Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Friday finds #2

Wow this week has kind of disappeared, and I didn't get to blog about anything. 
Hoping that next week will be better and I'll have a few interesting posts for you. We have a long weekend this week, so I'm planning quite a bit of crochet finishing off, so will show you what I have made when everything looks lovely and complete!

Anyway, I have been able to do some browsing on Etsy, and have found some gorgeous things to share with you today, a few have a wooly theme, and then there is something cute and whimsical, and something for the craft supply lovers amongst us. ( Me!) 

1. I love rosieok and her gorgeous amigurumi critters, perfect for little ones, well, perfect for anyone who likes a bit of cute! :) ( I'd love a Russell rabbit just for me, or maybe a super cute foxie! xx) 

2.  So many gorgeous patterns at ATERGcrochet, I'm sure if you've been crocheting for a while, or are on Pinterest you would have come across Greta's amazing work, I love this circles in square pattern, such a versatile motif.

3. These miniature ladies are from donald street , I'd love a collection of colourful little ladies on my windowsill, very cute and quirky.  This one is Lillian and I think she is quite charming.

4.  This is the Keaton hat, pattern available from Dover and Madden, I have talked about Vicki's beautiful patterns before, I just love them.  This is definitely on the to do list!

5. I have been looking for washi tape recently and I have discovered that there is a
 huge choice of tape  sold on Etsy. Yay!
This is from a local shop based in Melbourne SwanstonStSupplies, who have great range of patterns, I have put this tulip one on my favourites list.  Are you into washi tape?  I seem to be gathering quite a collection of patterns!

So that is my 5 Friday finds for this week!

I hope you all have a great weekend planned, and enjoy the extra day off if you are in Melbourne.

Talk soon. Bye.


  1. Yes! I have just found washi tape too. Love it. This tulip one is partuclarly divine. X

  2. Gorgeous hat!!! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I particularly like the little rabbit. There are so many beautiful things out in craft land :)

  4. Oh that beanie - I'll just "have" to knit one for my nephew.


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