Thursday, November 6, 2014

Catching up....

Hello! How have you been going?  
I've been pretty busy with this and that, nothing extra special, just normal life and preparing for another market.  I thought I'd pop in here and show you a couple of things that I have been making these last few weeks.  We spent the Melbourne Cup weekend at Philip Island, so I took a few little projects to keep me busy and not eating and drinking too much! 

Here's a bit of what I've been up to.....

....hooking away like a mad woman!  These round puffy flowers are destined to be Christmas decorations, I am planning on bringing them to the Emu Plains Market next weekend, I'll have to make sure they get finished!  I think they will look cute dangling from a tree.   I am thinking of making a couple of table top pompom trees to take to the market as well (thanks for the suggestion Angela! xxx), and I want lots of crochet decorations to hang from them.  Must get cracking!

...I have also made a couple of extra heart washers that need finishing off too.  (I am sensing a bit of a theme today....)  I had some of these at the last market I did and someone saw them and gave my card to a friend of theirs who owns a shop in Mornington, and long story short, I have been asked to make some for the shop, so I really need to make a few more!

.........aren't these roses beautiful?  Straight from my garden, I had a lovely half hour picking these this morning, I think I have a thing for pink roses, I have several different shades of pink, but not many other colours.  There is nothing like a garden wander to get you enthused about growing things again.
I went out this afternoon and started the mammoth task of clearing my veggie beds, I have bought a few seedlings to plant in each area I clear as a reward for each little achievement. We will have veggies this Summer, even if they are a bit late!

......and I found a whole heap of broad beans ready to pick under all the weeds ( plus a nice haul of potatoes), there are plenty more too, I have a recipe for smashed broad beans that you mix with some grated sharp cheese and a bit of olive oil and eat on bread or toast, a bit like a chunky dip, it is quite yummy, must make that soon.....

Well, that's about all I have for the moment, I have had a delivery of some new colours in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, but need to take photos, so will show you them next week, Have to say I am warming to some of her more muted tones more and more, quite lush indeed!  I have added them to the shop over here if you'd like to check to out! 

Have a great day, talk soon!  


  1. OhMyGosh.... those hearts are a winner! LOVE them!!!!!!!!!
    We have broadbeans going mad in my garden at the moment, I make them into a broadbean hummus - yum!

  2. Love the heart washcloths!!! The puff flower circles are ideal as a xmas decoration!!! They look like happy xmas wheels!!!! Have a fab weekend!!!!

  3. The heart washcloths are exquisite, congratulation on getting an order from a shop. Hope you have a successful fair, I too have one at the weekend.

  4. I love seeing the other side of the hemisphere it makes me chuckle and warms me up - broad beans and roses - show off!!!! Just got my winter coat out here...Jo

  5. Your Christmas decoration are lovely but the heart washcloths is awsome! Have a great day!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Jules - can't wait to see the finished Christmas decorations and I am completely head over heels in love with your heart facecloths - pleeeeeaaaasssseeee could you sell some over here too !?! xxxxx

  7. Lovely puffy flowers and the heart washcloths are beautiful, and how wonderful to have someone ask you to supply their shop with them. I'm sure they will sell well.

  8. I love the heart washcloths and the little puffy flowers are just gorgeous xx

  9. Love your crochet and roses. Well done on being asked to make washers for the shop - that's great news. Isn't it lovely when you find some produce in the garden that you can use?

  10. Sure, always glad to share ideas! x I look forward to seeing the lovely creations. Those puffy flowers are adorable! (Another idea) My girls love the small crochet rounds I make for face washers (about four inches), I keep a dish full in the bathroom and I think your puffy flowers would make great ones and a quick projects to sell. Say a set of 7 or 8 in a little cellophane bag with a bow tie of crochet chains. Your roses are gorgeous. I too have more pink ones than other colors. lol That dip sounds interesting too. Good luck at the market and congrats on the commission work!

  11. I love those washcloths! Do you have a pattern?

  12. so so nice
    I love to come here and see all these beautiful things
    have a nice day

  13. I love your crochet beautiful Marie-Claire

  14. Those hearts are just so gorgeous, you clever thing!

  15. Hi Julie, loving your flower decorations-really very pretty.
    I echo everyone above in admiration of your heart wash cloths-just beautiful.
    Good luck at your fair.
    Roses, roses, roses-so miss mine now Winter is upon us on this side of the world-enjoy, photo them often to remind us of garden blooms.

  16. I love looking at your site!
    Your knitting and crocheting is so beautiful.
    It's a feast for my eyes!!

  17. Lovely crochet! I bet the market will be a huge sucess for you!

    Take care

  18. Hey Julie, popping by to see what you've been up too....... you've been busy as usual.
    Great to get an outlet for your washers, they look wonderful.
    I'm a pink Rose lover too, somehow I seem to have only pink in the garden along with a red one and they are just gorgeous.
    Our Broad Beans are late, so I will have to see how they are going, that chunky dip sounds delish.
    All the best for the next market and have a great week.

    Claire xx

  19. Oh I was so enjoying looking at all the lovely crafty things on your blog, but then I saw (gasp) Broad Beans. I have not seen Broad Beans since I left England in 1971..........I used to love them. Also we do not have them here in Michigan. Now I am craving them they look soooooo good
    I will be following your blog


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