Tuesday, January 20, 2015

last week....

Last week...

1. ...I was hooking up washers for the market. I love choosing the colour combos for these, there are so many nice possibilities.

2. ...the rosellas found the apple trees.  They are really beautiful birds, but they will probably strip all the fruit from the trees well before they are ready for us to eat.

3. ... this gaudy, gorgeous dahlia flowered! Yay! 

4 +5  ... I had a stall at the twilight market at Emu Plains, it was packed with people and I really enjoyed meeting some peeps who knew of this blog!!

6. ... hooked up a colour swatch for a customer.

7 ... I started a new 'wheels within wheels' blanket, this time in blues and greens, I think it will look good. :)

8. ...the apricots started to ripen! yay! I love a tree ripened apricot, so much better than anything you can buy from the shops.  My parents tree is laden this year, so much so that branches are breaking under all the weight! I am thinking a couple of batches of jam and a big pot of stewed apricots are going to be made soon! 


That's a few bits of my last week, I had an unintentional bloggy break as well, I just couldn't find time to sit at the computer or take many photos.  I have a heap of emails to respond to and they didn't get touched either.  Sorry for being a bad communicator!  I am hoping to get back into a rhythm soon and find the blogging routine again.  Do you find your blogging mojo ebbs and flows? 

What did you get up to last week?  
Got any big plans for this one?



  1. I love the colour of your "wheels within wheels" blanket and can't wait to see the finished result.

  2. Just looking at your beautiful photos makes me miss crocheting! It's winter here and the cold makes my elbows hurt! It took me a whole year longer than expected to finish my daughter's afghan that was to be for her birthday... in 2013. It's heartbreaking! I haven't visited in a while! Glad I stopped by!

  3. love those wheels within wheels. I could perhaps manage a cushion, not sure about a whole blanket though!

  4. you had such a colourful week : beautiful!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  5. The wheels within wheels blanket is stunning, a real delight. Looking forward to seeing the end results. Beautiful photo of the rosellas I have been trying all week to capture birds on camera to no avail.

  6. Dear Julie,
    let me tell you: I luv your work - esp the colours and their combinations.
    The new 'wheels within wheels' blanket, this time in blues and greens - wow.
    Thanx - and many more please ;)
    Yours Sabine from Worms in Germany

  7. You are not a bad communicator at all!
    I truly love everything you show and write.

    Totally in awe of the birds!
    and so many beautiful projects going on.
    all the colours are exactely the ones I would choose (if I had the amount of whool you have!)

    amazing week!


  8. I do not think there is anything better than a sun warm fresh from the tree Apricot! My Aunt had a tree in my youth and we spent a few January's at her house eating bowls upon bowls of them. Once of those summers when when I learn to read a knitting and crochet pattern plus make pumpkin scones. Thank you for bringing back those lovely memories with your photo :)

  9. Great post and great photos. Like them. I follow you, could you follow back, pls. Kiss


  10. A lovely array of things to be up to! Fresh from the tree fruit...yum! The birds here are not near as colorful but pose the same problem. Love the color combinations of those wheels! I imagine those washers went quick. A warm spell here at the moment so I'm outside doing projects that would normally wait till spring. Enjoy the season, whatever it may be! x

  11. It's so cold and dreary here in the northeast part of the US that seeing those amazing colors, gorgeous birds, and wonderful fruit is such a treat! Where can I get the pattern for your heart washers?

  12. I've been attempting a spot of tapestry crochet thanks to your fantastic tutorials! Progress report on FB, I so want to master this technique to create some fair isle inspired designs. Your gorgeous pics have brought a little bit of sunshine to a rather grey and icy Scotland, thank you!!!


  13. Lovely, lovely, lovely images.....all that colour! Sometimes a bloggy break is a good thing :) xxx

  14. Those face washers are gorgeous! It's nice to see your beautiful photos.

  15. beautiful photos, the flower is gorgeous, your crochet is beautiful, your colour choices for the wheels within wheels is so awesome

  16. Your colours and photos are to die for. You really do put colours together very well. I love coming over to your blog for a colour fix. As soon as my current blanket is finished I am going to make more of these wash cloths. Loved the few I've made so far.

  17. What such lovely pictures, the birds look beautiful, it's cheered up my morningxx

  18. good job. I like your work. also my blog is a design blog. I follow you and joined your blog. I am waiting you for my blog. You will like it ... http://ciziyorumdikiyorum.blogspot.com.tr/

  19. Your blog is always just so colourful and cheery! Love it Julie! xx

  20. I don't think I ever left a comment on your blog but today is the day! :)

    I've read your blog for about 2 years I think and I really really love to see what you're making and to see all the beautiful colours you use. Your stall at markets is a totally yummy! Wish I could go but it's too far from Denmark. ;) So I enjoy it this way instead.


  21. Great pictures. As a Brit I am fascinated by rosellas( have actually seen them on a few visits to your lovely country). They always remind me of a child's painting: I can imagine a child painting a bird and colouring it with all the bright colours it loves.


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