Monday, July 6, 2015

Washer week....

Hello there!  
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, it was freezing here, typical Melbourne winter really!  
The light has been very dull for taking photos, and without photos I don't really have anything to blog about!  
But I thought I'd show you what I've been up to recently anyway, bad light and all. 
I have been trying a new way of organising myself to make things for the market season that starts in a couple of months.  I always think I'll make heaps of stock in the off season and have lovely full stalls for the market, but what usually happens is that I don't do much for most of the time and then am frantic in the last 3 weeks!  So this year I am trying to make something different each week until the market season begins, last week was washcloth week, and this week is beanie week, so I'll see how many beanies I can make in 7 days.  

These photos are of the washcloths that I have made so far, they still need edges, but at least it is a start!  There are so many lovely colour combinations to do, I am going to schedule another washer week in a month or so. 

I have also been busy in the shop, I've had lots of lovely new yarns coming in, well four new ones anyway!  Who would have thought you could spend so much time phaffing around with wool! :)
So lots of photos to take and uploading to do, I'm hoping for a brighter day tomorrow!  
Oh and I have Clover hooks for sale now too, and pompom makers!! Yay! 
 So a big day of updating my shop tomorrow! 

So that's a bit of what I've been doing, what have you been up to recently? 



  1. Dull light or not, its still looking mighty pretty in your workroom ! Kate xx

  2. The colour combination of those washcloths are a real delight, stunning.

  3. Just started the Blanket, from your blog.

  4. beautiful washcloths. patterns are nice.

  5. The washers are lovely, in any light! Sounds like a good system to getting it done. Hope you have a sunny week. (Us too I hope, after 10 days of rainy weather.) I've just finished up a few pillows in this pattern. Scroll down to third photo.( In fact it's the same pillow Vanessa has in her header on her blog Coco Rose.) I've even made one in thread and it's just as lovely. Found another pattern just last night, thinking it will be my next blanket project.
    Have a great week!

  6. Love the wash cloth's, so beautifully colourful!!
    Check out my blog at

  7. Hi Julie,

    Yes, it has been very cold everywhere in southern Australia - thank goodness we are not in Canberra! (-6 degrees C)
    I don't mind the cold once I am rugged up in my winter woollies - I love tucking up under the handmade crocheted and knitted blankets at night. I do like a 'proper winter'.

    Winter is a good time to warm up by being busy and how busy you are! I have always loved your tapestry heart motif and colour combinations. Having a work theme each week is a great idea. Once the production line is going, it is amazing how quickly the goods can work up - patterns become memorised easily so there is no time wasted in referring to pattern notes to and fro etc.

    I appreciate your difficulties with bad light - I had the same problem when we had two very dark and rainy weeks. It took over two weeks before I could photograph my latest scarf but the good side of that meant that I had an extra two weeks to play with it before delivering it to its new home. You have managed to do fairly well with your current crop of photographs in this post.

    Have fun with all the new developments of the season!

  8. I could use some of the current Australian cold! It is incredible hot here in Germany... Well, I consider it training for my time in Australia this winter (= Australian Summer). :D

    Your tea towels look great - I am sure they will sell out in no time!!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  9. There washers look great. I could spend hours faffing around with wool!! We're getting a typical British summer - the odd nice day with lots of rain thrown in.

  10. Those washcloths are beautiful! I am about to embark on my first lace shawl - some yarn club yarn arrived this morning that is perfect, I just need to decide on a pattern now.

  11. At the moment I struggle to get one cloth done in 3 weeks! I have been stitching a bit though. It's good to know somewhere else i can get clover hooks. I fell in love with them last year they're amazing.

  12. At the moment I struggle to get one cloth done in 3 weeks! I have been stitching a bit though. It's good to know somewhere else i can get clover hooks. I fell in love with them last year they're amazing.

  13. some lovely colour combinations there

  14. You've been very busy. The heart washers look so lovely all grouped together. x

  15. Ooooo!!!!! I LOVE the colours you've used for the washcloths!! they're gorgeous!! I have just started a bobble blanket following you crochet along, I'm really enjoying it - thanks so much for sharing all this loveliness!!

    Kathy, France

  16. Your pictures are wonderful! And inspiring! I love those heart-filled wash cloths. You have been very productive. :^)


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