Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cascade Ultra Pima - new in the shop, yarn love!

Hello! How is you week going? There seems to be a lot happening around here, this week is going to be a busy one for me, I have lots to share with you all!  

Last week while I was off on my road trip, my order of Cascade Ultra Pima arrived from the USA.  
To say I was happy is a bit of an under statement!  I have been eagerly awaiting this delivery, it was my first time ordering from overseas and I was a little apprehensive about dealing with customs and the like.  But it was actually a breeze in the end.  I don't know why I am so timid and afraid to deal with things outside my comfort zone, things are usually easier than I anticipate!  
The moral of the story is to stop procrastinating and just have a go. 

Anyway, I now have a beautiful stock of Ultra Pima cotton in my shop!  I have been frustrated by the lack of good cotton colour ranges available here in Australia, you know I like my colours bright, bold, pastel and varied! ( there are some lovely cottons, but they don't come in many colours) I  am thrilled with the huge colour range in the Ultra Pima.  I have 31 colours for sale!  And I have already earmarked some more purples and deep colours to extend my range in my next order.  

...look at all these beautiful cool colours! Swoon! .......

Have you ever used Cascade Ultra Pima? It is a very lush yarn! I made my hearts washcloth from it and found it lovely to crochet with, I like that it is an 8ply yarn, and comes in big 100g hanks, making a nice sturdy fabric quite quickly, but still has a great softness and slight sheen to the finish.  And have I mentioned the colours? :)  If you have any questions about this beautiful cotton, please feel free to ask!

So in short, I am very happy to announce new stock in my shop, Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton, I spent yesterday uploading photos and product descriptions so it is all good to go, have a look over here if you are interested! 
Maybe you would like to visit my shop Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store and see what other yarns I have for sale, slowly my range is growing!
I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has ordered yarn from my shop, I do so appreciate you supporting my little corner of the internet, and will keep trying to improve my shop with interesting yarns and other goodies for you all. I love being a shopkeeper and wouldn't be able to do this without my gorgeous customers, so thank you all so much!

I will be back tomorrow to introduce my new friend Martha the (knitting) machine!  I think we are going to have some fun together, I found an instruction manual online, so there is no stopping me now!  Just got to get some yarn wound the right way and I think I an good to give her a spin! Eek! 

Have a lovely day!


  1. Well, this is most definitely the best blog post I've read all week. I love love LOVE Cascade Ultra Pima. I would say I use it for at least half of all my crochet projects. I'm so pleased that someone in Victoria now stocks a great colour range. I originally bought this yarn from a shop called Knitty City when I was in New York. Of course, popping to New York is not always practical when I run out of supplies, so to have all those colours so close-by is just brilliant. xxx

    1. Thanks Terri, I love it too! Last time I bought some it was from Brisbane, not very local for us Melbournians :) So happy to be stocking this range! Think I might try and get some of their Superwash 220 too, lots of great colours in that too. Thanks for visiting, have a great week, Julie x

  2. Some beautiful yarn, the colours are truly beautiful.

  3. I have never used (or even seen for sale) Cascade Ultra Pima. I see it comes from Peru - like me.

  4. Supercute colors!!

  5. I love the bright colours, i agree it is hard to get the good quality vibrant coloured yarn here. I will be checking these out. T x

  6. Oh what yummy colors! How do you get anything else done with all that gorgeousness in the house? lol

  7. What gorgeous colours!! I would have a hard time stocking these in a shop that I ran because I wouldn't want to let them go!! xx

  8. Oh, just seeing these beautiful colours makes me happy! I love reading your blog!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid x


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