Monday, April 13, 2015

Snap shots

1.  How does Frank always seem to find the most comfortable spot in the house to have a snooze? 
It must be his special catty senses, he can sniff out a pile of 
blankets from the other end of the house. :) 

2 + 3 + 4.  Crochet making this week, I've been making things for the last EmuPlains Market for this season, so some striped hats, hearty washers and flower embellishment packs, I have a few more hats to go and then its onto slippers if I have time. :)  As soon as this market is over I am starting a new blanket!

5. . Studio progress shot, well actually it is all finished, and I am moving things in this week, but I am going do a proper tadah  post and a little photo tour of it very soon, ( it is looking so good!)  so here is how it looked with the floors finished and the painting done.  
I ended up just going with a white called "Snow Egg' for the walls and ceiling, as I think it will be easier to let the yarn colours shine this way.  The rest  of our house is VERY colourful so I have actually found it quite good to give my eyes a colour rest, and really noticed all the colours in our kitchen/family room when I go back inside, it is a bit like sensory over load! 

6. Just a cute shot of some colourful things. 
Love my flower canisters, they are finding a new home in my wool studio of course! 

Have you got a big week ahead?  
I hope you find time to do some fun things too, it's important to do things that make you happy don't you think? 


  1. I like all these pics in particular I love the studio!! Have a good creative work! Vale

  2. Haha. Your cat really looks like mine. They both Always find the nicest places (mostly my places and things: my bed, my crocheted blankets and other project, but also on my desk on my papers from school while I'm studying). I Always like to see your posts because your pictures are Always so beautiful. I wish you a very nice crafty day.

    Lovely greetings,

  3. How funny your cat is named Frank, so is my husband and he also finds comfortable places to nap:) I can't wait to see more pictures of your studio.

  4. Cats are like that. lol (We have a ginger and white cat, as well as a grey one.) The studio looks wonderful,can't wait to see the re-veal! You're at the fun part now, enjoy! A rainy week forecasted here, so some much needed indoor work to do (after doing a lot of outdoor chores during the warm weather). ; P I'm three rows in on my heart blanket (8 blocks long, about 7 inches square,16 colors, blues and greens).May sneak a block in between those chores. ;D

  5. Your posts are always a lovely read with great photo's colourful and full of life. Your studio looks amazing,can't wait to see it finished

  6. The colours in this post ; ) and those tins!!

  7. love your vintage tins!
    frank is the cutest blanket napper!
    can't wait to see your studio finished & full of colour
    thanx for sharing

  8. J'attends avec impatience que le "studio" soit fini et rempli de belles matières à travailler !

  9. Cannot wait to see the finished studio, its looking great. Love the hearts washer, really pretty, your crochet is so perfect.

  10. Cats surely have a 6th sense for warm, comfy crochet blankets! :) My cat (which died last year) adored the blanket I made for my mum to pieces (I think, he thought it was his blanket)....

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  11. yippee congrats on getting the studio finished! and your pictures are so gorgeous and colourful I love them all and the things you make so much! :D jenny xx

  12. What a lovely post, such alot of happy colourful things and your studio is gorgeous can't wait to see the ta dah post! Not a big week for me just a week of enjoying the simple things and spinning a lovely yarn or two!

  13. Your studio is looking gorgeous already, I can't wait to see the reveal.
    It was lovely finding your blog

  14. Hi fantastic wool pictures thanks for sharing.

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    Take Care

  15. Frank looks so cute and comfy. Love all the projects.


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