About Me

This is me! 


 If you are interested, here is a little bit more about me.

I am Jules,  I live on the quiet side of the Mornington Peninsula outside 
Melbourne with my husband and our 3 teenage boys, and several random animals.

I have a love for crafty things, crochet, knitting and yarny makes in particular, 
so you will be seeing a lot of my crafty adventures on this blog! 
I also like to post about other aspects of the good life, cooking and food, growing our veggies,
 looking after the chooks and our family life on occasions.
 I like to share patterns, ideas, projects and generally spread 
the granny love that is the very hip craft of crochet!

I have a passion for colour, and am inspired to make things by the colourful
world around me, my boys have gotten used to living in a colourful home,
 and are very tolerant of my makes and obsessions. Only a tiny bit of eye rolling.

 Recently I have opened an online yarn shop, Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store, 
so get to indulge my love of craft, colour and beautiful yarns all at once! 
Life is good! :)

I hope you enjoy this little peek into my life, and my crafty journeys into the wonderful world of crochet and colour.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you have a sunshiny day wherever you are in the world!

If you would like to contact me my email address is 

I also have a Facebook page here if you'd like to stay in touch!


  1. Thank you for interesting and lovely presentation of your person, have a good day, bye,ania

  2. Hint: I think everytime you mention your yarn shop you should write it as a 'link'. Including in your about me page! X

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for the tip, I'll make sure I do so from now on, somehow I don't think I am a natural saleswoman!! :) J xx

  3. Nice to find another Australian 'yarny' blog for all sorts of 'yarns' the story kind as well as the crafty kind :-)
    I love your colour palettes displayed in your photographs.

  4. Hi from France, love everything you do !

  5. Hello are you selling any of your patterns at all. They are just gorgeous

  6. Thanks so much for your blog and for inspiring me with your mixed-stitch stripey blanket! Here's my blog post referencing your site projecteasier/mixed-stitch-stripey-blanket/. Your work is great! Thanks a lot!

  7. Jules, I am so excited to run across your blogsite (fyi - I was doing a search for crochet stitches and came across it). I live in the USA and the country I would most like to visit is Australia. So, I was very happy to run across your site, an Australian and a crochet/yarn lover too.How cool is that? I am what is termed a "Crochetaholic." - live and breathe crochet. The calendar I have has January 26 as "Australia Day," so I wrote "Woohoo!" on it. Was hoping that maybe we could connect by email and chat a bit. Also, I was wondering if you have any ideas how we (Americans) can celebrate Australia Day? Thank you for your response. I will send an email to you with my email address.
    God bless!

  8. Hello Jules,
    I am Angie from Le monde de Sucrette. I love your blog, your colors amd your projects. i would like to buy your heart im square pattern but can't seem to find it anywhere in your blog. Can you please help me? I can't wait to try this wonderful pattern of yours. Have a beautiful weekend

  9. Hey, just had to say hello! I found your blog via bloglovin' and see you are also Aussie and named Jules, lol. Love all the colour on your blog :)

  10. Love it here Julie! thanks so much for sharing your crochet craziness/madness! From my little town outside Montreal to your Australian part of the hood, crochet on!

  11. It's great to discover another Aussie yarn shop and in one of my most favourite places, the Mornington Peninsula (where I grew up and where my parents still live). Loving your blog so far and enjoying your projects. Your most recent post has inspired me to crochet another granny blanket!!


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