Friday, July 19, 2013

New blanket progress

The 'Wheels within Wheels' blanket is going along quite well, I have finished the background grey on all of the centres that I have made so far and I am really liking how it is looking!

Here they are, all laid out, I like how it is still a colourful blanket, but the grey seems to make it look the colours look more interesting, little pops of colour in a big expanse of neutral.

I want to make the blanket to cover this single bed, (our new 'day' bed in the family room), the big squares are making this happen fairly quickly!
Hope to have quite a few more completed this weekend, we are in for a cold, stormy couple of days, so plenty of time to hunker down and crochet away quite happily!

I am tossing up whether to go up to the Sheep and Wool Show on this weekend in Bendigo, I really want to go, it is about 2.5 hours from here but if it is not too stormy I think I will make the effort.

What are you up to this weekend? Something fun?
How are your WIP going? Making some inroads? or starting something new?


PS.  Pattern for this blanket is here


  1. Stunning and that grey edging really makes the bright colours sing ~ Sarah x

  2. Your blanket is looking fabulous Julie. Never thought I'd see so much grey in a Little Woollie blanket but it works a treat!!

  3. grey is a good base for bright colours!!!! I totally agree with you!!!!
    I'm doing the same with my little blanket : wanna see??
    Have fun with your lovely squares, xxxxx Ale

  4. Its just gorgeous..I love the gray backround

  5. Do you give out the instructions how to make this blanket? I have a lot of cloured remnant balls left over from two blankets I knitted recently for my grandchildren. I absolutely love this rainbow colour combination on the neutral background. Brilliant!

    1. Hey Annemarie. its on Ravelry as a freebie
      Its my next 'to do' :)

  6. Soooo pretty! :)
    If you feel like making norwegian designed amigurumis, and maybe want to learn some norwegian at the same time (hehe), my book will be out in aug/sept! :)
    Cheers, Kristin

  7. It is looking lovely Julie. The grey really sets the colours off well. Enjoy your weekend whether crocheting or the Sheep and Wool show.
    Blessings Gail

  8. Love the little wheelies with the grey. This will blanket will be beautiful.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  9. This is just the most amazing blanket, such fun.

  10. The grey, is a bit like the skies we've been having the last couple of days.......
    Your blanket looks great Jules, love the brights against the grey.
    Hope you make it to the S & WS........lots of great stuff to see.
    I'm going to be in Bright at an outdoor market....11deg. Am I nuts or what?
    Will be hunkering down that word....

    Claire x

  11. That looks really fabulous!
    I love the bright circles and the grey border is just perfect.
    I'll be bookmarking this pattern for a future project for sure!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Sarah x

  12. This looks great! Please post the finished project as well, and thanks for the pattern link too.

  13. That is absolutely wonderful! It's such a colorful design. I think it would make a fabulous wall hanging.

  14. thank you for this - its absolutely fab. will you crochet the squares together? Just downloaded the patter from Ravelry.

  15. Stunning!I loved the gray background...

  16. Wow Jules, you are sooo clever, I love it ! I think you were absolutely right to put the beautiful coloured circles on to a more neutral background. Can't wait to see the final results. Kate

  17. Wow, that is really beautiful. Like the circles.

    Groetjes, Monique

  18. Absolutely gorgeous Jules ... love it xx Joy xx

  19. oooohhhh...i looooove the combination of the colourful circles and the gray....

  20. This is going to be an awesome blanket. I love how big those blocks are, and the colors are popping off the gray! Beautiful! You have inspired me to pull out my incomplete blanket project and get to work on it.
    I'm doing nothing this weekend but laying around the pool. It's too hot for anything else.

  21. It is gorgeous, I love the pops of color with the grey. I hope it isnt snowing when your going to Bendigo as surrounding areas have snow!

  22. This is just Divine!! I'm head over heels in love with it!! My parents went to the show and enjoyed it - lovely thing to do on a rainy weekend and so much else to see and do in bendigo!

  23. I posted yesterday and haven't been able to stop thinking about this blanket, I just LOVE how it looks - so I'm off to have a go at the pattern myself right now! Thanks for the inspiration, my crochet mojo has been somewhat lacking of late but you and your gorgeous colours have reignited it! :)

  24. How effective. Reminds me of liquorice allsorts in some way.
    S xx

  25. WOW! Beautiful! I didn't realise from orevious oosts that the squares were that big - I LOVE them!

    Have a fab weekend x

  26. Honestly, this is the most gorgeous blanket I've ever seen! You're work has always amazed me and been a great inspiration but clearly, you have outdone yourself with this one.....Wow!!!

  27. wow! something new! I like it.

  28. Beautiful !! Your blanket is gorgeous.

    I'm crocheting a simple shoulder bag and I wanted to alternate Sunny spread squares and Wheels on wheels. My "sunny" are done and I'm going to try the wheels...
    I don't know how I'll arrange the combination of both squares. I'll see when they're all finished.
    have a nice day
    Nijenn (Brittany- France)

  29. Don't you just love the beautiful contrast with the bright colors and gray background?!! I have made 2 small throws with the pattern, one with bright wheels and gray background and another with shades of blue & green wheels with an off-white background ( baby blanket for a boy). Love how yours is looking!!

  30. I love your colorful blanket. The grey is the perfect showcase for all the colors. Beautiful.

  31. The internet just ate my comment!

    Love the blanket! Did you go to the show?

    PS. I've sent you a couple of emails, but I'm not sure if you have gotten them? About being in a spotlight post on my blog on Friday? If you aren't interested it's not a problem. :)

  32. Hello Jules !
    I come again to see your beautiful blanket because I tried (twice) one "wheel within the wheel" and my wheels don't look like yours. And theY don't look like those of the pattern either... They look flat without the little edge enclosing the previous wheel. I don't understand where is the mistake.
    I'll try again !
    Have a nice day !

  33. I love the contrasts in this! Big squares with small circles, gray with candy colors ... it's sort of weird and futuristic but also charming. Can't wait to see the whole thing! You should post it as a work in progress on Kollabora, the crafting community! It's sometimes hard to find cool crochet projects, but this might inspire more people to make them.

  34. Hello this loved his blanket, I'm in Portugal would love you to teach me to make this blanket step by step. Thank you for your kindness. Can you please send to my email ( Await.

  35. Your circles are so neat! I have tried a few circles out but my 'jump' from one row to the next is nothing like as neat as yours. Do you have any helpful tips??


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