Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little 'taking stock' exercise....

So, as part of the Blog with Pip course I am doing, ( fantastic course, btw), we have been given a little blog assignment to complete, a 'taking stock' list, a snap shot of where we are and what we are thinking at the moment.
So here is mine! Pip has an empty list that you can copy and fill in on your own blog if you'd like to join in too.
Making : an editorial calendar
Cooking : roast chicken
Drinking : fresh orange juice
Reading: Frankie
Wanting: an icy pole
Looking: At a huge mess in my house
Playing: With the kitten, aww, so cute!
Deciding: Which way to take this blog
Wishing: Family violence didn't exist
Enjoying: being with all my boys
Waiting: for our tomatoes to ripen
Liking: Having my eldest son home at the moment, some good one on one chats. 
Wondering: How you would move on from a tragedy
Loving: Being part of an ace family.
Pondering: why some men lose the plot and do terrible things
Considering: Adding some more pages to this blog
Watching: The walking dead. Love a bit of zombie apocalypse horror, go Rick!
Hoping: for some rain.
Marvelling: at the amazing feat of Samuel Johnson, unicycling around Australia for his sister. Fab!
Needing: a diet coke.
Smelling: sweaty, time for a shower!
Wearing: trackies and a singlet, bogan chic.
Following: lots of new blogs thanks to Blog with Pip.
Noticing: how filthy my car is.
Knowing: life is short, make the most of every day.
Thinking: about what I am going to crochet next.
Feeling: so sad for the Batty family.
Admiring: some very profession looking blog set ups!
Sorting: a humungous pile of washing, (well I should be.)
Buying: new magazines.
Getting: organised for more regular blogging.
Bookmarking: some healthy recipes to try out.
Disliking: how many pesky flies are in my house at the moment, I which cats could shut doors!
Opening: a new bottle of soda water, a poor substitute for DC but I am trying to kick the habit.
Giggling: at a very floppy kitten.
Feeling: very unsettled today.
Snacking: on Savoury Shapes, guilty pleasure.
Coveting: some MadelineTosh sock wool, Molly Ringwald please!
Wishing: bad stuff didn't happen to good people.
Helping: convince my youngest son school camp will be fun.
Hearing: Controller by British India, great album.

 Wanna join in too?

How has your week been so far?
Busy? Cruisey? A bit of both like me?



  1. What a great little blog exercise, that should give people loads of ideas and inspiration. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo, it is a fun thing to do! Thanks for visiting, J xx

  2. I hope that you enjoyed making your list and that it gives you lots of inspirations and starting points for where you want to head. xx

    1. Thanks Amy, it is good to reflect and ponder sometimes, I need to try and keep focused on what I am trying to achieve, I am quite easily distracted! thanks for visiting, J xx

  3. Yes. I am wishing so much today that family violence didn't exist. Any violence really. My thoughts are with the Batty family too. I struggle to comprehend how it all happened. It has really rocked me. Quite a few tears shed for that young boy today.

    1. Yes, so terrible, can't imagine what the family are feeling, so so sad. I think it has struck a chord with so many people, it's hard not to be effected really. Thanks for visiting, J xx

  4. SO many things on your list are exactly what I would put on my own if I had one. I love that! Ha! It made me chuckle a bit :-)

  5. Great list
    and flies here too!! I swear they can fly through glass. how do they get in ?!?!?!?!

    1. Hi Jenny, I think we have a bit of a plague of flies at the moment, they are so annoying!! Thanks for visiting, J xx

  6. Ah, i love your blog! The colours you choose for your crochet always look lovely! Love the hearts! Like the idea of this list you have done! I think some of mine would be the same too!

    1. Thanks Charles,that is so nice of you to say! I'm glad you like the blog, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate your kind words! xxJ

  7. Love your list I have popped over to Pip for an empty one and am going to have a go x

    1. Good on you sweetpea family! It's fun to do. Thanks for visiting, J xx

  8. I love those flowers you've made! Is there a pattern for them?

    1. Yes there is a little how-to on an older post, December 14 2013, if you want to have a look in the archives. Thanks for visiting Katherine. Jxx


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