Friday, March 6, 2015

5 Friday finds #32

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Hello! How are you going this fine morning? 
It's time for another 5 Friday Etsy finds!

1. I like to check in on  pomadour24  every now and again and see what lovely Japanese crochet books are on offer, lots of gorgeous, inspiring titles as usual! 

2.These super cute bunnies from the fabulous rosieok, would be perfect for an Easter treat with out all the chocolate!  I love Rosie's crochet critters, so colourful and happy!

3. MarinskiHandmades makes these lovely ceramics,  lots of gorgeous things to be found here! :) 

4. These beautiful rag dolls are part of the new 2015 range from milipa, I love their simple style, so lovely!  Lots of other cute things to be seen in this shop! 

5.EloiseRenouf is the shop of Eloise Renouf, a talented artist who makes these beautiful prints with a  abstract, stylised feel.  I love the simple beauty of these images, lovely shapes and colour combinations. 


And that is it for today!  

Have great weekend, talk next week! 


  1. That really is a must have scarf, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oh I really love these prints of Eloise Renouf!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love 'em! I could go broke over those Japanese books! ; D Enjoy your weekend! x

  4. Japanese patterns are my newest addiction...and yes I go to pompadour's shop quite often....I hope you have an awesome weekend.

  5. Hi! dear! I posted your hearts today. Go to my blog to check!

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  7. I love Japanese patterns for their attention to detail and diagrams. Thank you for showing me where I can obtain some of them. A lovely collection of beautiful things this week, Julie xx


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