Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flower making.....

Hello there! 
How have things been going in your world?  
I've been busy doing this and that, lots of yarny things going on, the days don't seem to be long enough! 
It has been a very typical Melbourne winter recently, cold and wet and windy, perfect for staying indoors and doing some comforting crochet.  I am trying to get fitter over the winter months and have started boxing classes 3 times a week, some days it is hard to make myself go , but I am glad once I get there and start moving!  
Hopefully I will not put on my usual winter layer this year, I still have several years worth of cosy winter eating to work off!! :) 

On the crafty front, I have been having fun playing with lots of colour, making flowers !  
This pretty pattern is the Anemone Flower, by Heather from the lovely blog Pink Milk.  
Such a fabulous pattern, you can find it over here.  Heather's flowers are a real looking anemone with a dark centre, I went a bit off script and mixed my colours around. :) 
Actually, I did go a bit crazy with all the colour combination possibilities, I think they are really cute!!   Perfect for using up little bits of cotton left from my washer making. :) 

.....colour explosion! :) .........

I have been making a few other things recently too, but they will have to wait for another post, no photos to show you yet!  And I am getting grumbles from the boys because me being on the internet is causing major lag for their gaming!  Our internet has suddenly become very unreliable, not sure what's going on with that. 

Have a great week, hope you get some crafty time in, and stay warm if you're  local, it's going to get even chillier later in the week.  Gotta love a Melbourne Winter! :) 



  1. The flowers are fantastic! I've been making flowers too, but in thread (roses) a friends daughters wedding. Hard to believe but, I'm kind of missing winter temps at the moment, with our high summer temps and humidity plus so much rain. My poor garden, if it isn't choked out from the weeds it will probably drown. Oh well, there's always next year. ; / Good luck with the boxing! (Maybe I'll sweat mine off this summer!) ; D

  2. The flowers are beautiful, I love the expression you used "colour explosion". Good luck with the getting fit, kick boxing sounds like fun.

  3. Gorgeous ! No other words needed ..... Kate xx

  4. These really are cheery enough for the dullest winter day. Gorgeous. x

  5. They just make you feel happy don't they? I think they are lovely. Jo x

  6. If my mum had taken up boxing classes, I would be too frightened to complain about anything!!! ;-)
    Any possibility that your boxing gloves will have crochet embellishments soon? ;-)

  7. Those flowers are so cheerful, one would dream of summertimes while looking at them! Well done!
    It's funny to read about winter, when overhere it's almost midsummer. Eventhough it's been raining the past few days.
    Like your blog, wishing you good luck with the sporting!

  8. I love your colour combinatios!! there are really cute! Flower making always make me smile!

  9. These look great. Thought you might like to see my 'wheels within wheels' post. https://iamsimplyhooked.wordpress.com/2015/07/13/wheels-within-wheels
    With thanks for the pattern:

  10. Gorgeous colours in the flowers. They would brighten any dull winter day.

  11. A colour explosion in winter. Gives a great afdeling as if the sun is shing.Brighten you up in these grey winterdag.

    Deze greetings, Margaret

  12. A colour explosion in winter. Gives a great afdeling as if the sun is shing.Brighten you up in these grey winterdag.

    Deze greetings, Margaret

  13. Julie, me encantan tus trabajos, esas flores están preciosas!


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