Sunday, February 9, 2014

From my bookshelf....

Hi there!
How are things around your place?  We are currently breathing a big sigh of relief as a cool change has finally hit and we are getting some lovely cool wind through our house after a stifling night of tossing and turning. ( No air con in our place).  I have opened all the windows and doors very wide and am hoping to flush all the super hot air out and replace it with fairly warmish air instead!   
Much more liveable! 

Meanwhile, I am sharing another of my recent booky acquisitions 
with you, Made By Hand by Lena Corwin.  Have you seen this around the book shops, it's been out for a while I think? 
This is a beautiful, stylish book, it has a lovely calm, clean feel, that makes me want to go and declutter my work space right away!
Oh, and the projects are gorgeous too!  There are great clear instructions with plenty of photos showing you tricky bits, so things seem very doable to me.  I like that there are many different crafty contributors to this book, lots of different crafts are covered and they are all very beautiful.

It looks good doesn't it?

I am going to have a go at these coiled bowls, I have a big box of yarn scraps that I think would make lovely bowls, so this is on my crafty agenda for the coming year.
There are also lots of sewing, printing and dyeing projects in here, something for every crafty taste me thinks!  
Loads of inspiration, I have picked quite a few other projects I'd like to have a crack at.

So, have you come across any inspiring books recently?


Well, I am off to go and do a bit of crochet myself, it's still too hot to do much, and too windy for the beach, so inside relaxing is the call of the day.  The housework will have to wait, I can hear a long cool drink calling my name! 

Thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my last post about the harlequin blanket, you are all very kind!  The crafty community is such a supportive community, I love being a tiny part of it! Talk soon xxxxxxxxxxx

PS. This is not a sponsored post in any way, I bought this book from a bookshop because I liked it, and am sharing it here because I thought you might too!


  1. Can't wait to see your coiled bowls. That book looks fabulous. :)

  2. That looks like a wonderful book. Have fun making the projects! Stay cool.

  3. Those coiled bowls look so ethnic and beautiful.

  4. Great to hear you've had a cool change Julie, can't wait for cooler temps here.
    Another great book, don't you love being inspired by other creative people.
    Can't say I've purchased any great crafty books recently but I do enjoy reading your reviews here.

    Claire Xx

  5. Looks like an amazing book. Might just need to check it out

  6. Good morning.....the bowls look very interesting....can you show us how? Years ago I remember making bowls from strips of fabric wrapped around a cotton like coil?

    Have a JOYful day ♥♥

  7. Hi Jules
    Gorgeous book, love the colours of the garland. My latest book of heavenly makes arrived through the post last week ... beautiful shawls ands wraps from Juju Loops (probably not what you're needing out where you are right now ! ) Hoping to post about it tomorrow,
    Kate x

  8. I love books and blogs that have that calming effect, just looking at the pages makes your heart rate drop and you feel that calmness and quiet wash over you. I hope that you enjoy making some of the calming and lovely things within the books pages! Have a good week. xx

  9. Oh I love the look of this book ... I especially love the crochet mats, and look forward to seeing your bowls..... wish we were experiencing some lovely warm weather ... here we have rain and wind and its so cold ...

  10. The book looks wonderful , I would love to have that book on my book shelf to get down and dip into. Some books are just nice to have and look even if you don't make from them. But from the photos you have shown I would be making things from this book.
    You can have some of our cold wet wet wet weather we are having in the UK for you warm weather for a few

  11. That's a beautiful book. You are quite the crafty genius I think!! Looking forward to seeing those bowls come to life.


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