Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Friday finds #21

Well it is a friday again and I have my etsy finds for the week all ready to go, I'm starting to notice cute stuff that would be good for present giving, it is coming to that time of year rather quickly!

Anyway, here they are! 

1.There are lots of cute crochet patterns at studionyske, I liked how the animals also have clothes you could make too, a lovely hand made present for a little one me thinks!

2. Sticking with the soft toy theme, PalomaEsona makes some very sweet softies like Lilou and Filou here, aren't they adorable!  and they come all packaged up in their own bag too.

3. pinknounou is a shop full of gorgeous fabric makes including toys, cushions and little pouches like this 'think happy' one, I like the sentiment! :)

4. Another amazing soft toy shop, BigStuffed makes these beautiful furry creatures with a leaning towards sea creatures like this cuddly whale, lots of different things to check out in this shop.

5. I love the mini moggies that mod flowers make, they are so cute! I love the bright retro fabric she uses and their expressive little faces. :) Perfect for the cat lover in your life (and don't we all seem to have one of those!)

6. Rebecca Stoner is the talented designer behind  RebeccaStonerDesigns, her shop is full of lovely stationery and art prints, I love these note cards, they could be used for all sorts of occasions.


Well that's it for today, I gave you an extra find as a little bonus for missing my etsy post last week, so 6 finds instead of 5 for today!

What have you got planned for the weekend, some thing fun I hope! 
We might take a day trip to Philip Island for fish and chips on the beach......have to see what the boys are up to, it would be nice to do a family outing, they are quite rare these days! 

Have a good one!
Talk soon! 


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  1. Some great finds, I am having a family weekend. Hope you have a good one.

  2. I love your 'Friday Finds' Posts Jules,
    Have a great weekend,
    Kate xx

  3. Lovely finds!!! And you're right, it's coming far too quickly for me!!!!!!! I never feel ready for the festive season!!! Hope you go on your family outing!!!!! Sounds like fun!!!! Have a happy weekend!!!

  4. I love the rainbow trees on the first one, and that whale is spot on! Thanks for sharing, lots of gift ideas. It is harder to plan outings as the kids get older, with all their other plans. Sounds fun, hope your plans come together! Ours, a stroll through the local flea market then I really need to rake some leaves, and hopefully some hooky time on the porch. Have a great weekend!

  5. Just discovered your lovely blog and wanted to say a big thank you for featuring my notecards! I'm so pleased you like them :)

  6. Hello Julie! I discovered your blog around this time last year when I was looking for crochet baby blanket patterns for my now 9 month old son. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and admire your beautiful handiwork!

  7. That NYSKE picture is so CUTE! Also nice to know where to go to find marine-themed toys and gifts. I have a friend who is a marine biologist so I am thinking that BigStuffed might be the place to buy for the marine biologist who has everything!

  8. Many thank's for including my pouch in this wonderful selection.
    Loved your blog!


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