Sunday, January 25, 2015

5 Friday Finds #28

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Hello! I am running behind with my Friday Etsy finds this week, I know it is already Sunday, I don't know where the last few days have gone!! I figure it's better late than never, so here's a few lovely shops that have caught my eye this week! :) 


1.I love the work found in beccastadtlander, the shop of talented illustrator Becca Stadtlander, lots of lovely cards and prints available here.

2. Leah from the ThePaperFinchCompany sells lots of beautiful wool rovings for felting and spinning. I couldn't help but include the photo of all the gorgeous colour!  Needle felting is something I'd like to try ( not that I need anymore crafty hobbies!! :) ), a little starting kit like this might be just the thing to get me going! 

3. This cotton towelling bathrobe from loovee really reminds me of granny stripes, I love all the colours!  

4. BlueRaspberryDesigns is the lovely quirky shop belonging to Valentina Felce, her OOAK tattooed art dolls have such personality, I just love her work! 

5. Another amazing toymaker, although a very different style, can be found at Pussman, the gorgeous shop belonging to the very talented Danielle Roothooft.  I love her beautiful bears and rabbits, they remind me of the 'Velveteen Rabbit' and have a real timeless quality to them.  She also sells patterns if you'd like to create your own special creature! :)  (and she has a sale on at the minute too!)

So that's my finds for another week! 
I'll be back tomorrow with a crafty post, I'm trying (again) to get into some sort of blogging routine, so am having a go at using an editorial calendar for a bit of structure, often I have trouble thinking of things to post about so I end up posting nothing, and before you know it 2 weeks have gone by! Hopefully this will give me a bit of structure and I can capture ideas as they come to me and schedule them into the blog.  Hmmm, I don't usually do so great with schedules, but we will se how this goes :)

Do you have any suggestions for blog post topics?  I'd love to hear some new ideas, after doing this for a few years, I feel like I might be getting just a tad boring!! :) 

Have a fabulous day, talk soon! 



  1. Lovely finds as always. Don't think you are becoming boring at all. Great idea about a cakender schedule though. May have to 'borrow' that idea. Problem with the sort of blogs that we run is it takes such a long to
    Time to create our makes too. If I think of anything inspirational I'll let you know...

  2. Love the robe, like you it reminded me of granny stripes and I too loved all the bright colours. Have a great day.

  3. Do you need blog post topics? I thought a blog was just documenting the bits of life you are happy to talk about, sharing bits and bobs of this and that. No themes, no carefully thought out programme necessary - that always seems a touch contrived to me. Life is interesting as it stands, even the repetitive things we take for granted are interesting to others as everyone's life is so different from our own. I don't see blogs as a lifestyle mag, but something more real, vibrant and interesting. Whatever is interesting to you, will be interesting to us!

  4. Love those tattoo dolls.....oh and needle felting, must do some more this year! :) xxx

  5. Never boring!!!!! Even if it's the day to day life posts, it's catching up with cyber friends. :)) A lovely array of finds. I too have thought about needle felting and like I really need another hobby?! LOL Ran across an interesting textured pattern, tought you might like it too.
    Have a great one!


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