Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Garden Share Collective - September 2014

Well, we are into the second day of September so it is time for another Garden Share Collective post, I missed the August one, so am going to do a garden update even if my vegie patch is not doing much at the moment.  
Springtime is lovely around here, I always forget how many bulbs are in the garden and get a very pleasant surprise when everything starts flowering, we have plenty of jonquils and daffodils, iris and freesia are starting to open, and my pots of hyacinths are looking gorgeous ( sorry no pics of them tonight, I will dedicate a post to them soon I think!). 
I have started a big mulching program for the front garden. 

It feels like I haven't done a lot in the veggie patch recently, but thinking back there is more going on than I realised!  I have started weeding each veggie bed ready for planting Summer things, and have bought some interesting seed to try this year.  (Beetroots and collards)
Kept feeding and watering the broad beans, they are looking good, with lots of flowers.
I have been down to the Community Garden a few times this month, and there is a lot of different veggies  growing down there at the moment, it puts my garden to shame! 

Planting:  I sowed English spinach and snow peas, and planted out golden shallots.
Harvesting: Rhubarb, lettuce, potatoes, spring onions, lemons, limes, mandarins, lots of flowers.
To do : Sow seeds of tomatoes, beans, carrots and lettuce.  
Plant potatoes. 
Prepare an area for sweetcorn. 
Sow sunflowers, zinnias. 
Mulch and weed all the beds ready for tomatoes.

Here are a few snaps from my garden at the moment. 

......someone left the gate open and the chooks had a nice time pecking around the big garden, Franklin watched on from a safe distance........

So how is your garden growing this month?


  1. What a wonderful garden its looking beautiful. We are going into Autumn so my garden is starting to look a little bedraggled, I am still harvesting green beans, tomatoes and beetroot. Most other things have come to an end. I have some winter veg in a raised bed leeks, carrots and swede but that is all.

  2. My garden is going into Autumn mode. There are still plenty of flowers but they won't last much longer. There's lots of fruit and veg to harvest as there have been great crops this year. Your garden is looking very well.

  3. Your garden looks like it is thriving. What a wonderful abundance of produce. We are in the process of gutting our garden and starting afresh so it is a bit of a mess at the moment but not for much longer I hope.

  4. A lovely site! It's fall gardening here at the moment, mainly peas, kale, and those cool weather crops. Gathering seeds from some summer plants. Then all to soon it'll be time to put it to bed for the winter.

  5. Looking great. As fall approaches we are enjoying the late summer harvest. We'll be getting ready to put the gardens to sleep for the winter in the not to distant future.

  6. I love seeing all your spring blossoms, it's such a treat since it's tinder dry here and not much is blooming that is out of reach of the garden hose.

  7. Spring has definitely arrived at your place, look at all that colour. Sounds like you have started your gardening for spring, you have a plan, seeds and a can-do attitude. I look forward to seeing how you get on. PS we did collards last year they went well but were not to fussed with them. prefer kale or sugar loaf cabbages.

  8. We live in a town house in Brisbane. not much scope for gardening so I enjoyed your list of plantings and the flowering bulbs. Am inspired to attend to my neglected pots. . Loved the photo of the chooks. Happy little chappies!

  9. Sorry for anonymous comment - haven't figured out how to fill in the required information. Working on it.

  10. Goregous! Our first day of spring in Newcastle was glorious managed to get about four hours of mowing, weeding and general outdoor tidying done before a storm hit and we have had two days stormy weather since… but is spring isn't it :) I love looking out the windows at the rain falling and of course the sound of rain on the rooftop ….. have a great day !
    Clarissa xo

  11. It is the time of year to get back into the garden after the cold, wet winter. I managed to keep the lawn's weeds under control and now it is beginning to come alive after its dormancy. No prickles under children's feet this summer! Winter lettuces are beginning to bolt and seed. Like yours, my broad beans are lush and full of flowers, and so is the lavender which freshens up my living rooms. Picking the young silverbeet leaves for salads, sandwiches and to toss in the stir fries.

    Our resident marbled gecko has come out of hibernation, taking its pickings from the compost heap and leaving a calling card in the form of torn leaves in the veggie patch. Turning over the green manure, adding compost and gypsum to condition the soil in readiness for spring planting.

    The biggest achievement is managing to overwinter some self sown tomatoes which came up just when I was clearing the beds for autumn. The biggest is now 4 feet tall with flowers and 1 tomato fruit developing already. This is the first time I have ever been successful at saving the late crop from the frost and now I will enjoy an early crop of tomatoes with luck.

    Happy gardening!


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