Thursday, October 23, 2014

Handmade Christmas Making......

Hello, how are you going today? 
I am having a good day, nothing special, just food shopping and general housey things, but I like days like this.

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the lovely comments on my last post and your ideas for reinvigorating   bloggy energy.  I think I will just continue to blog when I can and not worry too much if it's not everyday, I think I am too casual for anything like a formal schedule, so this blog is just going to go with the flow, the same approach I take to most aspects of my life.  Thank you all for your continued interest in Little Woollie, I have a few new ideas to try out over the next few months so I'll see how that goes. :)

Well, suddenly Christmas doesn't seem that far away, (eek, nearly November!) and once again I am finding myself tossing up how much of a handmade Christmas I'll be able to achieve.  I'd love to make some of the gifts for my family this year, I don't think I'll worry to much about all the boys I have to buy for, they are not really into handmade stuff, but I could do some baking for them, they do love a homemade bikkie or 2.

I am thinking that cute crochet washers and a nice piece of soap would be a nice little gift for my friends, I like making the washers so they should be fun to make.
I am doing a couple of markets between now and Christmas, so I am also trying to make some things that would be good presents for people to buy, maybe for teachers or other people we get little gifts for at this time of year.

So I have been making these little milk jar covers in multicoloured stripes, I think they look so cute in a group!  These jars make good small vases and you could pick a posy of flowers and give a cute jar of flowers to your favourite teacher, or you could stick a nice candle in one for a candleholder, or you could fill it with some bright coloured fine liners for a cute pen holder.......or you could fill a shadow box with different patterned one for a very cute wall display!  

These small milk bottles can be picked up cheaply from 2 dollar shops, or you could keep your eyes open for interesting shaped bottle and recycle bottles that are finished in the kitchen, I think a little collection of different shaped and sized bottles with there cute colourful cover would be a lovely present! Cute and thrifty, gotta love that!

.....I just had to pick a few ranunculus from the garden and colour match them to their vase....

.....and a couple more gratuitous flower shots, just because I can't get enough of their gorgeous colours.........

So, are you making any presents this year?  
I am going to make a few decorations too.

Have you been following the Handmade Christmas posts over at One Crafty Mumma?  Mel is one organised girl!  She has lots of ideas and links for handmade things this year, I am getting on board a little late, but there is still lots of time to get making!

During the week I will have a look around the internet and see what Christmas decorations I can find and share with you all next week.

Have you got any handmade ideas for Christmas this year, any secret crafty plans?
Have a great day!


  1. I love your blog but we shouldn't become slaves to them. Blog as and when you have the time and energy and we will all be here ready to read and enjoy. Your blog is fabulous. You are talented and creative and generous in your designs Love the milk bottle. Collectively they are stunning and singly they are simple and charming. I too have begun chrutmas crafting and hope to share on my blog at the beginning if November. If you wanted last December I posted Christmas makes and Scandinavian traditions every day in December, just scroll back. You might find some inspiration there and quick makes too? Again thank you for your blog x

  2. I have secret crafty plans for Christmas but I prefer working on autumnal projects cause of the current colors everywhere that are stunning and so gorgeous. I'll make christmas crafts later.... so enjoy, have fun woth yours and have a creatice day !

  3. Wow, happy colors! I am leaving for Texas today, quiltshow here I come!

  4. Really pretty colours they look lovely! xxx

  5. Stunning!!! Love the colors and what a happy picture they make filled with flowers!!!! Looking forward to you ideas on Christmas makes!!! Have a happy day!!

  6. Such a wonderful idea, they would make great presents. I am a great fan of the washcloth and soap which I have made a stack of already. I have just finished some present toppers which I will post about next week.

  7. Colorful milk bottles! I have to start christmas crafting and hope to share on my blog by the way!

  8. These look adorable! And those flowers are one of my absolute favorites too:)
    Hmmm… I might sneak in two knitted/crocheted gifts this year. One for my mom and one for a very dear friend. But other than that I don't think I'll have time to pull of anything yarn-related(as I still want to keep knitting myself sweaters too, haha). Maybe I will whip up some jewelry or sew a little gift. We shall see.
    Good luck with all your Christmas crafting!

  9. I LOVE your little jar covers! After seeing one of your previous post on them I ran across a trio of tiny glass bottles at my local flea market and knew just what I 'd do with them. They sit on the front of my china cabinet and whenever I bring in a few flowers they usually go into them. It seems no matter how early I start with gift making for Christmas it's never soon enough! I wind up burning A LOT of midnight oil to finish (sometimes a IOU is involved).;O Your lovely dish cloths and soap sounds like a wonderful gift to give or buy. Table mandalas are another quick and cute gift, as well as potholders and towels topped with crochet, (the ones you can loop around a door handle). Have a great day!

  10. Queste bottiglie mi piacciono molto!!! Ciao...

  11. I'm going to be making quite a few of my presents this year and LOTS of decorations for my tree. I want my tree to be completely decorated with hand made decorations this year. I love your covered bottles - very cute.

  12. What a clever and cute idea! They are so pretty with the flowers in them. They make me smile!

  13. Wow, beautiful!!

    Have a nice week!
    't Bezige Bijtje

  14. Such lovely colours! I love the idea of handmade gifts and have decided to make as much as I can this year. I look forward to seeing what you whip up :)


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