Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly stills

Joining in with Em over at The Beetle Shack for weekly stills.

1. A tired kitten catching a nap in the shadows.

2. I have to toss up between reading and crochet before bed, crochet has been winning this week.

3+4. I have dusted off the 'Wheels within Wheels' project that has been ignored for a while, I'm determined to get this blanket finished soon!

5. This is part of my wool shop after a bit of a tidy up, it was getting pretty chaotic in there!

6. Newish shoes, so comfy and cute!

7.  Poor dahlias. Summer 2014 has not been kind to you....

8. ....But the tomatoes seem to be enjoying all the heat and creating a tomato jungle.


  1. I've just bought some wool for crochet last week and I haven't picked up a crochet hook since I was a teenager. Your circles look interesting. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Oh I love those wheels within wheels … the colours are just fabulous.

  3. LOVE the wheels ♥♥ how are you making that stitch? Back loop only? They are awesome!!

  4. lovely those wheels within wheels! would love to make them!

  5. I love all of your pics especially the shoes, the wool shop, the wheels and definitely the sleepy puss. Re: your read or crochet dilemma - do both, get yourself an audiobook from the library or online then you can crochet and listen while your book is read to you - perfect!

  6. Your wheels look lovely, looking forward to seeing how things progress! xx

  7. Hi ! Wonderful pictures but the best of for me are these wheels and their stitch.
    Michèle D from France

  8. I was wondering how your beautiful wheels were doing!!

  9. Great pics :-) Love the kitty taking a nap.

  10. Love your blog and your crochet projects! You must live on the other side of the world from me because it is NOT tomato weather here! LOL! Love the "wheels"! I go to bed early about 8 p.m. and then crochet or knit or whatever until 10:00 then read after that! LOL! Plus, when I take a break during the day I usually have some handwork nearby to pick up. I need to get more organizing and cleaning done though! LOL!

  11. Gorgeous colours happening at yours Julie, even the shoes.....
    I haven't had one Dahlia this year. Planted some new tubers last Autumn, hopefully next season, by which time we should have moved:(
    Tomatoes are definitely making up for them......:)
    A very cool morning early on, it felt like Autumn was on the way.....I'll have to be patient.

    Claire X

  12. Love the colours you're using for the wheels, nice and bright:)

  13. If I was making that crochet it would win out too.
    hugs to you,

  14. I'm exactly the same Jules! I'd love to read before bed but that would mean putting the knitting needles or crochet hook down and I'm far too obsessed with those at the moment :-) Love the look of your wheels - that is going to be one very gorgeous blanket when it's finished! Mel x


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