Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Friday Finds.....

How has your week been? Mine's been good, quick but good.
I have been spending a fair bit of time browsing Etsy trying to find things to showcase here on my new 5 Friday Finds thing.  There is a lot of good stuff on Etsy, it is not a difficult task to find things I love!
So this is what I faved this week..... these gorgeous hand knitted baby soakers by HaraldMatilda, so cute!.......

........I have had a bit of a cloud theme going this week, and these 
lovely little cloud trinket plates by urbancartel caught my eye, love the soft shades of these........

.........davidturnsbowls makes the most wonderful spinning tops, it was hard to choose just one to put on here, I want a collection of them in lots of different shapes and colours!

....I love these little mini cushion cat and mouse, there are lots of gorgeous 
animal cushions at MosMea, what a beautiful artist!...........

........and Katie Daisy makes the most joyous illustrations and word posters, I love this new one! 
( I really love them all though!)

So these are my 5 finds for this week.......I have lots more bookmarked for next week already!

I am thinking of only buying things from small designers and makers for presents this Christmas, and make a few things myself,  but generally supporting the small guys,  there is certainly lots to choose from in marketplaces like Etsy and Madeit, not to mention local markets.  I think it will be an easy and rewarding present selection this year!   Might chat more about this in the second half of the year.

Have a great weekend!  xxxx


  1. Fantastic photo of the spinning top. Looking forward to seeing next weeks.
    S xx

  2. That's a really good idea re Christmas presents, much more interesting than gifts from the usual High Street shops!

  3. Love your finds! It's true there's so much great stuff to find on Etsy, I'm into clouds at the moment too! ^_^

  4. Hi I just found your blog while looking at another. Lovely crochet, and ideas. :)

  5. Oh, Thank you Julie for including my cat and mouse :-) I'm very happy that you like my work. Have a great day and greetings from Italy :-)

  6. Cute items. There are so many creative people at Etsy with interesting items to sell.


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