Friday, January 9, 2015

5 Friday Finds #27

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Hello! How is your day going? Good I hope!

So, it's time to start my 5 Friday Finds on Etsy series for 2015, I'm looking forward to another year of finding lots of talented makers to share with you all.  
It was extra fun today, as I was very lucky and recently won a prize in a little competition and have an Etsy voucher to spend! Yay!  There are so many lovely things to choose from though, it's hard to decide what to buy! It's a nice problem to have! :)

So here are my finds for this week! Happy browsing!

1. thisisalliknow is the shop belonging to artist Amanda Blake, I just came across Amanda'a beautiful work today, and I absolutely love it!  Prints and originals of her paintings are available here, there is something quite compelling about her work that makes me want to see more!  Fabulous !!

2. Ninainvorm  is the shop belonging to Nina van de Goor, the talented lady who creates these gorgeous postcards and ceramics, so cute!  Lots of lovely things in this shop :) 

3.PearlShoreCat is a shop full of vintage and retro crochet patterns, there is a lot of patterns to look through in this shop, all conveniently categorised by decade too!  I really liked this Granny's Flower pattern, it seems very familiar to me, I wonder if I have posted this before.....

4. DoubleFoxStudio is a very quirky shop with lots of amazing art dolls, wall hangings  and one off bits of jewellery, if you like things a bit different but very amazing, there is lots to check out in here!


5. Gingiber is the lovely shop of creative Stacie Bloomfield, she sells paper goods and homewares like these gorgeous tea towels, aren't they interesting!


So that's it for today, I hope you have a great weekend, I am having my crochet crafter noon tomorrow, which should be fun, other than that I think we will be staying out of the huge amount of rain that is heading our way, a months rainfall in a weekend has been forecast!!
So, stay dry fellow Victorians! 



  1. Love the pattern I am going to hop over and browse the shop now. I love a vintage pattern.

  2. Stay dry indeed, wowser a months rain in a weekend! Don't wash away! A very cold weekend ahead for us, going to finish up a home improvement job (an inside one) . I love those tea towels and the retro patterns. Happy weekend and have fun tomorrow!

  3. Interesting choices...I am going to check out the pattern shop. Have a great time and your noon crochet.

  4. love your Friday finds, thanks for sharing

  5. These are beautiful, I love Amanda's work too.....I think etsy is a great place to shop but so large now I get confused! It's always good to get recommendations, thanks my dear! :) xxx

  6. Oh wow. Love the first art piece. How beautiful!

  7. Great stuff , all of it.
    I have been following Ninainvorm at Instagram. The things she makes really are amazing. I also love the pictures of her home and her two little girls.

    Thank you for the suggestions.
    I certainly will have a closer look at your choices!

    Have a nice weekend,


  8. Lovely finds. I made a crocheted hexagon blanket that is almost identical to the one you've shown.


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