Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly stills.....

1. Luscious new yarn for the shop, more on this tomorrow, I'm so excited!

2. The cockatoos have arrived for their annual feast of sunflowers. Sigh.  I was going to try and dry the heads for seed for my chooks.  Forgot how destructive the cockies can be.

3. I've moved my little desk to a sunny corner to help me get serious about my work.  It might work.

4. I visited the Community garden last week for the first time in a while, this was my share of things to bring home.  I really must try and get down there once a week.

5. I hope everyone had a nice loved up Valentine's Day.  I have been working on a little heart project in the spirit of all things lovey.

How's your week been?

Joining in with the others at The Beetle Shack for the weekly dose of stills.


  1. I love all those pictures but I am particularly taken with the colour of the paint behind your work station. That colour ans a sunny corner is sure to inspire.

  2. Your work room looks cozy, love the looks of your new heart project looks really good.My week so far has been good, just doing lots of organising at the moment x

  3. lovely colors!
    and the photos looks great too!

  4. Love the colour of the wool, it looks really soft...

  5. Love the colors of the yarn! Your garden haul looks delicious! I wish I had a community garden near by. I will be gardening on my balcony this spring/summer. I can't wait :-)

  6. Gorgeous yarn color combo! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lovely photos, and that yarn....swoon!

  8. Oh my! Those birds are just so exotic! You really mean they come out of the wild?

    1. Hi NW, yep these just fly into the garden, usually in a flock of about 20 birds, make heaps of noise and attack the sunflowers and apple trees. There are also black cockatoos around, but I seem to get these sulphur crested ones a lot! We also have lovely parrots and Rosellas and galahs that come into the garden looking for fruit, they are really beautiful! Thanks for stopping by, lovely to hear from you! J xx


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