Sunday, December 1, 2013

Garden Sharing.....


I have joined an online Garden Share Collective over on Strayed from the table and here is my first update!  I think it will be fun to share what's happening in my garden and check out everyone else's gardens.

.....the garden has been looking quite colourful and pretty recently, the poppies have been lovely and in the last couple of weeks the lupins and dahlias have started to flower, I know these are not really part of the edible garden, but they do contribute a lot to my sense of wellbeing!   Souls need nourishing as much as the body! :)

....the cherry tree has a lot of fruit this year and they are starting to ripen. Yay! job I did get completed this month is the partial netting of the cherries, at least we will get some fruit saved from the birds.  Those plastic things are like little branch cages to protect clusters of fruit individually, a man was selling they at our local market and I thought it would be worth trying out.

...the tomato seedlings that I have grown in my hot house were ready to plant out in the garden and although we have had a very cool spring I am hoping they will have a growth spurt now and start kicking on. they are planted in the garden, I have given this bed a good layer of mushroom compost and blood and bone with a sprinkle of potash, so I hope they will give me a good crop through summer.
I am growing about 10 different varieties this year so something should do well!

......sweetcorn growing nicely....

...carrots in the foreground and melons in the back, the middle bit I might put a couple of pumpkin seedlings and let them sprawl....

...bush beans 'Windsor long pods' I think, just setting flowers.....

....this weedy looking patch is actually rows of beetroot and coriander, must get in and weed out between the rows.....

...and climbing beans, 'rattlesnake'  these are so yummy, I hope we get loads of them!

A few things to do this month:
Keep the water up to the young seedlings.
Weed around young plants and mulch to conserve water.
Sow a few rows of salad greens
Plant a late crop of potatoes ASAP!

How is your garden growing?


  1. Your garden looks amazing Jules. We are just about to start. Winter... Have fun with your plans... Great plants and great picture"

  2. I love your picket fence, gorgeous colours!!

  3. Wow! I love your garden - especially the little fence, it's amazing!

  4. Looks really wonderful. Here in DK it is the first day of winter today, so not alot happening above ground. Except for the helleborus niger, it is almost full flower here in my little garden and looing lovely. Thanks for a lovely blog :-), many regards from Trine B

  5. Your garden is looking great - and I love your painted fence. :)

  6. it is good to see gardens on the other side of the world because ours is turning into a slushy brown mess with a few frosts we have had. So it is chopping and tidying for us. But I love your veggie patch. Bloke is at our allotment right now getting the last of the beetroot and potatoes. Jo x

  7. Love seeing your garden! I have 8 inches of snow on the ground now. Lovely for Christmas season...but do miss playing in the dirt! LOL!

  8. How industrious you've been! It all looks so wonderful.

  9. Welcome aboard the GSC, your garden looks wonderful so much growing, you must have a large space. Look forward to coming back each month to see how things progress.

  10. Its lovely to see your photos, we are about to start the Winter ... it is very cold and wet .... it was refreshing to see a taste of Summer .... your garden work looks great .... well done.

  11. Thanks for tour of your garden, I love the bright colours in the fence. The cages around the cherries look interesting as well, looking forward to hearing more about how they go next month. Cheers :)


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