Monday, October 20, 2014

weekly stills....

1. It's freesia time in my garden, Yay!! I say bring it on! 
If there's a better smelling flower out there I'd love to know, freesia scent is divine! :)

2. A blurry shot of part of my stall on the weekend, (I remembered to take my good camera, but forgot to put the sim card in it!  Doh!  So this is from my phone that is showing it's age now.)
I had a lovely day and it was so nice to  meet more readers of this blog!  I'll be doing this market again in November, I am looking forward to it already.

3. Last week seemed to be dominated by granny square bunting!  
Happy to be making something else for awhile.

4 +5. Some hits of colour from my Spring garden, the roses are in bloom, and it looks like a good year for roses around here, and the bearded iris are full of flower spikes that are beginning to open.  I think this purple and white one is very hardy, I divided up a few big clumps last year and it seems they were all this colour, I now have shots of purple popping up all around my garden, lovely! 
I am hoping for a few other colours to flower soon too.

6. I am noticing little piles of yarn ends all around my house.  I hadn't really noticed how messy I am when I am working, but I do tend to spread through out the whole house if these yarny droppings are anything to go by! :) ( I started looking around for more and found 8 more little piles at strategic places throughout the house! Must be a bit tidier!!)

7. Making little bottle vase covers at the moment, more to come on these later. :)


So, I feel like I have been neglecting this little blog over the last few weeks, I haven't spent much time on the computer, and when I have been on it I have just been dropping in quickly and buzzing off again, no time to interact properly.  Hopefully life will slow down a bit and I will be able to get a few posts up on here this week, that is the plan anyway!
A few of the blogs I like to check in on every now and again are stopping blogging, it is a shame as these are lovely  places to visit on the internet, but I do understand how they feel! Sometimes I feel like there is nothing more to say on here, and that Little Woollie has run it's course and is getting quite predictable and a bit boring.  Maybe it is time for a break, there don't seem to be enough hours in the day for all the stuff I'd like to do anyway!   

Do you lovely readers have any tips for getting out of a rut and reinvigorating yourselves?
If you blog, how do you keep up your interest and come up with things to blog about?
Do you think editorial calendars work, does it make 
you a more disciplined blogger (as in frequency)? 

I could use a few new ideas :)


  1. I just found your blog last week and am hoping to see more to come. As someone who stopped blogging herself only to pick it up again a few years later, think about why you started in the first place. I originally stopped because it was too stressfull trying to meet the expectations of what I thought my readers wanted. It stopped being about me and what I wanted from it and became what I thought I had to give. I do hope you can find the joy again. Don't know if this helps but Thanks for sharing all that you have so far.

  2. It's always a real pleasure to read your blog! Have a great week!

  3. I hope you continue! I love your blog and always stop to read the whoke thing rather than scrolling past. However, I understand that being over-committed can be draining. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I encourage you to do what's best for you and your family. Best wishes!

  4. Please do carry on with your blog!!!! I find your work very inspirational!!! It's so very unique and I can recognise it anywhere!!!!!! There is nothing else out there like your work!!! Just a quick "show what you're doing" once a week would be fine!!! Have a fabulously happy week!!!!

  5. It depends on the focus of your blog. If your main focus is craft but you're nothing feeling crafty, it can be hard to come up with inspiration for posts! I think you're doing a lovely job :) I find kids, craft, cooking and Christmas usually offer enough fresh material to blog about! All the best!

  6. Enjoying all these beautiful bright colours!! What a wonderful way to start a monday morning! Thank you!

  7. I agree with Jennifer about remembering why you began the blog in the first place and reflecting on the purpose of your blog. That is not to say that these elements can not change over time - the world is forever evolving and so are we. The blogosphere is very social with all sorts of bloggers with very different blogs and reasons for blogging. I can see how easy it can be to get carried away by other people's priorities and desires and other people's notions of what a blog should be.

    I do believe in the value of holidays and taking breaks, even from the things that we love. If you have ever been away from your home for weeks at a time, perhaps on a holiday, you might be familiar with the new eyes that you have upon returning home. All those furnishings, knick knacks, little details that were overlooked in the every day rush, suddenly jump out to be noticed again. Like the changing of the seasons, it helps to change our routines and take breaks from time to time which will allow us to see new and different things in the world around us and provide new inspiration.

  8. Don't stop blogging! I'm not one to talk since the only thing I keep updated is my ravelry page, but I really love checking in and seeing all the lovely things you post :) you would be very missed!

  9. Your stall is looking wonderful, I love your weekly stills post.

  10. Blog about whatever you like. Things that caught your eye that day, thoughts you had about things going on around you on in the wider world. Even if a day seems similar to the one before it never is exactly the same. Things that interest you, whatever they are, from flowers in the garden to astrology to what you watched on tv, to books you have read and food you have cooked. Thoughts about our family lives, what we struggle with and enjoy. Anything at all. It's good to read blogs that just please themselves because then they have personality and then we either like it or not - just like real people and those that do will be happy and taken care of.

