Friday, August 22, 2014

5 Friday Finds #13

Hello! Thanks for all the lovely comments I have received this week about my market makes, I really appreciate your support and kindness! It is so nice being part of a community that gets you! :)  

Today I have my Friday Finds from Etsy, so in no particular order here they are! 

1.catrabbitplush is the very quirky, beautiful shop belonging to the highly talented maker Cat Rabbit. Her things are so unique and lovely.  Look at this adorable alpaca, all hand made by Cat, so clever!

2. Keramikka is the shop for ceramicist Elizabeth Pechacek, her work is very interesting and layered, I have a soft spot for gorgeous ceramics, and I love this cup and her other vessels.
3. I don't usually look at clothes on Etsy, but the colours and patterns at sheliacouture caught my eye this week and I had to share them!  I love this raindrop jumper, the colours are beautiful! So cute!  I also like the cloudy day jumper too, and the watermelon pips one, actually they are all kind of lovely!

4.I am sure a lot of you would have seen the lovely toys created with the african flower motif by Heidi of  heidibears, I really like this sweet bird pattern.  There are lots of other animals to create using the same motif, the birds were her 10th design!

5. Tevhide of otto bags makes divine bags and backpacks like this gorgeous teal one, I think this is going on my wish list!  

6. Stacie Swift of StacieSwift shop is an illustrator  who has created a beautiful range of products including cards, notebooks and prints, I love her style and simplicity, this "birds and bunting' print is so lovely!

So that's it for this week, I had so many to gorgeous things to choose from that I decided to add a bonus find this week so you get 6 finds! :)

Have a great weekend, hopefully I will be madly crocheting so I will have lots of little makes to show you next week.  Although, we are going to a friend's place for a dinner party tomorrow night and I could end up spending Sunday nursing a sore head if I'm not careful!  Must keep myself nice! :)

Hope you have a fun one too. 


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  1. Some beautiful finds, I particularly like the birds and bunting.

  2. I love the teal bag! The last couple of years that has been my colour of choice, so that's definitely one to look at!

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing! I always check these out and quite often I find that I had saved them under my favourites, nice to see we got similar tastes! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid x

  4. Lots of treasures! Have a great time...but not TOO great! ;D

  5. All of these are lovely! Great picks :-)


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