Thursday, July 10, 2014

Holiday drifting.....

Hello crafty peeps.  Sorry I haven't been over here much this week, I simply ran out of things to say. You know how sometimes you go to blog and just can't think of anything interesting to write?  It's been a bit like that, same old same old.   We are still on school holidays here and I always find my normal routines just can't be followed on the holidays.  We are sleeping in, staying cosy and warm, mooching around home, baking, reading books, day dreaming, only really venturing out to get food.   I can't say we have had an action packed holidays this time!  It has been nice, but I haven't really achieved much.  I was going to make some new pages for this blog and write up a couple of little patterns and a whole heap of other things that haven't happened.  Oh well. The days have just been drifting by.  I think the very wintery weather we have been having has contributed to my lethargy, I am sure there will be more direction in my days next week.

Anyway, I am still hooking away on a few things, my blue/green skinny stripe blanket is coming along.  I have set myself a challenge each day to crochet 20 coloured stripes, I haven't done it once yet.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day!

I think it is starting to look good, calm, cool relaxing.  I think I have about 80 rows to go.......

I also made this little pincushion for a swap I signed up for, I used my favourite pattern, I just love these puffy chunky flowers! (I have actually made this quite a big pincushion!)  
Pattern can be found over here.

I think that's all I have to share tonight, hopefully I will have something a bit more interesting for you tomorrow with my Friday Finds!   I hope I get my blogging mojo back soon......

How are your crafty makes going?  Great guns, or slow and steady?  
 Feeling inspired by anything ace?



  1. Hi. It's summer in Quebec Canada. Many of my project ... in French (sur la glace) are on ice.

  2. My projects are all stacked up too as we moved home a few months ago and things are still too busy to settle down into crafting again. Its been far too long and I hope I will get some time soon. xxx

  3. I'm working a bit too slowly too, but I have to say your blanket and pincushion look amazing! : )

  4. 20 rows a day? How do you find the time? I'm having a little bit of crochet jealousy. The blankets I am working on have been on the WIP list for about 6 months now. I really love the skinny stripes though. I'm thinking about making one as a baby blanket for a couple at church.

  5. What a beautiful blanket that is going to be! Such a pretty colour combination! I find sometimes it is good to have a daily goal, it is something to strive for and keeps you going!

    PS: I love reading your blog! (This is the first time I plucked up the courage to leave a comment, haha!)

  6. I like your blue and green stripes; it's soothing to look at.

    I'm stalled right now. I have to rip out the ties for a baby bib that I'm making for the third time; I just can't get both sides even, I have no idea why. The quilt I'm making needs the embroidery done, but I need to make some more practice squares (my first practice squares I just sketched the pattern on with a pencil, but I bought some transfer paper and I need to figure out if that will work). And I'm trying to figure out what to take camping this weekend that I won't mind if it doesn't stay 100% clean!

  7. LOVE the stripey blanket! With blues and greens being a favorite of mine and with your style, how could I not?! ;) I totally get the "blah" feeling, the summer heat has done it for me, I have to make myself do anything. I'm still plugging away at my round ripple table cloth but, I can only work on it in the evenings when it's cooler with the size it's fast becoming a blanket and just too hot to work on much. I may have to do some spotty dish cloths instead. ;) Speaking of tapestry crochet, I spotted (on Pinterest I think) a harlequin pattern similar to yours except the colors were worked to look like a diamond inside a square. Hope your mojo returns soon!

  8. Hi Jules, winter weather always makes me want to hibernate too. Far too hot here today though for that. Your striped blanket looks like its really coming along well. I so love your colour combinations. Have a good weekend, Kate x

  9. I love your blanket ... Simply stunning. It's boiling over here ... Have burnt feet due to a trip to the beach where I covered myself in factor 50 walked down to the beach then took off my shoes!!! Oops!

  10. All that is good reading for me...I am loving my holidays. I love that pincushion...might have to have a go at that.

  11. Skinny stripes in gorgeous colors. Looking really nice! May I ask how you weave in your ends to secure them in this? Do you just crochet over the ends and is that really enough? I'm curious to know. I am always nervous ends will creep out afterwards when only crocheting over them.
    My Rose Valley


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