Thursday, August 28, 2014

A bit of babble....

Hello!  How has your week been going?  Good, I hope.

We have been treated to a week of glorious weather here in Melbourne, it's been quite warm with clear watery blue skies and crisp nights, just lovely!  The sun has been streaming in our windows and onto my little work table, it's almost like Spring has arrived!  I am sure we will return to cold, wet days soon, but in the meantime I am making the most of the great days.  
The garden has been getting some attention, weeding and mulching has begun, and I am almost enthused enough to tackle the veggie patch.  Maybe next week.
I have decided to try and finish off a lot of 75% completed projects that I have squirrelled away in different places around the house.  I could probably stock 3 market stalls with all the unfinished things I have on the go! lol
I rediscovered these stars that need sewing together. Tomorrow I am going to sew them up and hey presto I'll have 7 little stars to add to my flower tree on my stall! Yay! 
Next up will be edging for harlequin and cloud washcloths.  Hopefully I will have a nice pile of finished things to show you next week.

Tomorrow Gary is taking the boys to the snow for a day of skiing, so I will have the house to myself till late in the evening.  I wonder if it's a bad thing to stay in my pyjamas and crochet all day :)  I'm only joking, I'm sure I'll get dressed at some stage! lol. 
I probably should spend the day cleaning up our house, it seems I have completely lost control of the housework, we are living in a big mess and I just can't find the motivation to do a lot about it!  I think I'll try and wash the windows and floor.  One thing with all the sun at the moment is that I can see how dirty our windows are!  You never know, I could wake up full of purpose and achieve heaps tomorrow, yes that is what I'll do!  
But then again, it might be another beautiful day and I might just spend the day soaking up the sun!

On a complete tangent, I have discovered the joys of Instagram!  I know I'm late to the party, I opened an account ages ago then didn't do anything with it, but recently I have learnt how to 'do' Instagram and wow all the crochet over there!!  
Like I need another screen thing to spend my time on!!  :) lol   
I am littlewoollie over there if you want to say hello, I have to edit my profile and write something but I will do that soon, I have found a few names I recognise, I think I'll just mooch around the edges till I find my feet.  Still figuring out all the hashtags and commenting and what not.......

Anyway, what do you have planned for tomorrow?  
Have you had nice weather where you are?  
Are you a good housekeeper, or more sporadic like me?  
Are you into Instagram too?

Sorry for the rambling post, I'm sure I'll have something more interesting to chat about soon! :)



  1. Lovely chatty post! Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done - which means less time for housework - crochet will come with me to the hairdresser's. Our weather is very changeable. Yesterday evening was so dark and stormy and rainy; today is beautiful. Basically we're into Autumn and thngs aren't really going to improve. I had a mementory flashback the other day about going outside and finding we'd had snow during the night. No doubt that will be upon us soon enough. I love your wee crocheted stars - seeing them has given me an idea!

  2. Enjoy your day! The house work will still be there when you get to it ( a little dust, piles of laundry, crochet clutter never hurt anyone... ) that's what I'm telling myself! I have a choice of cleaning the house or going to a sunflower maze today... hmmmm..... I think the sunflowers are going to win! :) I can always sweep and do laundry tomorrow! The weather is too nice to stay in today, soon it will be Fall and Winter here so I am soaking up the sunshine while I can!

  3. A great post, I love a chatty post. The weather here is a little unpredictable at the moment and changeable we are heading into Autumn and the balmy days of summer are coming to an abrupt halt.

  4. ahhh Julie, que bonito! y en esas cajitas divinas tienes todo muy prolijo.

  5. It is lovely when you find things that just need finishing off isn't it, you have something all new and done, but with only the last little bit having had to be done! I am on a cleaning blitz at the moment, just cleaned three mirrored wardrobe doors and two windows, and then I stopped, supposedly for lunch, but I am blogging instead! Better go and eat and then get back to it because the other 7 windows I have to clean aren't going to do themselves are they! xx

  6. instagram has become my go-to social media. Facebook seems full of ads these days, and I can't seem to explain my self in 160 characters for twitter. Bur a picture is worth a thousand words, and instagram seems to make me take more pictures of my life! I am rebeccaepp over there! check me out!

    and I vote for just enjoying the weather!


