Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Friday Finds #36

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I hope you are having a nice start to the Easter break, we have had a lovely day pottering around, working on the studio and in the garden. The boys had huge sleep ins and just did their own relaxing stuff.  Sometimes it is nice to have a day at home and not have to be anywhere special, Good Friday is good for that! 

So here are my Friday Etsy finds for this week! xxxx

1. Rachele Carmona is the amazing crocheter behind BabyLoveBrandKids , there are lots of patterns for interesting blankets like this 'Beach Hut' blanket, as well as finished items,  lot of lovely things for us crochet addicts to check out! :) 

2. Sometimes I wish my boys were little again just so I could buy them some of the fabulous toys I  see on Etsy! These modular dollhouses and treehouse by manzanitakids would be so much fun to play with I think!  I know my boys would have loved something like this when they were younger. 

3. My yarn pick this week is OceanParkYarns, Noa is the clever yarn dyer behind this shop, I adore these two speckled sock yarns so much, those shots of neon in the bottom one are right up my alley!!
Lots of gorgeous yarns to drool over in this shop!

4.I love the work of Louise Edwards from LouiseEdwardsDesign, her OOAK folk art fabric dolls and brooches are just so lovely, such lot of beautiful stitching happening here!


5. I found a whole lot of gorgeous washi tape at LobsterBisqueVintage, some lovely different designs like these trees and feathers.  :)  


So that's it for today! 
Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you enjoy a little treat or two! 



  1. Looks of eye candy at that first shop, several patterns I'd like to try there. I always get in trouble "visiting" those yarn shops.(Better not this Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. I'm so glad you like the rainbow speckled yarn - I love dyeing them and I always smile seeing them. Thanks for posting about Ocean Park Yarns; I appreciate the support. :)

  3. Julie
    the speckled yarn is just beautiful. I love it

  4. Great etsy finds.Love those dolls....xx

  5. I do like the look of that beach hut blanket but I'm about to start another blanket so it might just have to go onto my ever growing to do list. Have a very Happy Easter!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my dolls! I have only just joined blogger and seen this - thank you so much! you're the best !xxx


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