Saturday, December 7, 2013

Getting in the spirit of things....

Wow, it has been a busy week here!
I don't know why I am surprised, this time of year always seems to have so much going on!
I haven't had time to take many photos  or do any crochet :( , or even catch up with blog reading!

We are going on a family road trip holiday up North next week and won't be back till just before Christmas. We have got a house sitter coming to look after the chickens and the kitten, so I have been doing A LOT of home loving this week( with the excellent help of my mum!).
It's funny how I am ok with us living in a messy, slightly chaotic home, but the idea of someone else living here for a couple of weeks has made me quite house proud, (I don't want her to think we are slobs!) and I am seeing things through much more critical eyes!  So lots of decluttering and dusting and tidying and scrubbing and sweeping and washing and mowing and weeding and on and on, you get the picture!
But I am loving the results!  Our bedroom is looking shiny and new, we treated ourselves to a new bed as a 20th wedding anniversary present, (our old one had passed it's use by date some time ago) and it is looking lovely!
I am really going to try and maintain a tidier home when we get back, I think we all deserve it!

This weekend, before we go away, we have a family Christmas get together with Gary's family which is 2.5 hours away, Jesse is going to a Muse concert, I am working on Saturday and then cooking a couple of things for my side of the family's extended Christmas party ( over 60 people all up) which is on Sunday, in between I will be packing for the trip and doing last minute cleaning so the house doesn't get too messy again!  Then we are packing the car and seeking warmer climes!  Maybe summer will have arrived here in Melbourne by the time we get back! :)

So I have been doing some Christmas shopping for the rellies we will be seeing this weekend and not on Christmas day, it has been fun!  I like shopping for presents.  I was going to try and do hand made this year, but things have got away from me again and I ran out of time to make things.....must start earlier next year.  I have made some handmade decorations though, so at least that is something.
There are plenty of cute things out there to buy, ever shop seems to be bursting at the seams with stuff, I don't know how they sell it all.......

I bought books, and a couple of cute toys, some kitcheny things and some vouchers as well.
Jesse is tie dying a couple of t-shirts for presents, so there is a hand made element in there!

......and here is a little sneaky shot of our little tree this year, not very traditional but it is going to look  cute when I finish all my flower decorations and hang them.
Speaking of which, a few people asked for a pattern for the flowers, so I will do my best to get  it down on paper soon! 

Anyway, that's about it for the minute, see you on the other side of the weekend!  

Have a good one! :)


  1. Have fun on your holiday :) I know the feeling of the time flying by at the end of the year... It's like everything we want to do ends up in the last month, right?

  2. Hi Jules, Sounds so exciting!!! I love roadtrips!!! Cleaning up doesn't seem so much a chore when there's a good reason behind it, does it!!! Enjoy your family get together!!!

  3. Hi Jules
    Can't wait to see your tree ! Looks like it's going to be lovely.
    Have a good trip and I hope you find the sun,
    Kate x

  4. Very festive! I'm sure your tree will be perfect. I am one of those asking about a pattern for your flowers :) and am so excited that you will be sharing one! Thank you! Enjoy all your holiday preparations.... I think getting ready for the holiday is just as wonderful as the holiday itself!

  5. Hello Jules, I totally agree about the cleaning up when guests are due to arrive in my home and it is rewarding when you have it all done. I love the traditional wooden toys you've bought and I am sure they will be well received. December is busy for me too and work is absolutely manic right now. I am going to try and get my cards written out this week and some wrapping of gifts too. Enjoy your family time and your road trip, hugs x

  6. Love your tree Jules! Any ideas on how to create one of my own? Cheers, heather from Brissy xo


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