Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Friday finds #37

I am all out of whack with my posting at the moment, I haven't done a Friday Etsy finds post for a while, and I was determined to do one over the weekend but didn't quite get it finished, so here it is , nearly midnight on Monday and it is finally going up! 

Mother's day is coming up in a few weeks here, so I thought I'd have a look for some lovely things that I'd be happy to receive from my boys.  (although I won't be holding my breath, they are likely to forget about the whole day!) 


1. I love the gorgeous bird soft sculptures/toys in PopetseToys , aren't these lovely!  There are lots of other woodland creatures that I'd welcome into my toy collection any day! :) 

2. The amazing hand painted pillow at toucheefeelee1 are so beautiful!  I love this cloudy sky one, very calming I think.

3. More gorgeous cushions can be found at Gingiber, this time with  cute animal shapes and prints, I love this black sheep one, it would look great on my couch!  I may have shared this shop with you before, I can't remember, but if I have it is such a great shop I think it is worth sharing again!! :) 

4. I have recently come across the whimsical jewellery at kissthefrogstudio and find it so intriguing! 
Isn't this little piece called 'thinking' so lovely! It's amazing all the different things you can do with silver, gold and some enamel paint.  There are lots of quirky pieces in this shop that are just so covetable! :)  I think my mum would like one of these. :) 

5. PoconoModern is a shop full of modernist inspired art works and other cute little things, this poster would be perfect for any pyrex enthusiast like me!  I'd love my collection to look that good in real life! I do have that aqua, snowflake, rectangle dish on the bottom shelf, so that is a start!  I'm on the look out for some pink pieces next. :) 


So that's a wrap for tonight, I am going to get my act into gear and get my mum something nice this year, usually I leave it to the last minute, but I am going to be organised this year, she deserves something lovely! 

Have a great day/night every ever you are! 



  1. Lovely finds. I too collect the Pyrex dishes I have the same bowls as on the top "shelf" middle and the fourth "shelf" red and orange bowl on the left. lol Enjoy your day!

  2. oh man those birdy plushes are beautiful! and that cloud pillow mmmmm! nice finds :) jenny xx


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