Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Friday Finds #7

Hello! How has your day been going?  It has been cold and wintery here, perfect for staying inside and doing a bit of hooky experimenting.  Nothing too exciting, but cute and frivolous, I'll have to show you the results next week :)

Today I have my 5 Friday Finds from Etsy for the week, this is what I found! 

1. EllenGiggenbach. I have loved Ellen's work for a long time, I like how she incorporates her love of mid century design and scandi folk art into her work.  Such joyfulness! 

2. lalylala makes these gorgeous crochet creatures. I am sure that if you have been around the virtual crochet traps for a while you would have come across her beautiful patterns. I love how she can make even a house fly look cute, and I have heard the patterns are very easy to follow.

3. TheMakeLab. This cute little cuppa tea necklaces is for all you tea tragics out there!  I know there are lots of you!!:)  I have a couple of people who might quite like one of these for Christmas.  
(There is also an awesome ferriswheel  clock in this shop!)

4.BeesKneesKnitting I love this foxy scarf!  This shop sells patterns for lots of wooly animal scarves, very nice indeed!

5.marqueemarket make these great light letters.  Couldn't we all do with a love light in our life?  This is going on my Christmas list!

So that's my finds for the week, have you come across anything that's caught your eye lately?

Hope you all have a super weekend.
Stay warm if you're around Melbourne, I think it's going to get chilly!


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  1. That tea necklace could have been made for me - great find!

  2. Love everything you've picked Julie! x

  3. Brilliant finds - especially love the teapot necklace and the lit up letters.
    have a great weekend Jules,
    Kate x

  4. Haha--I've had that fox saved on Ravelry for awhile. I just love him! And now I love those little crochet creatures too. So many great ideas and so little time!

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  6. Yes, I like the teapot necklace too! Right up my street! Very warm here today in the UK. Have a good weekend - just the right weather to stay indoors and do something crafty :)

  7. I really enjoy these 5 Friday Finds, some of these I've admired for awhile others, thanks for sharing, I especially love those 3-D hearts of EllenGiggenbach's! Hope your weekend is warm and cozy, and full of woollie makes.


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