Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Have a hearty day! :)

 I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Before I pop off to bed I thought I'd show you a little thing I made last week, some heart bunting.  
I have been a bit fixated on hearts recently, and these cute little flags are an idea I had for some left over cotton, not enough for a complete washer, but enough for a square!  I might put a little recipe together for these, they are fun to make and make a cheery addition to a wall I think! 
I'm planning to make some nice long strings for the studio, I ended up painting it all white, so there is lots of scope for colourful decorating! :) 

So what have you been making lately? 
Something big and long term, or a quick crafty fix?  
I am finding that I am making lots of smaller things, at the moment, like this bunting, due to another market in April, but then there is a break over winter, so I think I will be able to start some bigger projects, maybe a couple of blankets. I have seen a lovely motif that I want to try, isn't there always another idea to try!! :) 

Have a good crafty day! 



  1. your heart bunting is adorable. I love reading your blog updates and pretty pictures to inspire me

  2. Love the heart bunting perfect for spot of colour.

  3. Lovely bunting, it looks great against the green paint.

  4. The bunting is so bright and cheerful, just right for spring! I have way too many wips and have a long project of a blanket finally being crocheted together but I did do a quick make of 7 bracelets this afternoon, hoping to post about them later! Sharon x

  5. I love the heart bunting!!! As well as your blankets below. I'm currently working on a heart blanket, inspired by your of course, a gift. Too many ideas, not enough But I always work in some quick projects as well, I just finished some crochet baskets, and currently working on a cat bed, working with 5 strands as one for it. White sounds like a great backdrop for all your lovely works. I look forward to the next studio update post.

  6. I love it! So colourful! I have several projects on the go, but nowhere near finishing any of them!

  7. I collect hearts so I LOVE your bunting. Nice work. IM working on a shawl... a lacey shawl

  8. Your heart bunting is so lovely! You are amazingly talented!

  9. I love your heart bunting, it's really adorable. Kisses from Spain

  10. Hello!
    I also love your heart bunting! I have been on a kick making small kitchen towels, I got the pattern from Liz from North Carolina, her blog is crochetincolor.

  11. Wow! gorgeous! I loooooooove your heart bunting!!!!
    And your blankets too!
    Very great crochet works!
    Have a nice day, Julie!


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