Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Friday Finds #14

Hello! I hope you are having a great day! 
It's time for another 5 Friday Finds!  
Let's get straight into what I have spotted on Etsy this week.

1.I love the crochet work by Jenn of ColornCream fame, she uses such great colours, and her shop is lovely too. Isn't this a gorgeous baby blanket, she also has patterns for sale as well as some beautiful cushions.

2.Olena from MyBookmark sells these quirky leg bookmarks, I love this wicked witch of the West one, how funny! 

3.There are some beautiful things at robinandmould, including this very cute cat cushion!  I love the look of the screen printed images, so bold and simple, there is something lovely and Scandi about them.

4.  Laurel Begley makes these beautiful mushroom salt cellars at her shop lbegley, just gorgeous!!  Also love her little plates too! 

5.MULKLOVES is a shop full of cool geometric patterned stationery, I like these notebooks, I seem to have many notebooks on the go to capture ideas when ever they hit me.  I can always use another one though! 

Ok , that's all for today, I am off to get some crochet done!  I have ended up spending most of the day moving furniture around to try and create a more spacious feel to our family room, I love changing things around when no one else is home to tell me not to! :)

Have a lovely weekend peeps,  I can't think of anything we have planned at the moment, so I think we will be having a nice cruisey one! 


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  1. Some great finds, my favourite is the book mark. Have a great weekend.

  2. Lots of fun things- the bookmark is very clever and the cat is very Nordic! Thanks for sharing your finds!

  3. What fab finds, especially those lovely toadstools on a pot, too cute!

  4. Lovely finds, Julie! I really love Jenn's crochet, her palette of colours is very vibrant! :)
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Ingrid x

  5. That post is great.
    I like the bookmark, it is funny. and the mushrooms are so cute.
    Everything on this post is lovely.

  6. I really love your Friday Finds Jules - and this week my favourite just has to be the bookmarks, so clever and funny ! Excellent Christmas presents I'm thinking !
    Have a great weekend,
    Kate x

  7. Lovely finds! I really like the bookmark, that is a lot of fun isn't it. xx

  8. Love the mushrooms, and the other lovely finds I've seen those bookmarks and they always make me smile. I do my best cleaning and furniture moving when the house is empty. ;) Have a great weekend!

  9. Love reading your blog and look forward to reading about your Friday Finds. You always find such fabulous things and new shops on Etsy for me to check out.

  10. Gosh gosh I'm loving these finds of yours, the crochet is fab and the fox is brilliant :) x

  11. I love your Friday finds Julie. My favourite this week is that mushroom salt cellar...gorgeous!

  12. Great finds. I love those wicked witch legs!

  13. I love the blanket and the pillow-fox!! supercute!!


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