Friday, November 7, 2014

5 Friday finds #22

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Hello! How are you going today? 
Good I hope! :)

Today I have my Friday Etsy Finds back again after a couple of weeks of being disorganised.  
I have started thinking about Christmas recently so thought I'd see what I could find in the way of decorations on Etsy, not surprising, there was a lot of great stuff!
Here are a few of my favourite decorations that I came across, I might have to feature more next week as there was a lot to choose from! 

1.I recently came across the gorgeous work of SueVaun Allison on Instagram and was very happy to find that she has a shop on Etsy called LizzyDeane, I just love her embroidered decorations, so charming!

2. Not strictly decorations, but I couldn't resist including the lovely Chrismas card range from Katie Daisy , available from her shop thewheatfield, her work is always so inspiring and beautiful.


3.For those of you who knit and want to do a bit of Christmas crafting yourself, Louise C from BooBiloo has a lovely shop full of very cute knitting patterns, aren't those reindeer fabulous and I love the pompomed Christmas tree!

4. More gorgeous wooly christmas trees in Irina Tretyakova's shop FancyKnittles, and I had to add those crochet heart pot plants, just so lovely!

5. I think I have a thing for Christmas trees, here are some more lovely ones!  Melanie from BeledienHandmade makes these, I love their simplicity and the cinnamon stick trunk, a nice touch.

6. I have featured  TIMOHANDMADE before, but I had to show you these beautiful dangly angels and clown decorations, great for a less traditional approach.


So that is it for today's finds, are you getting a little bit Christmassy yet?  Or is it too early for you?
 I am thinking about it from a making presents point of view, time always seems to run out even when I feel I am starting very early! 

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you do something enjoyable, I will be getting stuck into the garden and making a couple of washcloths too I hope! 



  1. Fab finds as always. I love Boo Biloo's patterns, her designs are so good, I've been following her for a while. She makes the most beautiful knitted dolls. They would make great presents for a little one. The crochet heart plants are so sweet!

  2. Thank you for including my FancyKnittles works :) Nice blog!

  3. Great Christmas ideas! Definitely not too early to start thinking about homemade gifts. Looking forward to seeing more next week!

  4. I can't believe my little trinkets are honestly on your blog!!!!! You just made my week :)
    A thousand times thank you!

  5. Can't wait for Christmas! Lovely round up of holiday items. Especially love the knit reindeers...adorable.

  6. Some great finds, great Christmas items.

  7. As a general rule, yes it is a little early for me to get Christmassy (seventy-three million birthdays between now and then!) but I just love all your picks today. x

  8. Lovely finds! I like the idea of more such posts. Season decorations is definitely on my mind at the moment and what to make/buy in time for the holidays. I'm in high gear right now with holiday makes, and I agree, time always runs out no matter how early I start! Don't work too hard in the some energy for hooky time. ;D

  9. Great decorations! I'm making loads of Christmas decorations this year.

  10. You have out done yourself with this fabulous collection! I'm off to explore a bit further....

  11. I love those little heart "plants"! I have been thinking today of quick and easy Christmas makes for the 20 people in my department. Think I can make 20 crochet bookmarks? I think I will try. But I'm going to check out some of these Etsy suggestions of yours too!

  12. Toutes des belle creations bonne soiree Marie-Claire


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