  7. Hello! Yay for good weather in Melbourne! It was warm and windy in Perth today. Bit of sun here and there!
    I have been enjoying your blog posts for a while now. I have just started following you on Instagram. I am @cherryknowlestore if you would like to add me :)

  8. Love love love the stars! What with moving and holidays and buying loads of stuff after 10 months without shopping I haven't done any making for ages and I am getting very twitchy! Can't wait for the Smalls to get back to school so I can play! xx

  9. Bonjour Little woolllie. My son Mathieu (17) visits Australia for 1 year with the Rotary Club. He lives in Maffra. You have a so beautiful country. I continue to read your blog and improve my English.
    Have a nice weekend

  10. Lovely post-made me smile, tad jealous of your bit of the world approaching Spring-so wish I could swap places right now.
    Your crochet projects are just lovely, hope they are all well received at the craft stall.
    Cleaning!!! constant battle here, approaching the new university year in the calendar which in essence means lots of collective possessions (crap!) piled in various places-it is a test of patience.
    Hope you sell lots of your lovely creations.

  11. Your tree is going to be absolutely stunning with all the wool goodies on it! Do take some pictures to share please. :)) like finishing wip's, sometimes I'm great at keeping up with it and sometimes (more oft) I'm not. lol I think creative people are more like that, so many ideas to create interfere with mundane day to day stuff like cleaning. We're still having summer time heat, but with the look of autumn here, so many things on the 'to do list' and not the fun to do list either, that I'm afraid it will be all work and no play for me this weekend. When I do have any free moments it's baby gifts to make, a nephew due in the autumn, then Christmas gifts. Not on Instagram...yet. ;)

  12. I have never been on Instagram myself. I have always been a little intimidated by it. Heck, I honestly haven't been blogging for that long compared to others either. Trying to learn how to make it better. I love your little star ornaments. I would like to make some myself but my "want to do" list is so long in my favorites who knows when I will ever get to it. I really enjoy your blog.

  13. Love all your little tins. I collect them too. Going to try and make the sweet little stars, like yours. I live 5 miles away from Melbourne in the U.K. Its a lovely little place, surrounded by countryside.

  14. Hoping the fog lifts for more sunshine today! I clean when I'm having friends over otherwise I let the layers of dust accumulate.... As long as we get fed, my crafting is my priority, especially at weekends! Have a good one!

  15. I do love these stars! I am jenpedwards on Instagram...I'm going to follow you! I love Instagram also!

  16. Hey,
    I really like your Blog! You have interesting Stuff on it. Do you want to follow each other via GFC? If yes please comment on my Blog that you followed me and than i follow you back :).

    Greetings and Kisses from Germany

  17. I am not a household person, but I try hard to keep things from getting too out of hand. And I just discovered instagram since 4 months, I love it and I am going to follow you! Love your blog! In our part of the world the weather is getting more autumnal, lots of rain and colder weather, hope we get some sun next week!

  18. Love the little shoes and your colours work really well. I have made a few of the stars recently and mine are small cushion size but so cute.

  19. Glad you had some of the spring sunshine in Melbourne that we also enjoyed in South Australia. Sadly, was too good to last - we are going from 24 degrees today to 16 and wet tomorrow. I've been away from the computer for a little while - getting out and enjoying the weather. I know what you mean about the windows. I discovered how dirty mine were too once the sun tried to shine in! I have an open invitation for the children to earn some extra pocket money if they want to wash the windows, but they only ever offer at unsuitable times or when it is raining! hmmm. Will need to rethink that one! :-) I am not on instagram. Uploading any pictures to my computer seems to take me a bit of time and rigmarole, so I am not in a hurry for instagram at all. I hope you will let your readers here know how it goes for you though!

  20. A lovely chatty post Julie. I too am late to Instagram, and like you have had an account for years but never did anything with it. I am still working out the best way to use it but I am loving it - and yes, as if I need another social media platform to keep up with!


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