Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Friday finds #11

Hello! How are you going today? Good I hope!

Sorry I haven't been around much this week, I have had a busy time, having a little road trip with my Mum up to Sydney to pick up my new knitting machine!  Well, it's new to me anyway, I think it is about 40 years old but it looks great! Eek! I am so excited to learn how to use it!  It look foreign and a complete mystery to me at the moment, but I am up for the challenge.  
Anyway, I'll show you more about my knitting machine next week, I don't have any photos yet, Mum and I got home this afternoon after a round trip of almost 2000kms, so little bit sick of the car! 

So, here are 5 Friday finds for this week, I think I have found some very cute things this week!


1.  This whale hot water bottles cover looks super cosy and just makes me want to jump into bed and snuggle down under the blankets. Made by Elizabeth from zippitydoodahNZ, I love what she does with upcycled woollen blankets, lots of cute softies too.


2. Jess Quinn of JessQuinnSmallArt makes these divine quirky soft folk dolls, I just adore her eclectic style!  I think I might have to start a collection of her gorgeous makes! There are lots of interesting things to check out in Jess's shop, well worth a visit.


3. Mary Angel's shop called AngelsChest has lots of cute crochet patterns like these cupcake hats. I especially like the pink and lime one with the white loopy pattern around it, very cute for a little one I think!

4. I love pretty much everything Jane Foster produces, and these scandi inspired shopping bags found in her shop Janefoster are no exception!  She also has some very cute Miffy fabric little zip up purses too! Love! xxxxx

5. Jennie Deane is the artist behind hiccupart, selling gorgeous prints of her work, they are aimed at children, but I think I would like Cardigan Kev hanging on my wall too!  Isn't he a clever looking kookaburra, with such a cool cardi too!  Lots of other lovely images in this shop too.

Ok that's it for today, I have lots of exciting things to share next week, I have also had a beautiful shipment of yarn delivered this week that is waiting to get loaded into the shop, can't wait to show you!
Have a great weekend!



  1. The whale is so nice, and I like the little hats,
    Great finds for this week.
    Miss xx

  2. Now this is getting silly - every week there is at least one think I would quite happily start a 'small collection' of. It's a good thing I have phenomenal self control (no, really).

  3. Very much in love with the whale! Many thanks for sharing and enjoy your new knitting machine! :)

  4. The kookaburra is excellent. If I had a spare £15.....

  5. Some great shares again Julie. I particularly like the cupcake beanies and the Scandi inspired bags. All very inspiring, I can feel some new ideas blossoming already.

  6. Sick of the car indeed! I look forward to your adventures in machine knitting. I've had an interests in those for years, just never jumped in. Friday fives are all winners again this week, I love the baby elephants, the magic rainbow balls, the pirate owl hats are just too cute, and I adore those Scandinavian totes, last but not least Rhonda rabbit with the crochet printed hat. I could go broke shopping on Etsy! lol Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow that's a long journey for a knitting machine Julie - it's got to be good, and I wish you lots of fun with it. I agree with you regarding the hot water bottle cover and love the kookaburra - he makes me think of a studious, give-me-my-comfy-armchair- grandpa :) Happy weekend and enjoy your new machine, Joy xo

  8. I love those Jane Foster bags, and the little hats - they are just the cutest aren't they!! xx

  9. Fab finds as always, love the whale and the shopping bags. Excited to hear more about the knitting machine. T x

  10. My mother used to have a knitting machine - many years ago. I used it too - it's easy enough to get the hang of.

  11. My mother was a great hand knitter and she got herself a knitting machine in the mid 70s so you are spot on with the 40 year age estimation.
    She thought it would be a great way to do fair isle quickly because it had the capacity to do multiple colours. I remember a lot of fiddling around with the hooky tool resetting each stitch hook or whatever those parts of the machine were called. I wonder what gave her more grief...multiple colours tangling as she did fair isle by hand, or the fiddling with settings between each row. She made many jumpers very quickly. I hope your machine gives you speed and convenience. Have fun!

  12. Love the Jane Fosters shopping bags!!!! Wow, that's really a nice trip, hope to see your knitting machine creations soon!!!! Have a fun week!!!
    AMarie xxx


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