Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lacy Scarf in Skinny Wool

Hello!  This is a scarf I crocheted last year that I was pretty happy with, I'm thinking of making a few more in different colours.  I think they would make good presents, what do you think? 
The pattern is called Diamond Cluster Lace Plume Scarf, a bit of a mouthful, but pretty easy and doable, a 3 row pattern repeat that is very effective.  
It is by Bianca Boonstra and can be found on the Moya Yarn website in their free pattern section over here .    

The pattern is made for the Lace Plume 2ply cotton by Moya, (I have made one in this and it was lovely) but this time I have used the lace weight Skinny Wool  from Adele's Mohair.  
This is a lovely single spun lace weight merino that comes in so many gorgeous shades.  
It was great to crochet with too, and I love the lightness of it and how blocking the finished scarf really opened up the lacy pattern.

I am enjoying using the smaller hooks and fine wool at the moment, I'm also making a few other things in 4ply that are looking pretty cute, and more crochet beads for necklaces, but I'll show you those another time. :) 

Yes. I definitely think I need to get another one of these on my hook!  Maybe in that Poppy Red this time....  
Talk soon. xxxx

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rainbow Petal Flowers - A Pattern For You!

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted on here, so much for good intentions, it's been a busy time and the weeks have just been flying by!!  I'd love to think I can blog here on a more regular basis, but it seems I'm just not organised enough!  Also I used to take photos each day and then write about them at night, I don't seem to get the photos taken anymore, so everything grinds to a halt.
Must get the camera out more often! 

Anyway, I have a pattern for a cute little decoration today, it is perfect for using up your favourite scraps of DK/8ply wool.  
I have been meaning to share it for ages, and am finally getting around to it today!!
It is a flower ( I am still kind of obsessed with crochet flowers) that has different coloured petals, you make a circle for the centre then make 5 different coloured petals around the centre.  Make 2 of these flowers and sew them together using the tails of yarn and stuffing any other tails into the centre.   This makes quite a sturdy, thick, flat flower, I like to hang mine on the Christmas tree. It is very simple and you will soon be whipping up a heap of them!  

I used some different scraps of hand dyed speckled 8ply, leftovers from my polka dot blanket, but you can really have a play with colour in this project, use whatever colours you like.

 Here's the pattern if you'd like to have a go yourself. 

Rainbow Petal Flowers

UK terminology.
Materials:  8ply yarn scraps in different colours

Hook: 3.5mm

(starting chains do not count as stitches)

In centre colour:
Round 1: Ch3,  join with slip stitch to 1st chain to form a ring, ch1, make 5dc into the ring,  join with slip stitch to 1st dc to complete round.  (5 stitches)

Round 2: Ch1, make 2dc in each stitch of previous round, join with slip stitch to 1st dc to complete round.  (10 stitches)

Round 3: Ch1, make 2dc in 1st stitch, 1dc in next stitch, *then 2dc in next stitch, then 1dc in next stitch* continue repeating from * to * to end of round,  join with slip stitch to 1st dc and bind off.  
(15 stitches) 

Make Petals.

For each petal:  (Leave a long tail when you join the new colour so you can use it to sew up later)

Working in the back loops of the stitches in the last round of the centre:
Row 1:  Join new colour to any stitch, ch1, 1dc in same stitch, 1dc in next stitch, 1dc in next stitch. 
(3 stitches) Turn work. 
Row 2: Ch1, 1dc in same stitch, 2dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next stitch. (4 stitches)
Row 3 and 4: ch1, 1 stitch in each stitch (4 stitches)
Row 5: Ch1, 1dc in same stitch, in next stitch (1htr,1tr, 1dtr), in next stitch (1dtr, 1tr, 1htr), 1dc in next stitch, bind off.

Make 5 petals around the centre, 1 in every 3 stitches.

Make 2 flowers like this, reversing the colour order of your petals so they match when wrong sides are put together, and use the tails of each petal to sew the 2 sides together.

Tadah!  You have made a Rainbow Petal Flower!

It should look some thing like this:

They look cute hanging from the Christmas tree, or you could hang them from presents, or make a garland or whatever you like really! 

Have a great weekend everyone, I hope you get some fun hooky time, it's not looking likely in my house, the silly season is well and truly here! 


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Polka Dot Square - 2018 Updated Version

A few months ago I started a new blanket using the polka dot square pattern that I made several years ago when I first learnt to crochet.  It is still a favourite of mine because the circles are nice and solid and the squares turn out solid and fairly gap free.  I'm not the biggest fan of open lacy crochet so this really appeals to me, I seem to make lots of solid, tight crochet fabric type projects.