    Of course crochet is lovely but there should be no pressure on having finished items to show all the time. Just some progress reports every so often, any other crafts are lovely too. It's not about what people expect but about what you choose to give them. It is unfortunate that many bloggers do seem to have given up. Instagram is very dull in comparison as photos without the words are not much fun. Facebook is very limited and the layout is horrible, so I do enjoy blog reading. Even what you had for dinner is interesting - it's the way it is said, not what is said.

  11. Just found your blog through Bobo Bun, it's lovely and relaxed so hope you're still here when I pop back. Every blog is different, and there are so many out there! Personally I stick on anything that takes my fancy and sometimes throw in some writing. Most of us have huge gaps of weeks (after all we all have things to do) then sometimes go post mad for while, usually when the weather is rubbish. You have some lovely wool for sale!

  12. I totally understand life being full and little time to spare but...I really hope you don't stop blogging! Yours is one I check every time I'm on-line, and find such inspiration from. So wonderful to think that spring flowers are blooming somewhere at the moment, here half the leaves have fell from the trees already and not many flowers left blooming. I've potted up all my house plants and brought them in for the year and been out planting bulbs for next year. I love freesia, and your booth looks fab, as does the vase cozies. I have yarn droppings about my house too, I must have the same kind of 'critter' living here. ;D (Ditto: with what Anonymous said.)

  13. I really enjoy your blog and your tutorials are some of the easiest to follow that I have found. Thanks so much!

  14. Hi Julie, your stall looked beautiful and glad you are doing another next month. I love to hear about your selling experiences, to me it is living the dream but I can imagine that the time it takes to make items and in essence their repetitive nature leaves little time then to create 'one offs' for blog land...there are only so many hours in the day after all, difficult one sweetie.
    Freesia's are wonderful, enjoy them.

  15. Hello Jules
    Now don't you dare stop blogging !!! What would I do without my Little Woollie hit ? I must admit I had a bit of a flag back in the summer, not really seeming to find much inspiration - but without really realising suddenly it all seemed to come back. Heather at Pink Milk took a month off in the Summer which I thought was a really good idea, kind of like a school holiday. Maybe thats the trick.
    I completely understand your problem with ends all over the pace - I have a bit of a habit of putting all of mind in my cups once I've finished my tea and it drives everyone mad because when they come to load the dishwasher there are little wool bundles everywhere !
    Have a good week Jules,
    Kate xx

  16. I am glad that the market went well for you! I hope that the next one is good too. I usually just blog whatever comes without a plan, but right now I am so much more busy and so stressed that my posts are sadly lacking so I can understand why being more organised and having a schedule might work for some people. My advice, do what seems natural, but there is nothing wrong with trying new things as if you don't try you never know and if it isn't for you, ditch it and move on! xx

  17. Oh please don't stop your blog. I love your work and your blog brightens my day, makes me smile and gives me inspiration.

  18. .....and yes, your stall did look amazing. Sooooooo much gorgeous colour, it would've been a magnet to draw creative customers to you Julie.
    Love Freesias, I have had a few pop their heads up, but nothing like your beauties.
    Love that Rose, it looks like a David Austin variety, do you know the name Julie. I have quite a few DA's and they are just coming in to flower. So pleased I get to pick bunches of them, before we move.

    Enjoy your week.........xx

  19. Your stall looks absolutely lovely, you've obviously worked hard on it. I find that blogging, like everything else, has its ups and downs, and to be honest I usually feel that my posts aren't much good - just a ramble of whatever pops into my head. But it definitely adds something to my life, I wouldn't want to be without it. I do hope you decide to continue. CJ xx

  20. Dear Jules,
    Such pretty flowers! I've only smelled freesia scented lotion.
    I would miss your blog if you stopped altogether. However, if you spread out your posts as the mood strikes, it would still be a pleasure like an unexpected letter in the mail. Whether monthly, biweekly, quarterly with intermittent posts...any posts would be well received.
    I enjoy the colors and your wool and creative patterns plus the jugs and occasional scenes unlike what surround me. Best wishes. Alexine.

  21. I don't think you should stop blogging - just go with how you feel and post about what's been happening that you want to share. I started blogging about 6 months ago and I have to say it's very hard to get enough time to write posts plus read other blogs and make comments. I want time to crochet and knit too (so I can blog about it!!). I adore freesias - the smell is gorgeous. None here at this time of year unfortunately.

  22. I love all those cheerful colors!

  23. I agree that breaks can be beneficial. Just blog as and when you can and feel like it. I still feel that your writing and crochet has a style and is fresh. We're very happy with more of the same. But you must do what is right for you x


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