Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly stills....

Weekly stills.

1. First daffys from the garden for the year. Spring is on it's way!

2. I think I've mentioned a few times (!!!) Nanna Cool Market is coming up in a couple of weeks, it's the first time I've done a proper market in ages!  Just got to hand these around to people now and spread the word!

3. Canola fields, they always amaze me with their colour.

4. I received some lovely snail mail recently, I had forgotten how thrilling it is to get things other than bills in the mail.

5. I am yet to unravel the mysterious workings of this machine, but I am determined to master it.  I can see some serious time spent with this old girl! 

How was your week? 

Joining up with the Beetle Shack again.


  1. That post made me feel so cozy. I can remember the guilty pleasure of loving canola paddocks flanked with Patterson's Curse - so illicitly beautiful.

  2. Those daffs are wonderful, I'm like you loooong for spring, we are just approaching Autumn here so I shall be looking forward to the changing colours and crisp air! :) x

  3. It's lovely to see your daffodils. We're heading into a very early autumn. The weather is so strange this year.

  4. Daffodils, an all time favorite of mine and with that backdrop of yours....just gorgeous! The leaves are changing here, so awhile before I see any daffodils. I look forward to your adventures with the knitting machine. We had some long waited for rain over the weekend so I spent a lot of time playin' hooky, working on some pinwheel hot pads for gifts (now I need to play catch up with the housework...after I visit a couple blogs.);o

  5. Your first photo has such calming colours - a very relaxing view

  6. Love your happy yellow daffodils!!!! Still far too cold here, still no sign of Spring but I am sooooo looking forward to it!!!! I think you have the determination to conquer that machine!!!! Have a happy week!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  7. I love the daffodils!!!! I have to wait 8 months....
    Lucie from Canada

  8. I always need to remind myself that my Canadian weather is opposite as the Australian's. While I am almost ready to be enjoying cozying up in sweaters and so many warm layers, your pictures make me wish for spring again!

  9. Daffodils In August I had to remind myself of the difference in seasons, we are coming into Autumn here in UK. I love daffodils.


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