Friday, July 4, 2014

5 Friday Finds #6

How is Friday going for you? 
We have just been to my sister's for lunch for her birthday, and I have picked up another order of yarn for the shop, just topping up a few things.  Now we are back at home, I'm about to light the fire and warm the house up, and then maybe go for a quick bracing walk in the cold to work off the treats we had at lunch.

Firstly though, I have my Friday 5 for this week to share.....

1. Dada's place is the new Esty shop of gorgeous crochet blogger Dragana of Dada's Place blog, she has beautiful patterns that will be coming soon, but in the meantime have a look at this wonderful cushion!

2. Another talented artist, mateasinkovec, I love all the colour and pattern in this picture, you can get a custom pet portrait done too! Love it!

3. Skull Butttonry is full of useful, gorgeous buttons, ribbons and other handy crafty stuff.  I love the wooden buttons, there are heaps to choose from.  This is another Cate Bolt enterprise that supports her humanitarian work in Indonesia, great woman and cause.


4. For my weekly dose of super cute, knittingdreams makes these sooooo cute amigurumi critters, just so sweet!  I have to say I am finding lots of beautiful handmade things coming out of Spain, lots of clever crafters over there!
5. I love this hard working bunny and the very neat potager picture from TheLitusGallery
(I love all of the work in this shop actually!) The paintings from DD McInnes all have a wonderful dreamlike quality that really appeals to me.  There is also a gorgeous range of cards available too.


So there you go, a few interesting places for you to check out, I am finding I am drawn to a lot of illustrations and artists work on Etsy, I hope it doesn't get too monotonous for you, I will try and showcase more varied things to keep the balance.

What have you got planned for the weekend? Doing anything special?
I am going to try and do a bit of blog renovating, freshen this 
place up a little.....we'll see how that goes!

Talk soon! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Gorgeous finds!!! So many amazingly talented people out there!!!! And you are one of them!!!! Have a fab weekend!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  2. how lovely to share, I am loving that bunny!
    My harlequin pattern I downloaded from you is progressing nicely too wonderful pattern and charts thank you!
    bestest d x

  3. I thank you for the links..the boston terrier art is amazing

  4. Just taking a moment before lighting the grill (big 4th of July cookout weekend here in the States) to see what your Friday finds were. I love Dada's place blog so I know her things will sell well, all the others are great also, I especially loved the bees jumping rope print. Have a great weekend!

  5. I like the Boston Terrier too, such detail! Planning a quiet weekend here in Gloucestershire. The forecast is for rain - have a good weekend everyone!

  6. Ooooo, I like the pattern on the crocheted cushion. I'll have to try and work that one out, it's gorgeous. I love texture. I like the other stuff as well. Nice finds.

  7. Very talented crafters indeed ... My favourite is the Boston Terrier, such a true depiction .. I have a little Boston and it looks just like her! Pat x

  8. Hi Julie! (Jules:) I love you blog and have been visiting for a while now. I linked to your blog from a post a made yesterday, hoping some of my friends will enjoy y
    What you do here as I do. I am wondering how to access some of your posts which I think might have been tutorials, or at least were showing how to make certain the pin cushion I love of yours. Like the Christmas tree that is made of several different sized pin cushions. Maybe these are patterns to purchase? Where do I go to find your patterns to purchase? I could not find an etsy shop...? I did find your yarn shop. Perhaps I am being daft and just can't see what is right in front of me ! Let me know how to access these things. I do see the popular posts list with your cat and the tutorial for the tapestry crochet (thank you so much!) but I think you now have a pattern for the fab do I find that? And what yarn did you use? I was assuming cotton, but could not find the colorful cotton in your shop...only muted tones...? Thanks so much for all the awesome creativity you share here! I love it! Don't change too much about your blog...maybe just accessibility from the home page or side margin...? Or maybe just direct me where it all is. :))

  9. Oh I just now found the washcloth pattern on Ravelry!! I had no idea you were on Ravlery...awesome! Looking forward to making the pin it the flower pattern you have on Ravelry? Altered a bit?

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  11. I've done my bloghop post - thanks for tagging me!

  12. Oh my gosh! I am a sucker for anything with a rabbit image. So cute!


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