In the original squares I striped the circles, giving a bullseye effect, 
(you can see this cushion cover over here if you are interested). 
For this blanket I wanted to use the rather large collection of speckled hand dyed 8ply wool I seem to have accumulated,  there are lots of different dyers work in here, some of these I have dyed myself, but mostly they are from other dyers.  I also had some lovely semi solid hand dyed colours, so they were also included. 

Here is the updated version of the Polka Dot Square pattern..

UK crochet terms -  dc = double crochet   (US sc) 
                                 htr = half treble          (US hdc)
                                 tr = treble                   (US dc)
          slst = slip stitch
  ch = chain

Chains at start of each round do not count as stitches
The circles can start to curl up a bit around the edges, but they flatten out once the background is added.  You can also stagger the increases so the increase points don't all sit on top of each other to  get a rounder circle, as long as you keep the correct amount of single dcs in between the increase 2dcs. 
If you don't like the magic loop at the start you can Chain 4 and join to make a ring and then make the 8 dcs into the centre.

Centre Circle: Using circle colour
Rd 1 : In a magic loop, make 8 dc,  join to first dc with a slst to create first round.  ( 8 sts)
Rd 2 : Ch 1, 2dc in 1st stitch, 2dc in each stitch around, join to 1st dc with a slst. (16 sts)
Rd 3 : Ch 1, 2dc in 1st stitch, 1dc in next stitch, *2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next stitch,* repeat to end of round, join to first dc with a slst.  (24 sts)
Rd 4 : Ch 1, 2dc in 1st stitch, 1dc in next 2 stitches, *2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next 2 stitches* repeat to end of round, join to first dc with a slst. (32 sts)
Rd 5 : Ch 1, 2dc in 1st stitch, 1dc in next 3 stitches, *2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next 3 stitches* repeat to end of round, join to first dc with a slst (40 sts)
Rd 6 : Ch 1, 2dc in 1st stitch, 1dc in next 4 stitches, *2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next 4 stitches* repeat to end of round, join to first dc with a slst  (48 sts)
Rd 7 : Ch1, 1dc in each stitch to end of round, join to first dc with a slst (48 sts)
Rd 8 : Ch1, 1dc in each stitch to end of round, join to first dc with a slst (48 sts)

Rd 9 : join background colour to any stitch, ch1, *3dc, 3htr, 3dc in next stitch, 3 htr, 2 dc* 
repeat *to* 4 times, join to first dc with a slst.
Rd 10 : Ch1,  *2slst, 2dc, 1htr, 4tr in next stitch, 1htr, 4dc, 1slst* repeat *to* 4 times, join to first slst with a slst.
Rd 11 : Ch1, 1dc in each stitch of the round, making 2dc, in each of the 2 centre stitches of each 4tr corner.  Bind off .

My blanket has 80 squares, and is about a cot size, I haven't added a border yet, but plan to do a simple border of a few rows of dc, and then a final round with a few picots for interest. 

I have heaps of speckled wool left over, so might have to make another one of these, maybe with different coloured backgrounds this time, or maybe a pale blush pink....

It's a gorgeous day here, the sun is shining and a big blue sky is above, I hope its lovely where you are too! 

( It's been a while since I've written up a crochet pattern, so please excuse any mistakes or unclear bits!! ) 

Bye for now! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Handmade Christmas 2018

Hello!!  It's been a while since I've been over here, I'm blowing the dust off my blog and hoping to get back into blogging, I know I have said this before and it hasn't stuck, but I'm going to give it another crack, it is such a great way to record and share things! :)

Anyway, it is the start of September and Spring here in Australia, and our thoughts turn naturally to...Christmas!  Just joking, it is super early to be thinking about Christmas, but I have an idea that I'd like to make some presents and decorations and it all takes lots of time!  Usually I don't start my Christmas makes till much later in the year and then of course I never get things finished in time.  

This year, now that I have the shop, I thought it might be nice to start a Handmade Christmas Club for anyone who is interested in getting their craft on for Christmas. 
I am thinking that we will meet once a month at the shop for a making, sharing, inspiring each other session.   I will bring out my collection of books and patterns to get the creative spark going, and hopefully other people will have ideas for things they want to make too! 
(I also have some cute Christmas decoration kits coming soon in the shop, so there should be plenty of inspiration for things to make!)

I will share any cute/ Xmas gift potential patterns that I come across on here as well, so we can encourage each other over the next 4 months, and anyone can join us even if you can't come to the meet ups.  I will probably do a weekly Handmade Christmas post and share anything I think is interesting! 

