Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Colour and some other things.....

Hello there!
How was your weekend?

We had a long weekend here, so it kind of feels like a Monday to me today.  We had a fairly relaxed couple of days, I got quite a lot of crochet time which is always nice.  Our middle son had a bit of a party on Sunday night, just because he could, so we had a dozen or so 16 year olds at our place, needless to say it was a late night!

I have been making washers for my market in a couple weeks, you are probably sick of seeing pictures of these heart washers, but they are what I am making at the moment. :)   I decided that little heart flags made into bunting might be quite cute, so have been using up left over bits of cotton to make these little rectangle heart pieces.  I hope it looks cute once I have crocheted them onto a string and done an edge, in my head it does!


I saw something on Instagram that has really inspired me to want to get my knitting out again.  One of my favourite blogs is 'Do you mind if i knit' by the amazingly talented Vanessa Cabban, I was so sad to hear that she died tragically late last year, and there have been a few projects I have noticed pop up in her honour and remembering her.
One of these is the totally gorgeous Remembering Vanessa Cowl KAL by Christina Wall.  I am so inspired to give this a go!  Vanessa's beautiful fairisle knitting always caught my eye and I think this is a lovely way to pay respect to such a creative multi talented woman.   
Definitely putting this on my to do list.

Another beautiful colourful  project that I 'd like to try is this very cute baby cardigan by Vicarno, so rainbowy and sweet!  This is crocheted too, so should be a fairly quick make.  
Also on the to do list. :)

I am also thinking I should make a bunny for the Mirabel Easter toy appeal, I only have a few days left so have better get cracking!  Pip has lots of info  over at Meet me at Mikes if you have time to whip up some cute bunnyness for some deserving little person. 

Sorry for the bitsy post today, I kind of feel that is how my brain is working at the moment, hopping from one thing to another, I am a bit all over the place! :) 

Anyway, have a great day, talk soon! 


  1. those hearts are lovely, looking forward to seeing the bunting
    thanx for sharing

  2. I love the heart washers, they are so cheerful in such a wonderful array of colours.

  3. Love the heart washers, they are superbeautiful!

  4. That baby cardigan is super gorgeous and I 'love' your hearts too :)

  5. Always love seeing the hearts. I think the heart bunting sounds great too! That's a lot of boys! I imagine it was a l-o-n-g night! Had something similar here (a lot smaller) Friday night but with girls, still a long night though. ; ) So tragic about Vanessa, I had visited her blog some. A lovely tribute to her. With a new niece on the way I need to add something like that cardigan to my to do list. Good luck with the market!

  6. Your heart bunting sounds like a good idea to me. I'm sure it will be a hit.
    xx Beca

  7. Jules of crochetandsmileMarch 11, 2015 at 2:47 AM

    Love seeing your hearts, they make very pretty and brighten any bathroom. Is there any chance of a peek at your pattern for these as I would so love to try my hand at tapestry crochet and these inspire me with their bright colours. Love your blog and creativeness. Happy hooking Jules. : )

  8. A really interesting post with so much content. Have whizzy off to look at all the links. Thanks!! And I will never tire if your hearts.

  9. Magnifique carré bonne nuit Marie-Claire

  10. Your hearts are gorgeous Jules, bet they are super popular at the markets too! That was very sad news about Vanessa.... the KAL is a lovely way to pay tribute to her, will check it out x

  11. My brain is always hopping about from one thing to another.

  12. They are great. wouldn't they make a fantastic cot blanket - you know if you wanted to make that many! Jo x


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