Sunday, June 1, 2014

Garden Share Collective - June 2014

....broadbeans, protected from the chooks and rabbits ......

It's the first day of Winter here and time for another garden update, linking up with everyone over at The Garden Share Collective at Lizzie's place.  

Planting: Broad beans, snow peas, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, kale
Harvesting: green capsicums, lettuce, limes, lemons, garlic chives
To do: general garden clean up, lots of weeding!!, plant out rest of seedlings from hothouse, make a cutting garden for spring flowers.

.......a few late capsicums are hanging on......

.....I have pulled out all the old tomatoes and have these wire cylinders all over the place, think I will use them to grow peas up.

.....self sown lettuces coming up in the wine barrel garden, love that!

.....the lime tree is producing well, lots of limes for my fav vodka and soda :)

Generally, my garden is feeling quite wild and out of control, the grass is very long and needs a good mow, garden beds are choked with weeds, and last years mulch has broken down and needs replenishing.
I could go on, but I think that is enough to tackle for one person!!

How is your garden growing this month?


  1. I buy limes every week for cooking and Friday G&Ts. Would love a tree full here in the garden!
    I enjoy these posts. x

  2. Your garden produce is impressive. I have cauliflowers and corns to plant out. I did plant peas but only one came up,and the rest of the seeds went soggy and never germinated : (

  3. I'd love a lime tree, too. Ours is just in its second week. The plants are looking strong. Experimenting with spinach this year as we've been eating more in salads and cooking more with it, too. The asparagus is holding on longer this year than it has in the past. DH gave it a good weeding yesterday and it looks like for the first time we'll continue to have Asparagus into June. It is usually gone past by the time the other veggies are going in.

  4. It all looks great, love those self Good idea on double duty for the tomato cages, we have some cages made the same. We just picked our peas, yum, nearly five pints shelled. Our potatoes are in full bloom as well as the tomato plants, some things need re-planting and a lot needs weeded. The never ending job of weeding.

  5. Loving all the green veggies :) Limes are cute! Our citrus tree also has got green fruits, but they will grow into some kind of tangerine (ugli) later and will be slightly sweet.
    Happy gardening!

  6. There is always so much to do in the garden isn't there! Way to go on the self seeded lettuce though, that is one job less that needs doing! xx

  7. I am in the UK - not the greatest of gardeners but I've got courgettes in, radishes, beetroot, rocket and sweet corn. Lots in the fruit cage but it will all take another couple of months :)

  8. Those capsicums are huge, mine never grow that big only the first couple do but then they stay so small. I also let my lettuces self seed to get more, its the best way to raise them. Growing from seed in seed trays lettuce does not like our place.

  9. We are new to allotment planting as we use to do it all in tubs, so its exciting seeing what is coming up! Just need some more sun over here, that would be great to have a lime tree!

  10. Your veggie list is looking good Jules - as for weeding, well in my garden it's like shovelling snow while it's still snowing! The combination of sun and rainy spells seems to make the weeds grow quicker than anything else. This year we've got three types of beans, courgettes, tomatoes, chillies, potatoes, salad leaves, strawberries, chard and butternut squash. Trying to find room for other things - they may have to go in the flower beds, but I've always wanted a potager so that's a result! Have a good week.
    Jane x

  11. I love the reverse mirror of our seasons! I'm saying finally summer, and you say it's the first day of winter. My garden is bigger than ever (thanks to some inspiration from you)--and wilder--long grass and wild strawberries (not good for eating ones) and mint taking over outside the beds. Volunteer tomato plants are getting big and need to be either thrown out or saved. I wish I had a lime tree!!


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