Thursday, October 30, 2014

A crafty bee in my bonnet. A wooly pompom tree.

Hello.  How is your week going? Good I hope! :)

Well, I have been quite busy with a little idea that just had to be made before everything else I have on my to do list.  
Do you ever get ideas like that?  
Where you just have to make something and see if it turns out how you are imagining?   
I certainly had a bee in my bonnet, and I couldn't concentrate on any of my other makings until it was out of my system!

The idea I had was for a wooly pompom branch that could be used as a whimsical Christmas tree and adorned with decorations like my flowers and stars. I like something a bit quirky for my Christmas trees and I like the spindly nature of branches, this was just taking it a bit further down the cute road with the addition of pompoms!

So I got out my wire and masking tape and bent and stuck that wire into shape, then I got out my wool and wrapped the wire in lots of greens and reds ( a little bit Christmassy).  Next I made a heap of pompoms and then sewed them onto the wire frame, and tadah, all finished and out of my head! is the start of my pompom collection......

....and here is how my wooly pompom branch has finished up, a bit of a folly, a whimsical twiggy branch with pompom fruits at the end of each twig, it is very hard to photograph as it is so spindly and an awkward shape, it looks much better in real life, but you get the idea.  It is actually making my happy just thinking about it!  I think it will look very over the top hung with flowers and stars and maybe some crocheted leafy vine........ :)

While I was making the wire bits I had envisioned making up about a dozen branches in different colours all covered with a rainbow of pompoms and selling them at my market stall, like a forest of pompom trees, I think 3 stems would make a lovely Christmas tree alternative don't you?   
But by the time I had actually got one to the finished stage ( many, many, hours later) I was thinking that this will just be a home project for our Christmas, they just take so long to make and are quite fiddley, I don't think it's a viable item to sell, (maybe just for special people if I am asked). 
So I am going  to make up the other stems at my leisure and just keep them at home for a crazy display.  It is looking a bit sad just with pompoms, must get out some other things to add to it! 

So now I can get back to making things on my to do list!  It is alway good to have a little crafty interlude with a side project!  I am inspired to keep making pompoms, and am thinking some pompom garlands would be a nice addition to my stall instead! :)

Have you made anything completely just for fun, to try out an idea that won't leave your head?

Have a great day, talk soon! 



  1. I Love it!!!!!!! I can just imagine it with stars and flowers!!!! Perfect!!!!!! Have a fab weekend!!!!!!

  2. Great idea ! the result is interesting and beautiful ! have a creative day !

  3. Beautiful, a real delight such a great project to make with children.

  4. Very bright and cheerful, l can emagine it must have been a lot of work making. My quest the last month has been to finish up ufo- projects. Now, with most loose ends tied, l am ready to take up chistmas presents- and card making again. I have had to cancel my Christmas stall this year due to health, a pity but perhaps next year.Pam

  5. This is just ace:-) It's got such character. What a brilliant idea!

  6. Gorgeous. Love the poms poms :)

  7. Crazy but totally gorgeous. You could use it on your stall to hang your tree decs from. Jo x

  8. Beautiful! I'll pick a branch right now !!

  9. Its totally you Jules - I love it !
    Kate x

  10. Such a great idea! Definitely would like to try it :) Thanks for sharing! Marie x

  11. Wow, I love it, it's one of the cutest woolly trees I've ever seen! : )

  12. Enjoying the fall weather here, decorating for Halloween and the trick or treaters. So glad you had the thought and followed through...and shared it! I LOVE it!!! Puts me in mind of something Cindy Loo Who would have. :)) I could see a hooky bird on those branches as well. I wonder how a mini version would work up...desktop size, with a base of wood for a stand, those might be doable for sells. I'm forever getting ideas when I'm working on something else. lol Sometimes I too have to just stop and work on the pressing idea that wont leave be till I do! Have a great day!

  13. I like it a lot - it's a very interesting decoration. :)

  14. Hello Julie, Your pom pom tree is fabulous-the very essence of fun which I love-a lot, pom poms on your stall a must.

  15. Oh, I adore that tree! I've been wanting to make my own tree for ages, but I'm thinking this year I might still stick with the fake little white one I have…
    Anyway, this is truly beautiful! Great job!

  16. Hi Julie,
    I love your colourful tree, how
    clever are you!
    Cheers, Anita.

  17. Very nice i like it Marie-Claire

  18. What a fab idea. It looks beautiful x

  19. Looks great! Well done. I know what you mean about it taking too long to make so it isn't going to be suitable for selling.

  20. That's so cute! I really like it!


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