Sunday, July 13, 2014

weekly stills....

1. A colourful work table this afternoon, I am having lots of fun hooking up a little idea which I will show you all tomorrow.

2. Loving this cable pattern in a cute little knit....

3. The first of the bulbs are flowering and catching the winter afternoon sun, so happy and bright.

4. Birthday tulips for my sister.

5. Lime blossom on a wet afternoon.

Joining in with the other Weekly Stillers over at The Beetle Shack.


  1. Love your first photo... Hope you have a nice Sunday! : )

  2. The colours of the crochet thing look very nice, I am curious about what it may be! And the tulips are sweet, what a lucky sis :-)

  3. Lovely photo's, thanks for sharing x

  4. Beautiful photos to see on a Sunday morning! xoRobin

  5. You are SO Lucky to have this inspiring working spot.
    Nice flowers. I know you guys are at the other side of the globe, but I can't get used to the idea that somewhere in the world people have tulips while , here in Belgium, we are in full summer.

    Just found:
    I like them really really really, sometime I hope to make them myself.

    Nice sunday,


  6. Lovely colors <3

  7. All very lovely. Look forward to the reveal tomorrow! I'm keeping cool from the summer heat and hooking up a tapestry sun visor with diamonds around the band.A happy birthday to your sister!

  8. Loving the gorgeous cable pattern! You have inspired me to get cabling...

  9. I just love all the bright cheerful colours you use in your work.........xx

  10. Gorgeous photos. I especially love the colours in the first one. Thank you for sharing! Marie xx


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