Thursday, September 4, 2014

More market preparation

Hello my crafty friends!  
It has been a very productive week around these parts, I have been having a last minute flurry of crafty activity before my market stall on Saturday.  I decided to make a sign for my stall out of wire and yarn.  It has turned out very (ahem) handmade looking, but I think I will just go with it, and embrace the imperfections! ( Who would have thought winding yarn around wire would be such a tricksy time consuming activity!!)

I am actually rather pleased with it, I wanted something spindly and naive and colourful,  I think this fits the bill quite well really, and I guess no one else will have one exactly the same.  I am not really a slick, sophisticated person, so I think my wonky writing sign suits me! 

 .....My lovely dad made me a pigeon hole shelf so I can display all my yummy yarn at the market, I gave it a paint in this gorgeous blue with some green highlights.  You can kind of see how my sign is going to hang over the shelves, although this is looking at it from the back...

.......this is the front ( sorry about the photo quality, this was taken with my phone, I am loving the 
lo-fi filter on Instagram at the moment, but it looks a bit blurry here) Still need to make one more pom pom for the first i.  Must not forget! 

.....I have been hooking up a heap of these 2 colour flowers for some little packs of crochet embellishments, even if they don't sell, they are fun to make and I can use 
them for my snail mail pen pals. 

I just love all the colours in these stacks! 
( So many gorgeous colours in the Cascade Ultra Pima cotton 
very hard to limit myself to a set palette)

.....and lastly I have made a few more tapestry crochet washcloths, and actually got the edging finished too! I'm on fire I tell you!! ;)

I have made other stuff too, but don't have photos to show you, I am sure I will take some shots at the market to show you all how it looks set up properly.  Then I promise I won't talk markets again for a while, you are all probably sick to death of hearing about it! 

If you are in the Southern Bayside suburbs of Melbourne at all on Saturday though, do pop into Nanna Cool Market and say hello!  It is being held at the Chelsea Activity Hub in Showers St, Chelsea, 10 -2pm!

I hope you have had a good week and found some time to unleash your creative mojo too!
Have a great day/night! 



  1. gorgeous sign!!!!!
    Have fun at the market, xxxxxxx Ale

  2. I love your sign - especially the pom pom (soon to be 2 pom poms - don't forget!). Hope it all goes well at the market. You have lots of lovely stuff to take with you.

  3. magnificent stall stand. good Luck. Jo x

  4. Clever girl! I LOVE the sign! (I may just have to pinch that idea and work some up for my girls rooms,(with their name or favorite saying.) A wonderful shelf too, where you get your cleverness from perhaps? Best of luck with the market! :)) Look forward to seeing pictures from it. Have a happy productive day!

  5. Love it! Loving the colours of the flowers too. I need to get my making head on too. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the stall. xx

  6. I love the sign! Have fun at the market!:::Silvia

  7. Good luck with your stall. I think your sign is very eye-catching and pretty. Wonky is good!

  8. Good luck, can't wait to see the photos of all your gorgeous goodies xx

  9. I love all your bright pretty colours! Your sign and your stand are great! Good luck at the market !!

  10. cute "little woolie sign" - such a good idea and implementation :-)

  11. Its a great sign, I hope you have fun at the market and sell lots of your lovely things.

  12. Your sign is truly fantastic and appreciate the time spent wrapping the wire with wool-good job done. Wow our Dad is talented with his wood craft-how fabby is that.
    The very best of luck with your stall in Melbourne-hope you are well received and sell lots of craft goodies. I am so envious of your opportunity, enjoy.

  13. I bet it's gonna be a huge success, your stand already looks amazing! ; )

  14. It's too bad that I shall by nowhere in the neigbourhood of the Southern Bayside suburbs of Melbourne- on the contrary I will be at the other end of the world!!- -
    I would have loved to see your sign in real life.

    Hurray for dad who did all the hard work for the shelf! Long live all the dads in the world!

    P.S. adorable red kitchen! Matches so well with the green tiles (and the blue shelf, you should keep it there for good :)

  15. I think that your sign looks fantastic!!!!! It would make a wonderful header for your blog too. I hope that the sale goes really well for you!!!! xx

  16. hope you sell lots and lots of your deliciously gorgeous stuff!

  17. This looks totally awesome!!! I love your sign! Very artsy!! I absolutley love your sense of color!

  18. I am so excited this market is taking place near me - I can't wait to visit your stall tomorrow!

  19. Don't reach for the fire extinguisher yet Julie......go with it and 'burn baby burn' love it when you're on fire and it's all happening.
    So wish I lived closer so i could visit the market.
    Your sign is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., it would've taken hours to wind that yarn around the wire. It's brilliant, wonky or not, it's so eye catching and perfect for your stall and your dad's pigeon hole shelf is perfect for your wares. You are a clever lot. Have a great time, hope the weather is good and there are people with pockets full of pennies (well not just pennies!!) waiting to spend them on something fabulous.......your wares......
    Look forward to seeing a couple of pics and hearing how it went......xx

  20. Your sign and stand look great! Best of luck to you at the market! Your things are very colorful and catch the eye, I'm sure you'll do great! :o)

  21. I love the sign. It's original, distinctive and really will stand out at the craft fair. Well done you.

  22. Combined with the custom-made pigeonhole shelves, I think you will come across as a professional market stall holder.

  23. Hi Julie,
    Good luck with your market stall. The sign is fantastic, so original and I adore your shelves, they would look cool in my own crafty corner!!! Lovely colour! You have been very busy making things!!!
    Ingrid xx

  24. I love your sign! It is you and I am curious as to what size wire you used as I would like to try and make on for my grandchildren in each of their names. Does it use a lot of yarn. I'm fortunate, only one has a long name. LOL! I just adore it! Your Dad did a great job but it looks are you going to get it to the market? Best of luck at your sale!
    P.S> Do you just wrap the yarn or do you glue it as you go?


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