first of my 'Mini Makings' workshops on Saturday, and it was a fun afternoon. I almost forgot to take a few photos, but remembered just in time and got these few shots while everyone was hooking away on there necklace bits and pieces.  
It was a lovely chatty afternoon and I think all the girls had fun too! ( I hope so anyway! :) ) 
Ten lovely ladies came to my workshop, my little space was pretty full despite my best efforts at creating space! It was ok though, as they were all so friendly and helpful to each other, they didn't seem to mind the rather cramped space, crafty types really are fabulous people! 

 I think we are growing a  fabulous local crafting community around here, it is such a great thing to be part of, so nice to find like minded peeps to share some crafty times. :) 
Thank you so much for coming everyone, it was great to share some hooky love with such a lovely group of girls, 
The second  workshop is happening next weekend, so hopefully I won't be quite as nervous and it will be just as much fun for my next class of lovelies! 


......concentrating on little stitches......

.....but still smiling!  :) ......

..........and still everyone was smiling, a good sign I think! :) ............

Have you got a big week ahead? 
Are you doing something fun? 
Are you getting time for any crafty action?

I'll show you some things I've been working on recently, hopefully I'll have some new crochet finished soon!  There are so many things to make on my to-do list I don't know where to begin!! 

Talk soon!



  1. c' est agréable de voir tout le monde réunis dans la joie et la bonne humeur c' est cool a bientôt biz

  2. Glad you enjoyed the workshop! Nice photos ♥

  3. Wonderful! So lucky to spend time doing what you love. Seems like a great time was had by all! (And I love the window display a few posts back too. How exciting!)

  4. Looks like a fab time of it! Would love to have such near me.

  5. Hi Julie, I dip into your blog to see what you and your ladies are up to very often, love the look of your place full of wool, yarny crafts and happy faces. Sounds a bit cheesy, but because of you I have just finished my first crochet blanket, taken photos on the way so hope to write a little blog about it myself some time soon ... may I mention you? All nice!
    Jay x


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