Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Around here......

1. This is what I was working on today, a heart washer and mini flowers for wool shop orders.  I'm trying to build up my stash of washers to get a head start on market stock for the up coming market season.  This year is going so quickly, it will be market time of year again before I know it!! 

2. The wooly blankets are getting a work out on these very chilly days we have been having, it's nice to see them being used and keeping my boys cosy on the couch. :) 

3. I bought my first bunches of daffs this week!  So good to know that Spring is not too far away, there are lots of signs of life in my garden at the moment, bulbs are springing up all over the place and I am hopeful of a big colourful garden in a few months time.  I've planted heaps of baby poppies that I hope will survive the rest of winter and then go mad flowering in Spring! 

4. My niece had a birthday! Such a great happy smile!  :) 

5. After many reminders, I made Max a beanie for the cold weather.  He likes it even though it is a little on the large side!  I found a nice simple pattern for a standard beanie, knitted on 2 needles and then sewn up the back, it was good to get my knitting mojo back, crochet has definitely become my first love!  I am not a really confident knitter, so this pattern was great ! 

6. I am still working on my Sunburst granny blanket, it is nearly finished, just the edge to go.  I have kind of lost interest in it a bit if I am honest, it feels like I have mentally finished with it a little bit before I have actually done the work to finish it off!   This is the week to get it all completed! 

How have things been in your world? 



  1. I love your washcloths, so bright and cheery. Your niece looks so happy, wish her a belated happy birthday from me. I had the same problem with my owl and flower blanket but when was about halfway through! It was Amanda's blanket along that got me going again. Hope you have a lovely week. x

  2. Very beautiful creations!!Have a nice day!!

  3. Love your heart washcloth and your sunburst granny blanket. It's a shame when you lose interest in something you're making, I've got the same problem with a granny blanket that I started off with so much enthusiasm - we mustn't give up! Have a lovely week. Jane x

  4. Your sunburst afghan looks great! I bought that pattern a couple of years ago and still haven't started it!

  5. I love the heart washcloth they are a real delight, the colour combinations is stunning.

  6. Great set of photos. Love the beanie, looks great knitting. The blanket is coming on so well, I love the colours you have chosen.

  7. your niece's smile made me smile! what a great feeling! I love all your handmade goods! you inspire me!

    trish - tales from trish

  8. Wow,you have been busy, Those beanies that are roomy at the back are IN with the young ones this year. I have knitted some for my surfing family members and they just keep stretching on the rib part if you don't go down a few needle sizes.
    No wonder your market goods sell quickly, the colours are irresistible, good weather to be inside working with cosy yarn.

    1. Thanks for the useful tip about the ribbing!

  9. We're just getting our poppies blooming now - looks like there are still lots more to come. Your blanket is coming on well so keep at it!

  10. I love the beanie - I was studying your photo closely before scrolling down. It doesn't matter that it is a bit big - that's how the kids like them at the moment, loose and floppy. I saw those Cleckheaton/ACS beanie patterns and they nearly convinced me to grab some needles but I was disappointed that there was not one crochet offering. I wear crochet hats all the time - I am wearing one right now!

    You are so organised and disciplined to get an early start on your market offerings. I try to plan ahead but get so caught up in the project of the moment! I love your heart motifs and am glad you are enjoying your crafting. It is refreshing to swap needle and hook from time to time. Have fun!

  11. So lovely to find a post from you today! Busy as usual I see. Lots of yummy eye candy. :)) I could use a few moments of cooler weather. lol Upper 90's (F) here with high humidity. Having to water my veggie garden (s), wishing it would rain for I have several veggie patches. The beanie turned out great! I too am better at crocheting (my first love). My girls crocheted their Dad a beanie each for Father's day just past, so proud to see them finally showing more interest in the craft. Your sunburst blanket is looking fab! I finally finished my heart blanket, it fits a queen size bed. I used 19 colors in all white mixed in the border and the rest many shades of blues and green. Thanks for the inspiration! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. This is such a happy hooky post! I love the hearts you're working on - super cute! xx

  13. I made a baby blanket, inspired by your stripy neon blanket. I'll try to post it on the weekend maybe you want to have a look?!
    I'm looking forward to your finished sunburst granny blanket!


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