Friday, August 15, 2014

5 Friday Finds #12

Hello! How has your week been? Good I hope! 
Mine has been pretty busy, I can't believe it's Friday already, wasn't it Tuesday yesterday?
And I am late with this post as well!  Oh well, hopefully next week will run a bit slower and I might be able to catch my breath.

Anyway, I have found some lovely things for my 5 friday finds this week............

1. This is another gorgeous crochet project from Dragana of DadasPlace. She has released her first PDF pattern for this flower cushion, so pretty!  I think this might have to go on my to do list!

2.I love the shop of  AnnaWiscombe, she makes beautiful wooden products like these lovely wildflowers, so charming!  Love her gorgeous wall birds as well!  And her necklaces ! 
(Pretty much everything in here is divine actually!)

3. I have been a fan of Flor's shop sweet bestiary  for a while now and have been waiting patiently for her to restock her shop, which she has done recently. Yippee!  You may have noticed I have a soft spot for miniatures, and I really love all of Flor's creations. 
Just so darn cute!  What a talented lady. xxxxxxx

4. I couldn't go past this ball of lusciousness from MissKnitYarns, Rosie create beautiful yarns like this one called Ruby Revealed, just lots of love for this!!  

5. I highly recommend a visit to Sandra Eterovic's shop SandraEterovic, it is full of beautiful eclectic things, from knitting patterns ( I love the rags to riches scarf) to sculptures to gorgeous prints of her artwork, so much loveliness here. I love her series of portraits including this one called 'Lady and Flowers', they are really special.  Love her greeting cards too!

So that's it for today, we have a big night tomorrow, my sister Clare and brother-in-law Michael are hosting a fundraising night to raise money to get Michael to Moscow (Mick to Moscow) where he has been accepted for treatment for his MS (multiple sclerosis).   They have a treatment there that is not offered in Australia, but seems to be having good results for other MS sufferers.  He is only 37 so if they can help him at all it would be fantastic.  
So anyway, we are off to a big auction night and party, it should be fun.  We have a bit of a Russian theme going, so think vodka shots and Russian dancing!

My blogging has taken a bit of a back seat this week even though I actually have quite a lot of crafty things to share, I have been helping Clare get organised for the big night, next week should be back to normal.  

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?  
Or are you relaxing and recharging your batteries?

Talk soon!



  1. Just love the miniature bunny - so cute !
    Have a great weekend Jules and hope the fundraiser is a real success.
    Kate x

  2. Good luck with the fund raiser x

  3. Me gusta el cojin es mu shaby los colores son muyy bonitos. Te invito a mi blog que es variado Besossss

  4. Lovely finds! And I totally agree with how time just flies!! :)

  5. Lovely finds, so many creative people out there! Best wishes to Michael and best of luck with the fundraiser. Weekend plans, mainly doing things around the house, harvesting honey and the likes. Have a good one!

  6. Nice finds again!!! Love the cute little bunny!!!! Good luck with the fundraiser!!! Have a creative and happy weekend!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  7. I always love your finds...can't afford them but love them! Good luck with the fund raising and I hope he gets more than enough to go. He and your family are in my prayers.
    I just had house guests so I am trying to get back to normal and freezing veggies, knitting a shawl, crocheting a Lalylala doll (my first) and I got a new vacuum that has me catching up on some cleaning! Have a great weekend!

  8. I just adore those wooden flowers. How fabulous. What a great bunch of finds. I am planning a crafty weekend and the miserable, cold, wet weather will help enormously.

  9. I also adore the cushion pattern from Dragana of Dadasplace. I have to get it, as well. It is such a fine combination of colous and texture. Hope that the next week will be more quiet for you. I know how it feels that time just flies and you 're not able to get all the things done you planned to do. HAve a nice weekend, Viola


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