Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Garden Share Collective July 2014

Broadbeans doing ok.

Hello.  It's time for this month's garden update.
 I'm joining in with Lizzie over at Strayed from the Table and all the other gardeners who take part in the Garden Share Collective.
This month I have planted snow peas but little else. I have tried to do a bit of weeding as the grasses are growing very quickly, but really have not been very successful.  There are a lot of jobs to do, even though it is Winter.  We are not harvesting much due to my very late planting of everything, just some lettuces ready to eat at the moment.I haven't got much else to say about the garden at the moment, I am finding it all a bit depressing really, very time I look out the window I see so much potential, but there is just so much to do, I tend to procrastinate and do nothing!  And all the seeds I planted in my hot house ended up not growing well at all, they germinated, then just sat as mini plants for ages, I don't think they are going to thrive. Sad and disappointing.

Anyway here is a little visual tour of our garden at the moment:

......some of my veggie beds in the frosty morning light......

.......the huge salvia adds some nice touches of welcome colour to all the winter green.....

.........citrus time........we have mandarins.....


.......and lemons, think I might add a ruby red grapefruit or a blood orange this year.......

.......lettuces are going ok.....

........so is the rhubarb, I actually thought this had died over summer, so am very happy to see it looking so good......

...........the over grown  front garden, I am thinking of just filling this bed with rhubarb as it is quite a lush plant and fills up the space .  There are also about 50 tulips in this bed, I wonder if they will come up again.........

.........I have planted a little row of white lavender along our front path, hoping to feed the bees in summer......

...........even though we are in the middle of Winter there are signs that Spring is not really that far away, bulbs are starting to shoot through the mulch all through the garden, can't wait for all the beautiful flowers to come.........

So once again I say I must get my act together and stop neglecting the garden, I know it could be beautiful and far mote productive if only I put the time and effort in.  Hopefully I'll have lots more to share next month!

How is your garden growing?



  1. Sometimes it would be so good to have an extra couple of hours in each day wouldn't it Jules ? I think your garden looks lovely - its a Winter garden in all its glory. And wow, how amazing to have a mandarin tree - that's something we definitely don't see in our gardens over here !
    Have a great week,
    Kate x

  2. Love your winter happy green garden!!!! Hard to believe its a winter garden!!! Love the white lavender!!! Do not fret the time thing my friend because even if we had an extra few hours a day we will still complain!!!! LOL!!! Such is life!!!! Have a fab week!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  3. What a lovely garden! Your white lavender looks fabulous, mine's got purple flowers and it's beginning to bloom these days... : )
    Hope you have a nice day!

  4. I'm the same, my plans are bigger than my time and energy. My (summer) garden is in a sad state, it rained way too much and the weeds flourished and the veggies withered. Just harvest the first and last of the green beans, only managed to pick four tomatoes before the plants died, the early plants were the only thing to produce proper this year. Well as they say; there's always next year. Happy weeding! ;D

  5. I can totally relate to your post as there are days when it is all overwhelming but I have learned to just pick 3 priorities a day if possible not counting regular daily chores. And never give up! Set a timer for 15 or 30 minutes and you will be amazed at how much you get done. Trust me, I feel this way a lot so I "trick" myself and play little games and reward myself so I will keep going! LOL! I think your plants are lovely and lush and that is the life of a gardener.....some things grow and flourish and some don't. You have lots more than I do and all those fruits and bulbs coming up....looks like the garden of "eaten" to me!

  6. Garden looks great. Our summer garden is coming along.

  7. Olá Julie,que jardim grande você tem,o meu jardim ser apenas 4 vasos,pois não tenho terra para plantar.Quero muito ter uma lavanda,mas parece que aqui no Brasil elas não gostar do clima.Feliz domingo para você.Beijo.Valéria.

  8. Yes winter has been rather wild this year hasn't it. Bulbs shooting already amazing. You have loads of citrus I bet on your list to do is make up some marmalade too. Hope you find some motivation again for the garden and those pesky seedlings come to life soon. I am having a similar issue with that at the moment too.


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