Saturday, December 14, 2013

Flower decoration tutorial......

How are you going? I have totally lost track of the days this week, fully in holiday mode at the moment!

But I have put together a little tutorial for the stuffed flower decorations I have been making, in case anyone would like to make a quick and simple decoration to add to their Christmas cheer. 

Ok, here we go!

Hook : 3.00mm
Materials : Small amounts of 8ply yarn, I used Heirloom cotton 8ply,  but this is a great scrap buster project, you could make these with any yarn I think.

Chain 4, slip stitch into first ch to form circle .

Round 1 : ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 9 dc into circle, join to first st with slip stitch (10 sts all up), bind off.

Round 2: Join second colour to any st, Ch 1, 1 sc into same stitch, then 2sc in each stitch around circle 
( 20 stitches all up), bind off.

Round 3: Join petal colour to any stitch.  Make 5 petals in this round.  
(Work into the back loop of the st only in this round)

To make a petal, 
In 1st st : do 1sc
In 2nd st: do 1hdc, 1dc, 2tr
In 3rd st: do 2tr, 1dc,1hdc
In 4th st: do 1 sl/st

Continue around circle and make 4 more petals ( 5 in total), sl/st into first st of first petal and bind off.

Now you have a flower like this, you can do a few different things. You could leave it at this point, and have a flat plain flower, or you could do an extra round of sc around the petals in another colour for a finishing outline flower that is still flat, or you could do what I have done, .......

........which is make a second flower and join them together by sc all around in a contrast colour, stuffing the flower with a bit of fibrefill before completing the sc edge......

 .......and then I made a hanging loop by changing to a 2.00mm hook and chaining around 30 - 40 chains and joining the end with a slip stitch into the base of the chains.  Weave in the ends, and

 So that is it!  Very easy and simple, and I think  they are very cute when they are finished.  You could add these to presents as a sweet topper, or hang them anywhere you like!


I am sorry about the poor quality photos, the lighting wasn't great and I think I must have been shaking the camera a bit. 
We are having a great holiday, and I haven't spent much time on the computer at all, the internet connection is fairly dodgy here anyway, (and I have almost forgotten about Christmas completely!), too busy having a fun relaxing time swimming, lazying around, sun soaking, eating, drinking, etc. You get the picture!

Anyway, I will be back in a week or so with normal life resuming. 
Hope you are all having a good week too! xxxxxxx


  1. Cute flowers - thanks for sharing your tutorial. :)

  2. I was hoping you would share a tutorial. Thank you so much!

  3. thank you, really nice flowers!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. Oh, hooray! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I really hoped you would! :) I am planning to make them to attach to gifts for Christmas - sort of a gift with a gift! Thanks for taking the time to post your pattern. Enjoy your holiday preparations and celebrations!

  5. These are lovely - they could also be used as teeny pin cushions! Thank you x Jane

  6. So pretty! Love the happy colours, thank you for sharing!

  7. These are fab, glad you're enjoying your time out! :) x

  8. Hi Jules
    Oh I'm so excited to have a go at these - I think it will be my little project when the madness of Christmas is subsiding a little. Thank you for the pattern and really clear instructions.
    Have a really relaxing holiday,
    Happy Christmas from the UK,
    Kate x

  9. Love them!
    thank you so much for share!

  10. Oh great!! they are so lovely :)
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Lluisa xx

  11. Lovely flowers Jules, Will have to make one of these, but where will I find the time.
    Blessings Gail

  12. Thank you for this great tutorial, these flowers are so cute, loving them very much :-)

  13. This is really sweet thank you xx

  14. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try these cuties.

  15. Thank you so much for this! Just in time for Christmas presents!
    Michele from US

  16. Would love a garden bed full of these Jules, they're gorgeous.
    Might take a hook and yarn to the hairdressers tomorrow and have a go, hehe.
    They're used to me, last appt. I knitted flowers for bunny tails!!
    Enjoy your break, sounds WONDERFUl.

    Claire x

  17. Thank your for your inspiration!! I made a few examples ;)

    Here is my result

  18. These flowers are very beautiful, I've made several for my Christmas Tree. If you want, you can see them in my blog where I've written the link to your blog, I suppose you don't mind. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  19. Merci pour ce tuto, cadeau de Noël ! Tant de belles choses chez vous...

  20. Ohhh its simply a great. The flowers are looking so real and beautiful. Definitely it is as better as original flowers. Thank you so for this demonstration.Loved it.

  21. ♥♥♥ So cute ! Thank you for the pattern ! ♥♥♥
    Severine, from France.

  22. Thank you for sharing this fabulous pattern! I went a step further and made it onto a keychain. I'm off on a church women's retreat in a few weeks and I'm trying to make one for each of the 22 women who attending ��.


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