Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shade cards are go!

How has your week been going?  Life has been good around these parts, Autumn has thrown a beautiful week of sun and clear skies, so nice to spend time outside! 
I don't know if you will remember the piles of little circles I was hooking up last week? 
Well, I have been having some fun these last few days putting together some shade sample cards, sticking down all my little crochet rounds for yarn ranges in my shop.  I have enjoyed creating these cards of colour bursts! They looked a bit like an art installation on my table.
There is something quite satisfying and lovely about colours in there "correct" colour order!
So far I have made some for the Loyal, Colorworks and Babywool colours, still got Merino Magic, Cotton and a few other ranges to go.

I have put this first lot into the shop now so if you would like a little sample card to see the colours in the flesh and get rid of the problem of subtle differences in colours on a screen versus real life, you can have a look in my shop over here.

They are $3.00 each which includes shipping. (Australia wide)

I really like how they look all together in these photos! So colourful and pretty!

I have actually been quite busy with shop things this week, I will be back with other new things to share soon!

So what have you been up to today, got any crafty business going on at your place?


  1. Such a good idea Jules, I buy a lot of my wool online and this would be so useful.
    Kate x

  2. That's a great idea. When I buy new yarn I cut a piece off and tape it to the ball band to remind me. I then have the dye lot number when I need to re-order. Amanda x

  3. That is commitment....well done, and they look great. Vx

  4. Love all those colours Julie. I am currently making sweet snuggly babies! Come and have a look

  5. Your colour cards look gorgeous, a lot of work though. Hope they help increase your sales.

  6. I do love the look of all those colors, they make me smile! ^_^

  7. I think that this is such a great idea, I wish that every yarn shop offered this service as I am sure that it would be greatly appreciated and much used by customers. I hope that they do really well for you. xx

  8. Great idea, will make my life easier LOL

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  10. What a brilliant idea Jules, I buy quite a lot of my yarn online and have made mistakes in the past because the colours don't translate well in a photo. Have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  11. Hey Jules, your little sample cards are a great idea. You have been busy and they do look fab all lined up there.
    It has been a lovely week weather wise, but rain is always welcome up this way.
    Just wondering did you get the dates for the next Yack Folk Fest I sent you a little while ago?
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire X

  12. I love your cards. I sometimes think it weird that I can spend so long looking at yarn colors. My husband certainly thinks it's weird. The yarn shop in our town has a couple of comfy chairs in the middle of it. Husbands sit there. The shop cat sits with the husbands. That cat is pretty spoiled.

  13. Just received my shade cards this morning. Thank you so much Julie! You've put so much work into them and they will really help with selecting colours. Keep doing the wonderful things you are doing - the personal touches really do make a difference xx


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