Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 Friday Finds #33

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I'm running behind again with my Friday Finds, haven't quite got there till today and it's Sunday!  Possibly I should not have put Friday in the title of these posts, it seems I have trouble sticking to the weekly schedule! 

Anyway, better late than never I guess, so here they are! 

1. I am loving the modern vibe of these gorgeous crocheted ice-creams and watermelon cushions from Adele at  ThreeBeansinaPod, lovely for a cute addition to a bedroom or couch.  Adele also has a pattern for an amazing "mono spot' modern baby blanket in her shop. :) 

2. WindandWillowHome is a lovely shop full of wooden bowls and vessels like these great little succulent planters and neon painted salad bowls.  Araya is the creative talent behind this very hip shop! 

3.Nadia and Tania are the clever ladies at PhilominaKloss who makes these sweet teddies with loads of personality! :)  Lots of cuties to be found here! 

4.  I love the idea of the 'Instant Comfort Pocket Box' found at kimslittlemonsters, what a nice thing to give to someone needing a little cheering up ! 

5.  Emily Martin is the artist at theblackapple, her gorgeous prints and illustrations are available here, as well as these beautiful postcard sets.  I think I may have featured Emily's shop before, but I just love her work! :) 

6. And just because I love speckled yarn so much, I am adding a sixth find this week, Amanda Perkins at LambyToesShop has lots of lovely speckled yarns that would knit the most amazing socks!!  Look at the colours in these skeins! Swoon! 

Well that's it for today, I am going to try and get back here a bit more often this week, I feel like I am neglecting my little blog at the moment, life has become quite hectic and the weeks are flying by!
I do have things I'd like to blog about, it is just making the time to post it on here! 

Thanks so much for visiting, talk soon! 



  1. Crocheted ice-creams and watermelon cushions are super cute!

  2. The yarn is a real delight, such beautiful colours.

  3. Don't feel's Sunday here and I am just getting around to look at them! LOL! I too have things to blog but it is busy in the Spring which it is here.....sunny and warm after cold and gray for a long time so I will be outside later! I love the Black Apple also.

  4. Tout est magnifique bravo bonne soiree Marie-Claire

  5. Oh my word! Just love those funky cornets or ice cream... fantastic! Rather partial to the odd slice of water mellon too... on a hot day which isn't happening at all at the moment in the UK.... hope for a blistering summer... ??? HOPE!!!
    Jay x

  6. Hello, ice - creams are marvelous and so cute, have a good day, greetings from ann

  7. I love the instant comfort boxes. I can think of someone who could do with receiving one of these. Thanks for sourcing them. Philippa x

  8. Time does fly, regardless if we are having fun or not. ; ) That sock yarn is mouth watering!!!! I'm currently working in sock yarn in blue, ranging from denim to aqua all in one skein. Yum! Spring is finally showing her lovely self here, and I'm out the door to do some chores to ready the garden for veggies. Enjoy your day! x

  9. the crocheted ice cream cushions are my absolute favourite finds on this post! and the instant comfort boxes come a close second, they would make marvellous little 'pick me up' gifts if someone I love is feeling a little down - or even just myself :p jennyxxx

  10. So cute the ice cream cushions!

  11. I was looking at my shop statistics today and noticed the traffic coming from over here. I know I'm quite late, but thank you for the mention in your Friday Finds!


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