The get togethers will be held at the shop in Hastings, Victoria, Australia, the  dates I have for the Christmas Club get together are:

Sunday September 16th  12 - 4pm 
Sunday October 21st  12 - 4pm
Sunday November 11th 12 - 4pm
Sunday December 2nd 12 -4pm

For the local girls coming to the get together, I'm thinking it will be a bit like the Saturday Crafternoons, costing $5 a head, you can bring your own stash yarns and materials, or buy things in the shop,  and everyone will be working on their own different things.  (I'll have some snacks and drinks to refresh us when we need a break. :) )

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to come along, and I'll make sure I have enough chairs! :) 

Anyway, that's all I can think of at the moment, maybe no one else will be interested and I'll be crafting by myself, but it should be a bit of fun!

Have a lovely crafty day peeps! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Little Woollie Rabbits!

Hello everyone!
I hope you're having a good week, it's a beautiful day here and I'm making bunnies!  :)
I have had so much going on recently, (I've been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and run more classes and workshops) it seems like my brain is always buzzing and full!
Organisation is not my strong suit, (as my sporadic posting over here shows! ) so I do find it quite a challenge to get everything ready for workshops.  I'm slowly getting slightly more comfortable with running workshops, I find if I keep my intro very short and we just get on with the making, I can enjoy the afternoon and just talk with people one on one. 
Anyhoo, that's just what  I've found seems to work well. :)

But I digress!  I was going to talk about this little bunny rabbit I've made for an amigurumi workshop on the weekend.  The girls all seemed to enjoy making him, and we ironed out a few pattern faults,  (thank you ladies!!) so I thought I would pop the pattern up for sale on my Ravelry pattern page for anyone who would like to make one too! Also, I think he would be a great little Easter bunny gift !

I made him out of Scheepjes Cahlista cotton, which is 10ply, and used a 3.5mm hook, so it's a nice tight fabric.  You could use an 8ply cotton with a 3mm or 2.5mm hook as well, and I have also made a small bunny with 4ply wool and a 2mm hook.  It is great for using up small amounts of yarn, so start stash busting!!

These bunnies don't take too long to make, you could probably whip one up in a couple of nights, so I think a whole bunny family is very doable. :)  The little satchel bag is also the perfect size for a mini chocolate egg.  I think I might make a couple of these for my nephews for Easter, I do have a lot of colour combos to try out!

Hope you all have a great day wherever you are in the world, and that you are getting some fun crochet time !  xxxxxxxx

PS I have a lot of crochet things on the go at the moment, I'm going to try and share them on here soon, I miss the record of makes that blogging gave when I was doing it regularly!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Workshops and groups coming up at the shop!

 Hi there!  Hope all has been good with you!
I have made a timetable for classes and groups at the shop for the next few months so thought I'd pop it on here for a reference.
If anyone would like to book a spot for any workshop or class, just send me a message or comment on here or facebook or instagram. 
These dates are in addition to the Tuesday and Thursday morning weekly get togethers which are on going. :)

Thanks peeps, I have so many blog posts in my head to share with you, I have been making lots of stuff and life has just been busy!  Hopefully there will be a bit more blogging time soon! xxxxxx

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sock knitting in 2018

Hello there!  Happy New Year 2018! 
2017 went by in such a blur, I really hope this year meanders a bit more so there is time to do all the things properly.  Enjoy, relax  and savour the process of making, and not the 'half arsed, that will have to do, run out of time' rush of a year like 2017!  
I'm sure I will make big plans that never get realised, it happens every year.  I think I will do a priority list so at least the things I really want to try get done!

Which brings me to Sock Knitting.  :) 
I am so in love with sock yarn, I really want to make All The Socks, there are just so many beautiful colours and clever dyers and challenging patterns out there! 
I'm thinking a doable goal would be one pair a month for 2018, that would give me 12 pairs or 24 individual socks, (because I just know I'm not going to want to make a second matching sock, they can be samples for the shop of all the amazing yarns!) Surely I can manage that! 

I'm off to a good start anyway, the photos are of my first sock for the year, I started it on the weekend and am going to go and turn the heel after I finish this so hopefully I'll have one finished later this week! 

I'm loving the combo of charcoal with the amazing speckles, 
I still have a couple of skeins of these in the shop I think, but will have to order more, its so lovely! 
The pattern I'm using is the excellent 4ply Basic Sock pattern from Winwick Mum

There are so many colours speckled through this yarn!

Anyway, that's the first of my yarny ambitions for 2018, I'm sure I'll come up with plenty more! 
There are lots of new yarns coming to the shop over the next few months, I am always inspired by new yarns and just have to give them a try out, so lots of new projects are sure to be started, and maybe even finished! :) 

Have a great day my crafty friends, Julie xxx